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The Pendant

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You jolt awake to some noise off in the distance. You look at your red lettered clock: 3:21. You hear it noise again. Someone’s knocking on your door.

There’s no reason to be afraid, you remind yourself, but you can’t imagine any reason why
someone would be up this late. You quietly walk over to the door.



Knock, Knock, Knock

“H-hello? Are you home?”

Knock, Knock, Knock

“I… Please be home… Hello?”

She mumbles something

“I need your help!”


Knock, Knock, Knock

You recognize her voice and look out the window. It’s your neighbor, she’s wearing her pajamas and some shining pendant around her neck. She sees you.



She looks afraid at first, and then puts on a worried smile.

“I.. can I use your phone? I need to come in.”

Why can’t you use your phone?

“Mine is Brok-”


She pauses.

“…I think someone’s inside my house”

You pause for a moment to look at the fear on her face.

When you open the door it slowly dawns on you…

Whoever it is isn’t inside her house, he’s behind her, and what’s shining by her neck isn’t a pendant.

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133 thoughts on “The Pendant”

  1. ok i know it’s been like a thousand years since this was posted, but why do we have to assume she’s been threatened by something lethal like a knife or piano wire?

    i’d go for a chain or a leash and her being more like a “servant” or a familiar fearing not necessarily death but punishment in general. that’s why she corrected her excuse, perhaps.

  2. I thought it might be a small pistol held close to her neck. If a person is dazed from sleep deprivation then it could be mistaken for a pendant.

  3. The woman is being used as a puppet. It’s obvious. The killer strung her up by her neck with wire. Her dead body has been made into a life-size puppet.

  4. I thought the pendant might have been one of the those wires that are meant to strangle people, because like kfnnnp said a knife isn’t very scary, but a wire that could cut through your neck? Sign of a professional killer. But it doesn’t really look like a pendant.

  5. Oh come on people, isn’t it obvious?
    Somebody is holding a knife to the woman’s throat, and forcing her to get you to open the door. When she comes up with a crappy excuse for the phone thing, he stops her and whispers the intruder line to convey urgency.
    Goddamn. Think like a killer, people.

  6. Why are people so scared of the classic “man with knife”?
    If you know he’s there, it wouldn’t be difficult to overpower him. A knife has very short reach.

    Woe unto any random murderer who breaks into my house with a knife.

  7. Here’s my humble opinion about this totally radical story: The dude behind the chick is a ninja (which is why you didn’t see him until he wanted to be seen. ninja vanish, and all that), and that’s not a pendant, it’s a chinese throwing star.

    With that in mind, the story is totally more creepy, because, well, ninja.

  8. Firstly, previous readers, you take this whole comment thing WAY too seriously. Grow up. It’s just a story.

    Secondly, I didn’t like this that much. It was predictable and anticlimactic.

    D at best.

  9. Honestly. Yes like earlier comments have said it ‘might’ have been a knife, but along the way i was thinking more neacklace the guy could be choking her with it and that would explain why she’s having trouble explainging her script as well. It would also make more sense because the narrator mistaked it as a pendant and necklaces have bits and pieces on them.

    Anyway it is a good pasta :)

  10. Here’s how I see it:
    Just because Mr.Welldone insists it isn’t a knife doesn’t mean the man didn’t have one. The ‘Pendant’ very well could have been blood. Just not hers. Nobody ever said the narrator’s neighbor lived alone. She could’ve been stabbed in the back after the man behind her used her to get the door open.

  11. Though there’s much to be said for the rational explanations regarding a knife, garrote wire, etc., I think that such an approach to the situation really cheats this creepy pasta of some of its terror.

    If it is indeed such a device, then the person behind is little more than a common criminal…psychotic perhaps, but nonetheless a mortal being. This takes a considerable amount of the fear out of this, as once the shock value of the occurrence is gone it simply becomes a hostage situation. Add in the fact that, without additional information, this action of introducing more witnesses to his activity would be a BAD idea for a crook…and your continued terror is gone.

    No friends, it’s the fear of not knowing what this pendant is, nor what the malevolent intentions of the shadowy figure are, that truly inspire terror. Does he intend to make this new victim another meat puppet under his service? Who knows?

  12. I liked this one, but it’s a little too though provoking. Yes, it’s 3:21 A.M., but that doesn’t change the fact that he saw some sort of pendant. If it was a knife, or some sort of blade she’d be dead right now. I’m thinking it was what the above people said, barbed/piano wire, or some sort of chain.Also, the puppet theory can’t be right, she frowns. Ugh.. this is gonna keep me up all night. And when 3:21 rolls around, I’m not gonna answer the door.

  13. lol I said the blade of a knife is wide and narrow XD I meant wide length-wise and thin height-wise. Shoulda said thin really.

  14. To me, a knife, a scythe, or any other blade wouldn’t make sense. In order for it to actually look like a pendant, there would have to be a ring (chain) around the neck and the “charm” of the pendant would have to be in the center at the bottom of the neck, right? Well think about the blade of a knife. It’s wide, straight and narrow, so attempting to put the tip of the knife at her neck would mean the blade would only be on one side, and thus wouldn’t look like a pendant. And a scythe sounds a little more reasonable, but yet irrational at the same time. The “man” would have to hold it upside down, and the handle of the scythe would be sticking straight up in the air, thus extremely noticeable. Garrote wire sounds most reasonable, as it looks like a chain, and could explain the cutting off of her sentence as explained in previous comments.

  15. I’m thinking he’s standing behind her, to the side, where the man can’t see him through the peephole. And I think it’s a little knife that the man saw.

    Because if it was blood, and the woman had fought against the man, she’d be screaming and running away, not knocking on the neighbor’s door and asking for help.

  16. its definitely some kind of chain or something that can be used to choke or strangle, if a knife had been stabbed through her chest she would be dead. even if you were in a daze after waking up you wouldnt be stupid enough to not notice the limp body of a woman talking in a mans voice?

  17. well it could b a piano wire tied tight around her neck at first to bring forth blood (pendant) and left there as a threat (necklace aspect)….thus you see a pendant and sumthin that goes around the neck…

  18. Another Anonymous

    Yeah, I think it was probably garrote wire or barbed wire…
    But I think we’re all missing something.


  19. eh, what I was thinking is that he stabbed her through the back of her neck, so the tip comes through the front of her neck, possibly having the moon shining off it, therefore it might look like a pendant /if/ you had just woken up.

  20. “You look at your red lettered clock: 3:21.”

    321. That’s a new ‘un. Better than the supposed “witching hour,” anyway.

    And I think the pendant is supposed to be some sort of item the killer’s using to control the neighbor girl like a puppet, and she’s already dead or something.

  21. Hmmm…Reading the text I thought it was barbed wire as well, as it all makes sense this way. Most of the aeguements are in the comments above. I would like to add that the person behind her probably didn’t want her to tell about the phone, as it’s freaking 3:21 in the morning, who would need to phone anyone at that time?
    Though, it also came to my mind that it could have been a sickle, as it would go around the neck, shine, and the hand won’t be seen, as the handle would be behind the neighbour.

  22. when i first read it i thought it was a knife too, but i thought maybe it was through her neck (dont ask why… or how) but anyhow, a lot of those other explanations make sense to me.
    i think that the barbed wire one does especially. but a lot i dont think work, but i dont know what it is.
    i hate these guess-y type stories!

  23. Guys, guys, guys.

    She is a puppet. And first the narrator thought it was a necklace, but it’s the strings of the puppet master standing behind her.
    Whatever this puppet master does to people, the dude opening the door is fucked.

  24. it could be a knife, it was my first thought then i figured the guy would notice…

    when i thought about it more it said he looked out his window and saw her wearing the pendant, if the window is beside the door your kind of looking over, so if the window is on the right side of the door to her right (to her left side from your prespective) and behind her on her right might be obscured/blocked by the window frame and the door (that might explain why he couldnt see the intruders hand). I was also thinking as an extension to that idea it still could be a knife, a curved knife with a brass jeweled hand guard held so the hand guard is in the middle of her throat and the blade wraps around the side of her neck… just and idea!

    I also like the idea that she could just be the neighbors dead body being controlled somehow but that doesnt quite add up…

    all in all i didnt think this was a really great creepypasta but it was a really good read, i figure whoever wrote it didnt put all that much thought into exactly whats around her neck just that its a metalic weapon(probably a knife just because it seems like the most obvious choice to me)

  25. What I think is, a garrote wire.
    the man behind the neighbor could have been strangling her with the wire, which could have made her bleed.

    then the strangler makes her go across the hall, with the garrote wire still around her neck, but not strangling her when she talks, right.

    She cuts off because he tightens the wire around her neck when she starts to say her phone is broken. (I have no explanation as to why he doesn’t want her to say its broken, but anyways)

    That’s my theory.



    It was not a pendant around her neck, nor garrote wire, nor a knife, nor blood…

    It was the LHC, and her captor was in fact the black hole.

    That is all.

  27. shortys roc my sox

    mr. well done isn’t so smart when it come to the question of if its not a nife what the heck is it maybe he’s just saying that 2 make us think out side the box as in what other thing could it be because when they say shining it seems like it would b bright so it couldn’t possible be a nife or the writer just wasn’t thinking we would think of the fact that a nife doesn’t shin that much so in dark it wouldn’ shin at all

  28. I also believe it is a metal wire or barb, because a knife, honestly lol no matter how much of a daze you are in a daze you are in it would be hard to mistake a fist holding a knife for a pendant. Also why would the suspect hold a knife in one hand if she could easily escape with a quick movement, he would have to hold her with another hand to restrain her. Thus using a wire so that he would have one hand free to attack the dude at the door.

  29. i think its barbed wire, loox like a necklace with razor bits in it so as to have the effect of a pendant…i don’t think there’s n e thing metaphorical about it.
    btw, not all ppl who write a sentence everyline is pretentious ><
    but ye, back to this…i think it was a thief or whatever who wanted the neighbor to trick the narrator so that he could get more loot…or whatever. [i agree with 62, the whole make another excuse thing, but DUH who didn’t pick that up?]
    if it is a metaphor the pendant i still believe is some kind of weapon, but an unnatural one…something not of this world…perhaps as cryptic as marcellus wallace’s suitcase in pulp fiction…i guess we will never know.

  30. I just read it over…she WAS being used so the person behind her can get in!!

    After she asks if anyone is home it says she mumbles something…this could be her talking to the person behind her!

    And when she changes her mind (first she says her phone is broken then she says someone is in her house) it could be that the person behind her squeezed her hand or something so she would use another excuse (because that one might not have gotten her in but having a starnger in your house would always get you in!!

    Also: Maybe there was someone in her house who hurt the neighbor so the neigbor came running to you! Maybe the person who hurt her was still in the neighbors house at the time and had just come after you opened the door, so you werent able to see him untill the last minute.

  31. Ok: It cant be a puppet since the neighbor still made facial reactions and as for the person behind her; it would be obviouse if he was making them.
    I first thought it was a knive but that would be too obviouse!!

    I think either she is being choked (but then her voice would be weird and he would be able to tell) or her htroat got slit (making blood come out) and she was being forced to say the lines so the person behind the neighbor could get in.

    Any questions??

  32. Although I agree with most of the theories, I believe the two most believable would have to be 55 and the one about the garrote string as the blood would drip off the string giving the appearance of *Shining*.

    Puppet idea, very good, very creepy, BUT, it has a flaw. He recognized her voice, so although you idea works, that right there throws it off. As for a tape recorder that wouldn’t quite work as well hence the killer wouldn’t know how he wouthe person would react.

    All good ideas, just thought I’d throw in my two sense.

    *Sorry for grammear, I can’t see what im tyhping, I ran out of space >.<

  33. It could be a toothbrush! Think about it, if you rip off atoothbrush’s britsles and sharpen the end it could be a deadly weapon!

  34. “I think someone’s inside my house.” Metaphorical — someone is in my body. Why OP didn’t notice it before could be because it was inside her body but is now retreating from it to take OP’s. As for the shining object by her neck, maybe that’s metaphorical too, or maybe it’s a literal weapon that’s part of the possessor’s disembodied form.

  35. Piano wire makes sense. It’s confusing as hell and scared me shitless. ‘Sup. I’m itchy. Butchea. Scary.

  36. I thought it piano wire.
    The only reason for that was because the writer said around her neck then from behind.. so suggested to me that with all that shineness and the stuttering – she was being chocked.

  37. I don’t think it’s a knife. That was my first guess, but when I thought about it, you can’t really mistake a knife for a pendant. Maybe it was some sort of wire, but idk. Part of me thinks it is blood. On other creepypasta stories, there are living/talking dead people. This one could be another.

  38. @The Unnamed

    You mean like piano wire? Hm… I can see that.

    Other possibilities of not knives:
    razor wire
    a nail
    a metal nail file

    If used correctly, there are any number of small objects that could be used as a deadly weapon.

    Anyone got any more ideas for what it could be?

  39. I agree with Foolish.
    I also think Mr. Welldone is correct with what he said.
    “A body can walk.
    A body can breathe.
    A body can talk.
    The spark of life is not essential.”
    I think the pendant or wire or something could also be hiding some on the womans neck.
    A cut, perhaps?

  40. “It could be those strangling weapons, you know, like metal wires or somethung like that.”

    I agree. The author initially mentions that the “shiny pendant” is not just by her neck, but around it. So perhaps when he then indicates that it’s “by her neck”, he thus discovers that it’s being held up by the person behind her.

  41. @Kite The way I read it is that he was referring to the reason he was standing behind her-he was holding a knife. But I guess that doesn’t matter.

    I didn’t mean any disrespect towards the owner of the website. It just pisses me off when people say that others are wrong and don’t explain why or how they’re RIGHT.

  42. Some guy and ??? – I thought he was referring to Poster’s question; “why else would he be standing behind her?” rather than Poster’s opinion of the creepypasta. He didn’t say that Poster was right.

    Even so, that’s no reason to throw insults around. In turning comment boxes into flamewars, you’re insulting the owner of the site, rather than Mr.Welldone. He’s not the one who has to pay for its upkeep.

  43. agreed. Mr.welldone you are a dick.

    earlier you said “hello some guy you are wrong” then later wrote “I like the way you think to Poster” and Poster wrote it WAS A KNIFE.

    oh and the way you write every sentence on a different line doesn’t make you sound creepy, it just makes you look like an asshole that’s full of himself.

  44. “Whoever it is isn’t inside her house, he’s behind her, and what’s shining by her neck isn’t a pendant.”

    Would indicate that it is in fact, a knife and not blood. Why else would he be standing behind her?

  45. Good (in both concept and execution), a little freaky, but a little confusing as well. My own perception, originally, was that the ‘pendant’ was blood. Oops!

  46. I love these “bad things happen to good people” creepypasta… They make you feel that much more helpless and terrified, because even a good deed can bite you in the ass. Or, yanno, torture and mutilate your ass. Whichever.

    The only thing is, if it IS a knife (and now, because of all the speculation, I’m not so sure) is that maybe it shouldn’t be “shining”, but “shiny” or something along those lines. Shining tends to give me the mental image of something emitting light, not just reflecting it.

  47. Its a gud story. A knife is the only solution that i can see for whats around her neck. All that i can’t work out is why she breaks off when she says her phone is broken

  48. It just like the old vampire tales where they couldn’t come in…they had to be invited in. Well it brought me back so good story.

  49. The person formally known as "Noneya"

    This one was clever.

    What would you do if someone had a knife to your neighbors throat and wanted inside your house?

    It almost seems plausable.

  50. Ohh, a knife? Right? But we would’ve been able to see a guy with a knife to her throat through the window, no?

    1. There was someone behind her holding a knife at her neck, forcing her to ask for help. Hope that helps :3

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