The Nurse in Black

The Nurse in Black

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πŸ“… Published on April 21, 2018

"The Nurse in Black"

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I am Andrea Lewis, and I am a nurse.

This is my story, and how I came to care for my patient, Andrew.

Andrew had always been different from the other children. His frail body and weak immune system were two factors in a life filled with sickness. Poor little Andrew’s life consisted of his bedroom and home, to a hospital bed, due to his continuous illnesses. Andrew hated it… It made him feel helpless and weak.. His right wrist was numb to I.V. needles, and it no longer fazed him when an ambulance was called to take him when he couldn’t catch his breath while coughing. I hated seeing him in such a miserable state… Even though he wasn’t my patient at first, I would pay him visits whenever I could; so he wouldn’t be so lonely. He was a shy, quiet, and pleasant young man; who loved to read. Whenever I would visit, he was always reading. He told me all about the stories he’d been reading, and it made me smile. I genuinely loved hearing him talk about his books, and always looked forward to our little visits. Though one day, which happened to be a rainy evening, I was about to enter his room, when I heard his assigned nurse yelling at him. Andrew was crying, and her screaming at him wasn’t helping. I threw the door open, only to see this beastly woman slap Andrew across the face; telling him to shut up.

Without thinking, acting on pure instinct to save the little boy who brought happiness into my dreary life, I picked up a syringe from the table nearby and lunged at this beastly woman; tackling her to the floor, and injecting her with the contents of the syringe. Her struggling slowly stopped, until she was finally unconscious. Grabbing something to bind her hands and ankles, twine I think it was, I made sure that she was unable to get away; then I went to comfort Andrew, who was shaking and crying uncontrollably. I hugged him tight, telling him that it would all be ok, and that I would never let her hurt him ever again… Admits comforting him, I took my phone out from my skirt pocket, dialing 911. “911, what is your emergency?” the operator asked. “Hello, my name is Andrea Lewis, and I’m a nurse at Saint Mathew’s hospital.” I replied, still holding Andrew close. “I would like to report child endangerment.” “Oh? Is the child with you, Miss Lewis?” the operator asked. “Yes, he is. He’s in my arms.” I replied. “Is the assailant near?” The operator asked. “Yes, she is. I knocked her out with sedatives and restrained her myself.” I replied. “…Oh. That’s quite impressive, Miss Lewis.” The operator laughed a little. “Which room and floor are you on? We have officers outside.” “Fourth floor and room 137.” I replied, seeing the officers outside.

The door, then, burst open; scaring the daylights out of poor Andrew. He shrieked and hid his face in my neck, sobbing. I comforted him, held him close, and told him that the officers were going to help him, not hurt him. Andrew had told me that police officers scared him because of what they did to people. I told him that these officers were here because I called them to come and help. “They’re only here to help you, Andrew, love.” I murmured, wiping his anxious tears away with my thumbs. Andrew nodded, only to lasp into a particularly bad coughing fit. My instincts kicked in, and I quickly got him water, his medicine, and a handful of tissues. Holding the tissues to his mouth, he coughed a few more times, then took them away from his mouth. They were stained red. Andrew’s eyes went wide, and he looked like he was about to cry. I shushed him, helping him take his medicine, and drink some water. “It’s alright now, darling.” I murmured to him, as the officers took the other nurse away. “Breathe sweetie…It’s all ok now..” I rubbed his back, holding him close; hearing his breathing slowly settle down. Before I knew it, he had fallen asleep. I smiled and laid him down against his pillows, and tucked him in under his blanket. I kissed his forehead, “Sleep well love~ Pleasant dreams~”

*Several weeks later*

It was a slow day, and I had just finished talking with Andrew about his new book. He was greatly improving, and he looked like he was feeling much better; much to my relief. As I went into the records room to find his file, to update it, I was grabbed by one of the doctors; who shoved me against the door, locking it with his free hand. His breath smelled strongly of whiskey, and his eyes were hazy with lust. “Lovely little Nurse Ann~” He smirked, eyeing me up and down. “I have a little problem, and I need your help to fix it~” “No way in hell!” I shrieked, trying to push him off me, but he pinned my wrists above my head; smirking like a smug teenager. “I’m not asking, Ann~ I’m telling.” His smirk vanished, and he tore the front of my uniform open, exposing my breasts; and leaving me too terrified to even scream for help. He threw me against the table, but I struggled to get away; managing to get one hand free and scratch him across the face. He punched me in the stomach for that, and I gagged; having the wind knocked from me. “Now, Ann.” The doctor hissed, getting in my face. “Just hold still and be a good girl for me.” “N-No..!” I hissed, spitting in his face. A look of disgust crossed his face. “That’s not very lady-like, little Miss Ann.” For that, he slapped me across the face. I was too scared to move again, fearing that he would kill me.

He was just about to remove my undergarments, when the door suddenly burst open, and there was Andrew; with a horrified look on his face. “Andrew! Get out of here! Run!” I screamed at him, receiving another punch to the stomach. Andrew’s eyes went black with anger, and he grabbed a pair of scissors from the shelf; charging at the doctor, sinking the small yet sharp blades into his shoulder. Mind you that Andrew is only ten, and very small for his age due to his conditions; but this sudden burst of angry strength was mind-blowing. Andrew tackled the doctor to the floor, with the scissors raised over his head. “Leave Miss Ann alone!!” he screamed at the doctor as he sunk the scissors wherever he possibly could. “Don’t you touch her again!! Don’t come near her again!! Stay away from her!!” I had never heard Andrew scream like this before… Sitting up, I managed to get off the table; only to fall to the floor since my legs had no strength. The doctor let out one more desperate choked gasp of air, gave one last violet twitch, and finally went still. “U-Uh oh…” Andrew sounded like he was about to cry. “Andrew, baby, did you…?” I trailed off, and the scissors fell from his little hands. “I-I killed him!” Andrew shrieked, gripping his head with his trembling hands. “T-they’ll take me to jail now!! I don’t want to go to jail!!” He wailed, sobbing uncontrollably. I crawled over to him and held him close, not caring if I got blood on my clothes. “I won’t let them take you, baby…” I murmured, kissing the top of his head. “You did this to protect me… That will count for something..” Police sirens filled the air again and the men burst through the door finding me embracing Andrew, who was covered in blood, and the doctor; who was dead, from several stab wounds, on the floor.

The men spoke to both me and Andrew, and established his motive for killing the doctor was Defense of Another in an unlawful situation. No arrests were made, and different abuse facilities phone numbers were left for us. I knew that this would only get worse, and that I needed to get Andrew out of here for his safety. Once the night shift began, I snuck back into the hospital and into Andrew’s room; finding him asleep. I gently pet his hair, rousing him from his sleep. “Mmmm…Miss Ann..?” He mumbled, rubbing his eyes. “It’s me, sweetie.” I replied. “I’m going to get you out of here and away from these bad people, ok?” Andrew sat up, surprised; before looking down at his hands, with a sad look on his face. “What is it honey?” I asked, sitting down on his bed. He pointed at the envelope on the tray, beginning to whimper. I picked it up, pulled out several documents, and examined them. I recognized his mother’s signature, and realized that these were adoption forms. His mother had abandoned him…letting a complete stranger take him out of her life. Growing angry, I grabbed a pen and signed my name. If she didn’t want him anymore, then I would gladly take little Andrew. I fell in love with this little boy, and I was determined to love him and take care of him.

I slammed the signed papers onto the tray for everyone to see, helped Andrew remove his I.v., and picked him up; after putting all his beloved books into a bag, that I slung over my shoulder while I carried him out of the hospital. No-one would ever be allowed to hurt my baby, and whoever dared to try? They would suffer a fate worse than death, and I would dish out that punishment.

*Two years later*

As one might have heard on the news, a child and his new adopted mother had vanished from the hospital several years ago, and haven’t been found. The birth mother offers no clues, and the birth father is long dead from a drug overdose. I didn’t care. We have been fine these past two years, removing those who dared to harm or point accusatory fingers at my son. Today, will be Andrew’s first kill. I have taught him how to defend himself, and he has learned very quickly and efficiently.

Spotting one girl from his class, who went out of her way, every goddamn day, to make his life a living hell. I knew Andrew wanted revenge against her for making him have his issues with anxiety, self-esteem, and feeling like an outcast. As she walked by, I grabbed her by her blonde braided hair, and tugged her into the darkened dead ended alley; kicking and screaming. I tossed her down, with her head smacking against the brick wall behind her. “Who are you?!” She yelled at me, with scared tears in her blue eyes. “What do you want from me?!” I smirked behind my surgical mask, turning to my left. “Andrew, baby~ She’s here~” I called, and Andrew stepped up; knife in hand. His blue-grey eyes were blank, but his demented smile said it all. He was happy to finally get his revenge against the girl who made his life a living hell.

Quick slashes sent blood splattering everywhere, dripping off Andrew’s face and hands as he stared at the bloody, mangled girl’s remains. Turning to me with the happiest smile, he leapt into my open arms, and I hugged him tight. “That was so much fun, mama!” he giggled, admits a small cough. I smiled back, kissing his bloody cheeks and petting his blood matted hair. “I’m so glad baby.” I replied, spinning him around. He giggled loudly, tossing his head back. I couldn’t help but laugh as well. I’m glad I had fallen in love with this sweet little boy, all those years ago. And now, I’m glad to call him my baby.

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