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The Man Who Lives Above You

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The man who lives above you is the quiet type. How lucky you are to live in an apartment underneath someone so courteous! It seems he never drops anything, seeing as how you never hear any loud thumps coming from the rooms above yours. He is even kind enough to keep the volume on his radio and TV too low to disrupt you. Come to think of it, had you not seen and spoken to him, you would think no one lived up there. Quite a big change from living below a batch of rowdy teens.

He is terribly kind as well. Within the first week of you living there, he invites you up to dinner and offers his services as a plumber in case you have any leaky faucets. The maintenance crew at this complex is awfully incompetent. You can’t have it all, I suppose.

He didn’t even get offended when you told him you were far too busy and didn’t know him well enough to dine with him. He simply smiled, gave you his number, and let you know the offer stood as long as you lived below him.


One night, you decide to take him up on his offer, seeing as how you’re tired of the Hot Pockets your busy schedule allows. You call, uncertain about whether or not he is home due to the utter silence from above, and he answers and invites you to join him upstairs; he has made far too much chicken piccata to eat himself.


You climb the stairs and enter his apartment. It’s impeccable. You’ve already managed to spill some Coke Zero on your carpet. In his six years living there, he has left no stains. Dinner smells delightful. He already has a place set for you, almost as if he was expecting you sooner. Astounded by his kindness, you seat yourself and begin eating.

Almost immediately, you feel a bit drowsy. Overworked, perhaps? He smiles and watches your muscles slowly fail you, the sauce dribbling out of the mouth you can’t hold closed. You start to slide from your chair, you can almost feel the floor meeting your body, but no. He catches you. No sound is made. He carries you down the hall, ever so quietly. You’re growing too unconscious to worry, so rest assured, no one will hear a thing; you won’t even hit the floor.


Credited to Clarissa.

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201 thoughts on “The Man Who Lives Above You”

  1. The Quiet Old Man That Lives Above You

    I WOULD NEVER..,. actually let me corect my self oh yeah i already did have a nice ever lastin sleep~ Btw it was all my pleasure

  2. Holly shit, ive never been so glad to live on the top floor of my appartment. Although, someone moved in the comlex not too long ago, but ihavrnt seen then since

  3. Fantastic writing. Sound, even musical. It would fit a song’s lyrics for sure. The theme in itself hasn’t hit me all that much – maybe because I live on the top floor (which isn’t much. my building only has two of them), but the writing got me hooked up.

  4. Jeremiah Brown

    Pretty good story, but I kinda knew where it was going. The whole “Mr. Nice Guy is Secretly Psycho” thing reflects off of the story of Ed Gein. Still pretty good though.

  5. oh shit the apartment i lived in before i moved i met the people on the top floor under that, and under that but i never met the people above me and they were always silent SHIT

    sorry. wait, my quiet neighbor just invited me to dinner. OMFG!! HOT POCKETS AND TEENS ARE BETTER THAN THIS!!!

  7. creeped out reader

    you guys got it easy, my fairly noisy greek neighbors were yelling stuff in greek at each other, like an argument. Well then I heard what sounded like something heavy hitting the floor now its DEAD quiet….I’m too afraid to go knock on their door
    (I live in a basement suite)

  8. Clarissa most certainly did NOT explain it all. What happens to me after I’m carried off by the old man? I guess he was kind enough to put me to sleep in his bed :3

  9. It was a bit predictable, but definitely creepy. Kindly old man that turns out to be a creepy murderer/rapist? Yeah, I’m definitely not dining with any old people in the near future…

  10. Nice!! I live on the top floor of our apartments….. i hope there is-int someone living in the attic!!

  11. It was an interesting idea in terms of plot, but I sorta saw it coming. Plus the writing sounds like it was done with a forced British accent.


  13. This really got me. I’m the only young person in an apartment full of creepy old people. Real hit on the head. Excellent job!

  14. Oh god, did anyone else get the whole “no one will hear a thing” bit at the end? Kind of like he’s been doing the same sort of thing all the time o.o

  15. If this hadn’t been filed on CreepyPasta, it would have probably landed in RhapeLand-Where-Pervy-Man-Keeps-Downstairs-Owners-Sexually-Enslaved.

  16. The creepy part for me is that I DO live below a man who lives alone, who is always very quiet… And who likes to watch people from his window…

    ooooOOOoooo, I’m going to go introduce myself. I hope he makes tacos.

  17. It’s refreshing to stumble across such a well written short story. If this were eBay I would give you “A+++ would deal with again!”

  18. I think he was a vampire.
    A vampire plumber.
    A vampire plumber chef.
    A lonely vampire plumber chef.
    A lonely vampire plumber chef whose only desire was to rape.
    I think that’s it.

  19. Holy…
    Son of a…

    Damn. The thing that is imperfect about this delicious pasta (OM NOM NOM) is that there’s no motive.

  20. Mm, seeing as I live below a family that never fails to wake me up every weekend morning as they stomp about hollering at their shrieking toddler in some Middle Eastern language I can’t peg, I think I’m safe.

    Not particularly creepy in my personal opinion, but written well enough, and at least it was unique.

  21. Damn, and we’re getting a new upstairs neighbor soon too, the creepy thing is she has the same first name as me and apparently the same love of gardening (but for some reason our landlady is letting her pretty the place up and never let me do it…)

  22. This was killed for me by the fact I live below an extremely noisy family whose kids like to thump and run around all damn day. :(

    Otherwise, quite nice.

  23. Oh SHI-

    I never here the person above me, so very creeped out now.

    Oh no, wait. I heard them once being extra loud and shouted “Shut the fuck up!”

  24. lol i live in a house too. I actually thought it was alright, i mean it’s better than the old guy eating him right?…or was that what he was about to do o.O!?

  25. Eh, it was alright except the Coke Zero part. If the story’s protagonist is the second person (you), then the first person shouldn’t assume the protagonist’s beverage of choice. Other than that, pretty solid creepypasta.

  26. rather good we laughed
    however does not pretend to us for we live in house apartments are too small not enough room to think although we are alone

  27. I thought I was going to be hilarious and write “WHO WAS MR. HECKLES?”

    Then I realized that he was the downstairs neighbor.


  28. Chinchillazilla

    I live in a house too, and while something definitely lives in my attic, it’s not a quiet nice old man, and it’s never invited me to dinner. Whatever it is is really loud. I’m betting squirrels.

    This seems kind of drab for a creepypasta, not to nitpick. I also feel like I missed something somewhere. This kind of thing really happens to people on a regular basis… not as paranormal as I like here, I guess. Not that it was bad.

  29. Joke’s on him once again. I’m immune to all sedative drugs.

    Thanks for the Chicken Piccata anyways, ungrateful old dinosaur.

  30. Uh guys, sometimes the ending SHOULD be opened ended for you to think what he’s gonna do to you?? Kill you? Rape you? whatever floats your boat :P

    Still kinda bad for an ending though, would be a twist if “you” killed the guy with hot pockets.

    You don’t want chicken picatta~, you wan’ HOT POCKIT!

  31. :| Kinda put off by the ending… What happened? It wasn’t creepy, as the story has been heard, seen, and done so many times already. I was just reminded of that urban legend where you wake up and your organ/s are gone. Although it was kind of neat the way the man could just simply put you to bed and not do anything at all, but also do something horrible, it doesn’t make for a CREEPYpasta…

  32. Oh hey I know, let me go eat at the house of some guy that freaks me the fuck out/I don’t know. Let me just keep eating even though I’m starting to feel funny. Let me just go ahead and trust the food of a stranger. HUURRRR


    If the Hot Pocket was more delicious, I wouldn’t have gotten tired of it and gone up there! >=( I blame Hot Pockets!

  34. @ the guy who lives above


  35. the guy who lives above

    i didnt drug the food the dum shit just fell asleep i was bringing them back to there apartment godamnit

  36. This pasta was AMAZING!!!! This is even better than the dead baby joke I heard today!

    What do you get when you hit a baby with a hammer?

    An erection.

  37. I like it.

    But, at the same time, I dunno what you could have done, but the ending was a little too settle.

  38. Oh my. This is a very well written pasta indeed. i love how the ending sort of leaves you to imagine what he does to you.


  39. I like this one. Just vague enough to be interesting.

    Though I wouldn’t complain about just a little more detail.

    But it honestly was good as-is. <3

    Delicious pasta, delicious sauce, excellent meal.

  40. I agree, Azriel. Sometimes bad things happen and no one knows why. Maybe you remind him of his dead wife, maybe he is just batshit insane. The not knowing is even scarier.

  41. Kira Jesus Yamato

    Well, I live on the toop floor of my apartment complex, but I always play my music/tv/Xbox360 at a really loud volume, so no one needs to worry about medoing shit like that crazy man

  42. This would have been SO AWESOME if the people upstairs from me didn’t dribble bowling balls and march like elephants and then glare at me like I’M THE LOUD ONE.

    If quiet people ever move in upstairs, I’ll start crying. A++ pasta, but I just can’t relate.

  43. Yeah, it assumes something about the reader, but that’s not always a bad thing. That makes it a ton scarier for someone who lives in an apartment complex, and for the people that don’t, there’s something called suspension of disbelief or a little imagination. You’re supposed to put yourself in that person’s shoes, imagine what he or she is going through.

    If you say “I don’t live in an apartment, and that killed it for me” then you’re missing the point entirely.

    Personally, I’m glad there wasn’t some thought-out, established motive explained. It would’ve just added unnecessary length to a good, short pasta, and taken away the mystery of what’s going on.

  44. But I already live on the top floor of a three story apartment. Im pretty quiet, so I guess I’m that guy.

  45. He doesn’t make sounds with footsteps? Hmm.
    Also, I live on the top floor in student halls. There is roof space above, but it’s really well padlocked. Not sure why it’s padlocked though…

  46. Was alright. Story was written well, but two big things kinda ruined it for me.

    1) Once again, another story that tries to assume something about the reader. What if reader lives in a house, or perhaps the top floor of their apartment building?

    2) Why did crazy man upstairs apparently drug the reader? Gonna kill the reader, and if so, why? Possibly reader was too loud for Upstairs-Man? Maybe reader’s neighbor is just bat-shit crazy? A little inkling into motive might have sealed that down a little better.

  47. they forgot to upload the last lines

    “you wake up later in your room, with a burning sensation in your anus….”

  48. Its the tie-in to the PLEASE WAKE UP story. The old man drugged and raped you and it caused you to create the dream world.

    I liked it. Definitely makes you distrust free meals.

  49. Oooh I liked the ending. O.o
    :/ I don’t have an upstairs..
    So he can live in my ceiling like Ceiling cat…

  50. @ Keindrae
    haha your comment made me smile XD

    btw i liked this pasta its actually something that can happen in real life its creepy because its so believable

  51. The writing was superb but the ending was flaccid. HOLY SHIT, the guy was a motiveless evil murderer who makes tasty chicken picante. I was expecting something horrifying and got a creepypasta cliché.

  52. Someone’s going to yell at me for this:

    I don’t get it.

    Honestly D: Is there a gas that’s somehow only in his room? Or maybe food poisoning? I don’t like to be confused >.<

  53. I like it. I wasn’t too scared but the end did leave a bit of the creepy aftertaste. I feel like it’s missing something, I just can’t think of it currently.

  54. Nothing scary, but definitely a creepy story. Good job, there should be more stories like this on the site.

    I predict… comment 20.

  55. … the person who lives above me is luckily very very loud. Otherwise, I’d be shitting brix ._. …
    Nice pasta, 9/10

  56. Holy hell. So weirded out I may not even leave the house today. Fantastic story! Wonder where the inspiration came from. :]

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