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The Man Dressed In Black

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I was raised in Southern Arizona but as a young teen I ran away from home and found my way even deeper south, toward Mexico. Young and with no money I found myself living on the streets and prostituting my body for food. Eventually I started using any drug available, my favorite being heroine. For a few years I had gotten used to the lifestyle and even made a few friends.

One of my friends, Alejandro, was probably the only person I had met while on the streets who wouldn’t take advantage of me. He seemed like he was raised in one of those God fearing families. His morals, though limited, were there between hits of whatever drugs we got our hands on that day. We soon became best friends.

When the two of us ran out of money for food and drugs we liked to spend our time under the shelter of the church at a little mission out in the desert. On summer nights instead of going inside we sat against the wall and watched the orange sunset fall behind the mountains. It was one of those evenings that we met the Man Dressed in Black.

He approached us quietly and actually had startled me a bit we he turned around the corner of the mission wall. As he reached us I noticed how strangely the man walked. It was quite a limp but it was a normal walk either, to this day I couldn’t explain it except that maybe he wasn’t quite human…

Anyway, I had donned him the name “Man Dressed in Black” because of his clothing. Despite the walk, the man looked like a rich man. His jet black hair was slick back nicely. He wore a dark black suit and tie. His eyes that looked Alejandro and me over were even black. Black as is it gets on a moonless night.

As soon as he reached us a chill went down my spine. I knew this man was up to no good and when I looked at Alejandro I could tell he did too. In fact, Alejandro had a look of fear on his face. I was confused. The Man Dressed in Black wasn’t that scary.


“You’re hungry,” the man said before even saying any sort of greeting. In his hands was money which he handed to me.

Quickly I reached for it and stuffed the bills into my pockets. Alejandro, though, didn’t reach for anything. He kept his eyes on the man’s legs. “Don’t take anything,” Alejandro whispered to me in a warning tone. I ignored him and continued to grab money even though I could feel a strange chill going down my spine once again.


“Don’t take his money!” Alejandro said once again but louder. I turned to him angry that he was embarrassing such a generous man. “Shut up!” I told him and when I turned back to the man, he was gone.

I got up to see where he had gone but when I looked around the wall there was nothing except strange, inhuman, footprints in the dirt and that was when I could feel true fear creep over me. “Didn’t you see his feet?” Alejandro asked me as we left the mission. “Of course you didn’t. You were too busy looking at his hands, what he had for you in his hands. You didn’t even try to look at his feet. That man was the Devil!”

I didn’t answer him, still shaken up from my experience with the Man Dressed in Black. I just stood there looking at the man’s footprints. And sure enough, they looked like something that had a chicken foot and a hoof had been there.

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99 thoughts on “The Man Dressed In Black”

  1. Devil: I’ll give you $100 dollars a month for drugs if you sell me your soul.

    Guy: *buys 1 loaf of bread


  2. Enter irrelevant name here~

    The idea is scary, however the way it’s written doesn’t express this. If written differently, this could have been a very clever creepypasta. It wasn’t bad, just didn’t reach the full potential it could have.

  3. He gave the prostitute money but that means he could come back and ask he/she (I have seen a male prostitutes) to kill someone or something like that. The narrator has implied that it was the first encounter. Pretty much it was a loan or favor.

  4. *raises hand* Woman. Also not a whore. Misogyny at its very finest! Good show. I find satisfation in knowing that plebian, sexist biggots who believe that “all women are whores” will never be really happy or loved. There’s a kind of poetic justice to it.

    I liked this simply because it shows potential. Yeah, I’d be a little shaken if I’d just met Satan face-to-face, but to be honest, I’d probably bitch-slap that little fucker. *ahem* That was unladylike of me.

    I have to agree with other posters: She has already sold her mind, body, and soul to Satan by her very lifestyle. He seems to be quite fond of her company, and so he’s trying to keep her. Much like how people try to keep each other with money, gifts, sex, or favors.

    Thought provoking, tragic, with a slight dash of sinister.
    It could use a little work, but it has potential.

  5. He’s got a hoof AND a chicken foot? Not sure I can even picture that… O.o

    BTW, “One of my friends, Alejandro, was probably the only person I had met while on the streets who wouldn’t take advantage of me.” Insinuates that the author is in fact a girl. Or gay. Otherwise, how are they being taken advantage of? They have no money or place to live soooooo couldn’t be that. Niceness? I suppose.

  6. Really though, you posters who said she just sold her soul to the Devil? Yeah, she sells her body and uses the cash to indulge in her drug use. I’m no preacher nor a saint myself, but doesn’t that already qualify as selling your soul to the Devil?

    Good on her, then. Free cash for more Horse!

    In other news, the moment I read, “Alejandro,” the song by Lady Gaga started playing in my head.

    I liked the ending, though. When Alejandro was trying to persuade the protagonist to not take the money.

  7. (I sure am commenting a lot aren’t I?) And yes guys, there are such things as *gasp* man-whores. Lol. Although,I suppose the Devil could have either 1. been giving her/him money to continue on with his/her bad, terrible, and I’m sure eventually fatal, lifestyle, he could have also been 2. Gaining the persons trust as if to say…”Hey, your soul would be safe with me…!” Anyhow, he could have also been doing numerous other things. Idk, Satan works in mysterious ways…
    Dangit, Martin Van Whosit, I am NOT a whore. …no joke here, just saying.


    LOL. Nice. I’m sorry you were so misunderstood.

    Onto the delicious pasta:
    I liked this one. A lot. It was well-written, and very original (at least, I’ve never seen it before).

    I would guess that s/he DID sell his/her soul (as everybody is misinterpreting, the gender was never revealed. Men can be prostitutes, too), after all, the devil is supposed to be a tricky ol’ bastard, ain’t he?

  9. “That reminds me of the time I said I would sell my soul for a pack of gum, and then I found a brand new pack lying on a sofa in the basement.”

    If I overheard one of my friends saying that, I’d put a pack where they can find it just to fuck with their mind. :P

  10. This thing about recognizing the Devil because of his feet isn’t new. There are several urban legends on the subject.

  11. i think devil is a pretty cool guy. eh gives out money and doesnt afraid of nothing.

    Yeah… good idea, but there should have been some sort of consequence for taking the money.

  12. … I thought she had ALREADY given the devil her soul – doing drugs, prostitution etc.

    He was only repaying his debts.

    (Read Mike Carey’s Lucifer series for more on the concept.)

  13. Shit, the devil gives out free money? What does Jesus do? Save you from burning in hell? Isn’t he the one sending you to hell in the first place?

  14. that in which has no name

    nah the devil is gonna go pay his respects to that crackwhore and get a little something of why she’s a whore

  15. black as a moonless night?thats not veryb lack

    i mean youve got stars for one then of course youve got streetlights

    maybe the lights from a passing car or from some houses who havent gone to sleep

    its not all that dark

  16. i like where it ended
    sumthing wudve ruined it if it kept going…
    btw, the description of the man’s clothes are very..’duh’
    like she nicknamed him the man in black cuz…dun dun dun…he was dressed in BLACK! apparently…DARK black [if there is a light black please show me, i’d like to see…i think i know what ur on about…tis a color, called GREY!]

  17. That alejandro kid is wrong…i have more of a “paw” than a chicken foot, but i do have a hoof. He must be thinking of my Brother, he likes to get in all kinds of shenanigans posing as me.

  18. As I read this story I’m reminded of a Simpsons episode “Bart Sells His Soul.”
    Is it really worth gambling your soul even if reasoning and cynicism state otherwise? I’m not willing to make that choice. And “Everything’s Eventual” was a decent read.

  19. @ /i/nsurgency.

    I liked that Stephen King story. Pretty neat. I almost mentioned it, but you beat me to it >.>

  20. I liked it. It wasn’t some huge, overly detailed story, it was short and simple. What happened afterwards would’ve been great though if added.. :)

  21. Stephen King wrote a short story called The Man in the Black Suit about a man in black that turned out to be the devil. It was in Everything’s Eventual

  22. thepizzaelemental

    More like he gave her free money to keep blowing on heroin. Whether he intended to buy her soul at the time or not, taking money from the Devil could not have possibly been a good idea.

    It’s true that this pasta lacks any real punch, though.

  23. Awww…..Lucifer is so sweet. He helped a hungry person on the streets. ^-^ I don’t think she “Sold her Soul” there wasn’t any contract, he just offered them money to buy food. He DOES have a heart :P


    I wasn’t really offering her money for her soul. I just wanted “companionship”. Dumb bitch got it all wrong.

  25. @46.

    No contract, verbal or otherwise. He/She obviously had no understanding that there was compensation needed for the money. Devil went down past Georgia, and gave away free cash. Also, what if it wasn’t the Devil, what if it was a rich Mr. Tumnas. Finally, Satan isn’t real, Lucifer was cast out of heaven because he wanted anarchy, not evil reigns.

    A public service message from your local mythos nerd.

  26. hey well ordinarily the devil is looked at as a bad person/being so wouldn’t you be suspicious if he just casually gave you money???


  27. No where in the story does it insinuate she sold her soul.

    If that’s what it meant to imply, I think it did a bad job.

  28. I liked this one a lot…

    I don’t think I’ve ever read read a creepypasta with a female narrator (although I don’t think he/she stated her gender and everyone assumed prostitute= girl)

    I would like to see more creepy pastas with female narrators :D

    in b4 uterus punch -_-

  29. Well yeah that said, its definately free cash, so the devil doesn’t seem like a half bad guy to me. I’d have a drink with him anyday.

  30. taking the money is by no means selling your soul, as the man said nothing of the sort, there was ni agreement, so the devil just gave you free cash.

  31. When do people give you money, usually? When you sell them something. What does the Devil tend to buy?


  32. Fine, I wasn’t scared or something but at least I learned to watch out for a guy with strange feet…you never know what such a lesson is good for :->

  33. When I was a kid, I’ve read in a tabloid that you can tell that someone is a devil when you look at their feet. They should look like a goat’s foot or something like that

  34. totally krossed out

    ok man no problem. it was just someone with the same name and I figured it was you (yes, I know its a meme).

  35. That reminds me of the time I said I would sell my soul for a pack of gum, and then I found a brand new pack lying on a sofa in the basement.

  36. Moar of a story with a moral than anything. I suppose it’s pointing out that, if you’re not careful, you’ll end up blindly and unknowingly falling prey to Satan. Only the God-fearing can detect this, and therefore prevent themselves from indulging in sin.

    It doesn’t help, though, that the hero of the day does drugs with a prostitute.

  37. in mexico the devil has a chicken foot and a hoof so that’s how you know it was the devil…i guess that’s scary to people who are scared of the devil

    is this a true story?

  38. he’s got a hoof AND a chicken foot? that explains the limp i guess o_0 not very scary :( coulda gone farther and been better! like what happened AFTER the money was taken?

    1. RedBloodedRedneck

      I swear my favorite comments always have a negative rating.. eh. I put you back to 0 at least!

  39. Cool. Ok, so the devil offers you free money under a disguise. You don’t immediately see it and take the money, and there’s no real consequences to it. Horrifying.

    Also, isn’t there another called the Man in Black or something that’s already up somewhere?

    1. Stephen King wrote a short story called ‘The Man in Black’. That might be where you heard the name before. It’s what I thought of when I read the title.

      Cool. Ok, so the devil offers you free money under a disguise. You don’t immediately see it and take the money, and there’s no real consequences to it. Horrifying.

      Also, isn’t there another called the Man in Black or something that’s already up somewhere?

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