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The Last Thing You Remember

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A gunshot shatters your blissful state of slumber. Blood stains your sheets and crimson runs from the walls and ceiling, and you notice from the blurred vagueness that is your peripheral vision, a body slumped over the foot of your bed. Somebody has been murdered in your room.

Despite the early hour, and the shock of your discovery, you desperately muster the strength to search for the last place you put the phone; you have to call the police before it’s too late.

As you frantically search under cushions, beneath stacks of papers and old CD’s, you realize something is wrong. Suddenly, you feel weak, decrepit, frail, a frailness that brings on intense and unwanted dizziness. You clench your teeth as you search for the phone, but your pain continues lurch at your bones and nag at you. The pain becomes intense, and your vision blurs, and you keel over in pain onto the floor. You are immobile due to the raging and unknown pain clawing at your insides. Helpless.

You sense a living presence in your room now, your sheets rustling, and now footsteps. The debilitated corpse that once lay helpless on your bed, you realize is moving of it’s own volition. It is alive.


In your last moments of consciousness, your last breath of air, you manage to grasp at your stomach, and you feel torn skin, and then raw flesh. And then nothing. There is a gaping hole there.


These are the last things you remembered.

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52 thoughts on “The Last Thing You Remember”

  1. My interpretation of this story is really weird, and there are a few loop holes, but nevertheless, my opinion is that the storyteller was the person shot at the beginning. The author used the words “muster the strength” implying that he was already weak… and perhaps he had an out of body experience and that is why he saw a body on his bed… just a thought

  2. For people who don’t get it, a man is awoken by a gunshot and senses all of these fearful things, and tries to reach for the phone but feels too weak and dizzy, and finds out that he was murdered, not someone else, because he looked down and saw a gaping hole in his stomache and raw flesh everywhere. You’re welcome :)

  3. ParanormalPenguin

    @shortys roc my sox

    Sorry, but you annoy me so fucking much. Learn to spell, and if you don’t know what the word “keel” means, then, I have to ask: What age are you?

  4. Whoa… I thought it was the guy seeing himself get shot in the near-future, getting up to call the cops, getting shot and falling at the foot of his bed where the body was, only to see his past self getting out of bed to do the exact same thing…

    I’m under the assumption that when you get shot, you don’t hear it because shock sets in before the noise can register, resulting in temporary deafness…

    Am I just herping my derp?

  5. So…I don’t get it. Did the thing shoot the person or what? This really wasn’t explained well enough. I give it a D+ at best.

  6. damn, didn’t even get a discription of the murderers beautiful face. It was alright i guess, not a pasta to brag baout.

  7. No, the character sees the blood and guts everywhere, and he sees a person at the foot of his bed. He thinks “Oh, blood, person at the end of the bed. He must of been shot.” But then he realizes he has a gaping hole in his chest, as the other person wakes up. It’s not the other person that’s been shot, but him.

  8. ok… i dont get it. he died but his corpse was on the side of his bed he dies somewhere else i assume cause who puts there phone in their bed room. he realizes hes dead but HIS copse moves. what is they saw each other. itd be liek
    “you:your dead
    You2:your dead
    you3:what the F**K!”

  9. maybe it’s one of those stories where the dead thing switches places with you.

    like… it was a corpse, but then when you died, it came back to life.

    i know it’s weak, but that’s what i thought.

  10. shortys roc my sox

    what the crap why does every on say who was somthing like who was corps or who was murderer what the heck r yall tryin 2 say how was the corps or who was the murderer

  11. Welcome back WhoWasPhone.

    I think the corpse was never a corpse. It was the murderer. However, because the victim (the narrator) had just been shot and they were in shock, not to mention rapidly losing blood, they were unable to realise this and assumed it was a body.

    As sensation returned to their body and they started feeling the effects of their imminent death, they started to become more aware of their surroundings and of the “body” not actually being dead. Of course by that time it’s too late and the last thing they do as they die is realise that they’re the victim.

    I like it. I kind of knew the narrator was the one who’d been shot from the first paragraph so it was creepy reading their steps to realising this themself.

  12. Keel used as a verb means to fall, I believe. In example, “He keeled over, dead.”

    That aside, this is actually quite terrifying. Imagine waking up to this, with no explanations before you are forced into nonexistence or your preferred conception of the afterlife.

  13. I bet a lot of people are going to be like ‘wat?’

    and I think that is sort of the point of this pasta. You are presented with a very brief moment of consciousness and confusing and scary images during it. You die or go unconscious before you find out what is happening.

    I like this pasta a lot.

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