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The Hooded Being

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Ever wandered alone on the streets at the dead of night? Well, if you encounter a wizened figure in tattered robes and a hood, and you just can’t seem to make out his face no matter which way you look at it, pay your respects. This man is infact Death himself. He only appears to sole travelers at the stroke of 3:33am, so most go their entire lives without ever seeing him “in the flesh”, so to speak.

If you’re brave enough to speak to him, he may take out an hourglass from his robe. The hourglass represents how much longer you have left to live. If there is plenty of sand in the upper glass, it means you still have a long time left to go before inevitability claims you. But if he takes out an hourglass that contains black flowing sand, then run as fast and as far as you can to the one you love before he finds you. And he will find you.

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81 thoughts on “The Hooded Being”

  1. I wouldn’t want him to show me the hourglass. I would pay my respects anyway, if I leave then cool, if not it was my time.


    i say that it was a good pasta yet the end was a bit too cheesy i mean, yes we would run, but why to your loved one? the first thing on my mind after seeing that wuld be to either run away or call the cops. just saying, but stil a yummuy pasta

  3. I I were walking alone in the street at night and I saw a hooded figure I would not look from any angle to make out his face, I’d move on, and fast, just in case.
    Also, “run as far as you can to the one you love”, what if the one I love lives right there at two steps from where I am?

  4. What if you were dressed up as him on Halloween and you bumped into him. Wouldn’t that be awkward.

  5. did this remind anyone else of that billy and mandy episode when they went to this place and stole their hourglasses, then put them back upside down and they went back in age? Grim’s sand was black…

  6. Relax, I bet it’s just a hunter. Shiet doesn’t get real till you encounter a tank on your way to your ‘loved one’

  7. PaperPasta: To say goodbye to loved ones/Go out in a blaze of suicidal glory on a flaming motorcycle while shooting a machine gun at criminals, all while shouting, “FUCK YEAH!”?

  8. You could have such an interesting conversation with Death. If he was willing to talk, that is.

    Fear the Darkness


  9. 1. It’s never a good idea to go out at that time to seek out Death. Why would you?
    2. In fact, “infact” is spelt as two separate words.
    3. Knowing when you die is never a good idea either.
    4. Since Death is going to find you either way, why run? Just accept that you’re going to die and don’t waste the effort :]

  10. @ n° 1 & 3:

    It says he’ll find you, not run or he’ll rip your head off. he might just take you away and put you in your personal hell for the duration of the black sand’s flow into the bottom half of the hourglass.

  11. @ Toad

    Sandman has ruined all those grim reaper/hooded man images of Death for me too. :/

    Death of the Endless is just too sweet to be scared of!

  12. Anonymous Punk

    So… If he’s going to find me anyway, why do I run? And who the hell wants to know how long they have left in the first place?

  13. subLImal mEsSaging

    hhmm…I liked it, to say the least. I’ve walked down to my friends house somewhere around 3am, I wasnt sure though I just glanced at the clock on my way out and saw a 3 xD
    But I didn’t see death, sadly. =(
    I love all these stories about death and everything, don’t get me wrong i’m a big fan, but why woild a hooded figure have to come to each and every person while they are dying to take their soul, millions of people die everyday, so it kind of sounds like a santa clause type thing. We just die, we don’t need someone to help us do so…Sorry, I’m rambling again, arent I? haha, anyway, great pasta…

  14. dude time will come soon when we will meet our own ends in different ways or in similar ones but if anyone meets death at that exact time pay you respects cause when will you have the chance to do so again and if you have the black sand then stay and talk cause you will find out so much from him

  15. I remember walking home drunk at exactly 3:33 (I was in a hurry.).

    I have to walk home through a dark foot path through a forest at the bottom of two hills or walk around it for ages…

    I’ve seen a dark figure in the forest before even sober.

    Everyone I know refers to it as “The path.” and agrees that it “Gets colder and darker down there.”.

    I’ve heard so many different stories about the path but one thing they all have in common and everyone that’s been through there including me who frequently has to walk home on my own at night is “Don’t run through it.”

    Yeah I could probably write a better story about it but this is more of a sloppy recount that I thought was pretty relevant, it’s weird I’m never really on my own at 3:33 AM except walking home throught that dam path.

    Everyone I

  16. I’d just stand by my window and stare at him. And he’d say “Oh no, what the Hell? ”
    And he would become very scared because of my unblinking stare.
    Anywho, the story… It was alright I suppose. At least it had proper grammer..
    I prefer more ironic stories on here, though. This one seems to just be making a statment. “If you do so and so (I don’t mean that in a sexual way thanks XD) you might see such and such.”

  17. Hmm, I liked this pasta. I’ve always loved using Death as my avatar. It was a great story, and I especially enjoy the fact that it shows Death as necessary, and not an evil entity.

  18. I met some guy just like the one you described. Except instead of giving me an hourglass…he just mugged me. I want my $42.67 and Subway stamps back…

  19. Nice pasta. And I agree, it hardly matters which it is, because you would die if it was black anyways. At least this way you know its coming and have a chance to set your affairs in order.

  20. Guy With Teh Face


    If going to the person I love means saving my ass, I’d rather stick with death than her.

  21. I rather not know, I love surprises. Though if you knew you would live for a long time, you could do alot dangerous activities without risk.

  22. shortys roc my sox

    cool halloween is gonna be pretty scary think every one in a black cape is death but this was good pasta

  23. Yes, this is all true and original. BUT, if he takes you on as an apprentice, don’t try and save the queen of a mountain region from her fate, because he’ll be quite angry with you.

  24. It’s not risking your life. It’s inevitable either way. It’s just a matter of where you are on the timeline when you ask.

    Also I loooooved the part where they tell you to run to the one you love before he finds you. Poetic.

  25. if you are a woman, he kisses you with lips that are too cold. your lips are bruised and and there is a slight frost upon them.

    Don’t try to get warm, don’t try to light fire for the next three days.

    he’ll comeback for at 3:33 am on the sixth day with a present for the child

  26. Hey guys, just thought I would explain what the black sand is. Its borrowed time, which basically means Im going to kill you very soon. Just thought Id clarify, thanks.

  27. Oh and the local time in my country is 1:31am.Just 2 hours and a minute off.

    *insert dramatic creepy music here*

  28. Funny that.I was just about to roam the streets tonight because I got locked out of the house.I tried calling and throwing stones and the window,nothing worked.While contemplating jumping the fence and wandering around,my maid,who would usually not wake up at this time,opened the door and let me in.Now I’m reading this.Coincidence?I THINK NOT!lol

  29. thats wierd,my friend was hanging,and this guy GAVe him a hourglass with purple sand,it doesnt flow very fast though……

  30. its saying “if your ever out” to make you weary of going out at that time, not “hey you should do this for shits and giggles”

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