The Hitchhiker

the hitchhiker
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The stars gleamed above the treetops in the moonless sky for a few short minutes as malicious, black storm clouds slowly rolled into view. Flashes of lightning illuminate the skyline followed shortly by thunderous booms that shake the ground with their force. The air thickens with the damp smell of rain.

Kurt stands on the side of a long winding road that cuts through the forest. His car sits hidden not too far away in the brush by a quiet lake. The forest grows wild with ivy and moss and looks to be unventured by many men. Though it seems secluded he still took an extra measure of caution by covering his 2000 Saturn with some fallen branches and locking the small velvet bag of diamonds in the glove box. It’s been almost 12 hours since the robbery and he is so close to the state line, but the police are sure to have issued a BOLO for him in the surrounding states as well. You don’t shoot a cop and get away with a million dollars worth of jewels without starting a war with the entire fraternal order of police. All of the officers in at least the next hundred miles will be looking for the silver four-door.


A car approaches in the distance, a jeep from the looks of the headlights and spotlights mounted on the roof. He sticks his thumb out as the headlights bathe him in their lights. The vehicle slows down for a moment and he can feel eyes on him before they continue to pull past him. He locks eyes with the woman in the passenger seat as they pass, she looks guilty for leaving him behind and drops her gaze from his as they drive off. Little did they know that her husband’s caution just saved both of their lives.

“Everybody’s talking about you and her together, how could you do that to me?” Aria bellows and sobs as she turns the knob as high as it will go. Toni Braxton’s voice shakes the side mirrors as spittles of rain start to hit the windshield. Aria takes another swig from a bottle of Crown XR as the road turns to trees in front of her, she swerves to correct herself, slinging dirt with her tires as she jerks the Winnebago back onto the road. “Can’t you tell by the look on my face, I still like you that way?” she sobs, gripping the wheel so tightly that the skin on her knuckles tightens and turns white. She takes a turn off the main road and down a shortcut through the thick woods, “Long as I live, I’ll never get over… It’s killing me, I’ll never get over you…”

After a few minutes, she sees a figure standing in the distance. He stands about six feet, six inches tall with a thick beard. His thumb juts out in desperation as another clap of thunder shakes the earth. Aria reaches into her door pocket and takes hold of a taser, electricity dances between the prongs as she tests the button and slips it back into her hiding place. A flash of lightning illuminates the sky and for a moment the forest is as bright as day, Aria slows to a stop and rolls the passenger window down.
The air thickens with static as a large RV pulls up next to him, lightning fills the sky and the ground soon shakes beneath him. The strikes are even closer now, but it isn’t the reason Kurt’s heart is pounding in his chest. He grips the strap to his backpack taking a mental check of its contents which hang heavy off of his shoulders. “Rope…hammer…garden snips…draino…” he lists off under his breath as the window rolls down.

“Hey there,” a young girl smiles from the driver seat, “Hop in before it really starts to rain!” She is petite with fiery red hair and emerald eyes, her smile is soft and innocent. For a moment Kurt hesitates, something in the back of his mind screamed: “NO, not this one.” At the time he thought it only his conscious breaking through the fog of desperation that had shrouded his judgment in the last 24 hours. Instead, he reached out and took hold of the door handle giving her a smile back, there would be no mercy for a cop-killer if he was caught. The time for his conscious to control him was long gone.

“Thanks,” he said as he hopped into the front seat of the RV. A thick red tapestry hid the rear of the vehicle from view, but the front was comfortable and clean. The cabin smelled of whiskey and bleach. He dropped his bag at his feet as the girl pulled off before waiting for him to put his seatbelt on. She was humming softly to herself with the radio, her face was damp and her eyes were puffy. It was clear that she had been crying, he dropped his gaze to his lap and began rubbing his fingers nervously.


“Where are you headed,” Aria asked after a few moments, knowing full and well that he would never make it there.

“I ran out of gas a little while back. I was just walking to the gas station up the way, but I didn’t realize it was supposed to storm like this,” he replied gazing out the window at the rain which now streamed down the panes urgently, “If you could just drop me off there, I can have a friend come to help me the rest of the way.”

“Have you already called them?” she replied, glancing over at him.

“No, No service out here,” he shrugged. Aria glanced down at her phone. Full bars, “Damn, me neither.” She slid her phone into the side pocket, her fingers grazing the taser on the way down, “I’m Aria, by the way, it’s a pleasure to meet you, ” she lied. She found no pleasure in the company of men. They were all the same; liars, cheaters, narcissists.

“I’m Kurt. Aria is a very pretty name,” he replied, glancing over at her.

“Thanks,” she replied dryly, “I got it for my birthday.”

She’s cute. Almost too cute. Kurt looks down at her short legs as she works the pedals of the large RV. Even though the wheel is almost touching her chest it looks like she can still barely reach the floor. He determines that there is no way of subduing her without damaging the vehicle in the process. They will have to stop.


“You seem upset,” he says to her as he tilts his head in false concern, “I know I am a stranger but we can talk about it if you’d like.” It’s a long shot, but maybe if she get’s upset enough he can convince her to pull the vehicle over in order to compose herself.

She looks over at him and smiles a toothy grin, “Upset?” she questions him, “Why would I be upset? I am on the way to my wedding!”

“Congratulations,” he mutters as guilt starts knawing on the back of his neck. He shakes his head clear and gives her a warm grin, “How long have you two been together?”

He glances around the interior of the vehicle for something to jam through the steering wheel, anything that may keep the wheel straight when he bashes her head in.

“Two years, we’re high school sweethearts” she replies giddily, then her tone drops, “Well…not technically. He was my AP Biology teacher in my Senior year, but I have graduated now so we can be together.”

She looks toward the road but her focus is elsewhere. Kurt glances over the girl once more, she does look young but is definitely a woman. If he were her teacher, he would have trouble keeping his hands off of her too, they weren’t built like that when he was in high school.

“He writes me the most beautiful poetry, would you like to hear one?” she chirps, the grin on her face seemed out of place. It didn’t match the distant look in her eyes, “Sure,” he quietly replied as he slid his hand beside his seat continuing his search.


“My love for you runs deeper than the ocean and higher than the stars in the abyss.

My gaze belongs to your eyes only, and I long solely for your kiss.

Should the day come that you ever stop loving me, I’d give you another heart to love me with.

For the idea of life without you, brings death as my only wish.” she sighed as she recited the last line. Kurt choked down a laugh, “That’s…nice…” he stammers. It was clear that there was something very odd about this girl and her relationship with her teacher, but he needed to focus on getting her out of the driver seat, and into the lake before dawn. The sun would be up in a few hours and his fence was waiting with new papers and a plane ticket. He couldn’t start a new life until he drove back to his old car and dumped it and the girl, all he really needed was the RV and she was not going to get in the way of his freedom.

Another flash of lightning filled the sky as it struck a tree within a mile of the RV, Aria swerved as the thunder clapped around them. the tires came off the road as she slammed on the brakes, her head hitting the steering wheel as they came to a halt.

“Damn it,” she cried as she touches her forehead, her fingers wiping away a small stream of blood, “Are you okay?”

He collects himself and looks over at her, “Yeah, are you?”


“I’m alright, but it looks like we have a flat,” she lies. The flat tire gimmick always works on men, they always want to play the hero. The spot on her forehead throbs as she curses under her breath, “That fucking hurt.”

“Do you have a jack?” he replies, jumping out of the car, “I’ll take care of it.”

“Yeah, it’s on your side under the back tire,” she replies, grabbing her taser and circling around to his side of the car.

The rain pours around him as he jumps out of the car. It’s dark but he doesn’t see a flat, it must be on her side. No matter, this is the chance that he has been waiting for. As he runs his hand under the frame of the vehicle he hears her little footsteps splash behind him.

“Did you find it?” she asks as his fingers hit the metal bar to raise the jack. He takes it in his grip and spins to face her, the bar high above his head ready to strike her down. His gaze meets her emerald eyes once more and locks onto her vicious grin as she jabs her fist into his ribs. Electricity shoots through his body as every muscle in him tenses at the same time. His jaw snaps shut and blood gushes from his mouth as he hits the ground.

He smells the bleach first, intense and searing the inside of his nostril. Then comes the rhythmic pounding of the rain against a metal roof, and a searing pain in his mouth. Every muscle in his body aches as he lets out a labored groan.

“Oh good, you’re awake,” he hears Aria chirp form beside him. He grunts in response but she cuts him off, shushing him with her finger pressed to her lips, Don’t try to speak, you bit off your own tongue when you fell down,” she giggled as she leaned over him, pressing her fingers into the sides of his mouth to open his jaw, examining his tongue, “Don’t worry, I cauterized the wound. I need you alive for a little bit longer, but if you bust it back open you’re going to lose a lot more blood.”


He realized that she spoke the truth as he rolled the stub of his tongue around in his mouth. It was raw, swollen, and hot. He lurched forward at her panting heavily as the leather restraints snapped him back. They held him in place as she laughed at him, pressing him back down against the gurney as she climbed on top of him. Desperately his eyes dart around the room and fall upon a red curtain, he realizes where he is. The back of the RV has been converted into a stainless steel surgery suite lined with various saws and scalpels. A clear tube leads from his retrained arm to an IV stand next to him, slowly dripping saline into his system. His gaze falls on a series of shelves just across from him. It is lined with glass jars that have been strapped into place each once containing a mysterious lump suspended in a vile, yellow liquid. He strains his eyes and sees that the jars are filled with hearts… human hearts. Aria giggles wildly as she straddles Kurt’s abdomen and flicks a syringe filled with a blue liquid, ensuring there are no air bubbles as she leans over and injects it into the bag. The mystery injection quickly mixes with the saline and the line turns baby blue as it feeds into his veins.

Aria watches Kurt’s eyes widen in terror as she injects him with the solution, “Don’t worry, this won’t kill you, just make you a little easier to work with that’s all.” She giggles once again, “I can’t have you moving during the procedure.” Before hopping off of his lap to collect her tools she pokes him gently on the nose and gives him a peck on the forehead, “I can’t wait to see David again, he is going to love him presents!”

She dances as she grabs various tools from the magnetic strips off the walls and snatches a sheet of paper off the desk to show him. It is a thick piece of blue cardstock with gold foil lettering. David Joseph Anders and Aria Leslie Goodham invite you to witness their joining in holy matrimony. Only Aria’s name wasn’t in gold lettering, it was taped over another name on the announcement. The date on the announcement was tomorrow.

“You see Kurt,” she said as she began drawing a dotted line down the center of his chest, “After I give him all of these hearts, he will never stop loving me again.”

Kurt’s screams echoed through the forest, but the hammering of the rain shrouded the agony from the world. Not a single soul heard his cries as Aria began to cut.


CREDIT : Thana CreepyMistress

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