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The Haunted Bus Route

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Driving a bus. I’m not sure how many people dreamed they could do that when they were kids, but one thing I know for sure is that I did. I started learning everything I could, and soon, I became a bus driver. At first everything seemed really nice. Nice modern buses, friendly coworkers and passengers, and lovely routes, well, except for one.

It was a suburban route which connected the center of the city I worked in to a little village on the outskirts. Not a lot of people used that route, and buses would usually run empty along it. I always liked interacting with the passengers, so I didn’t want to drive on a route which hardly had any, at least that’s what I’d say to everyone, but truth be told, there is another reason. Every driver who has been assigned to the evening shift on that route has gone mad within days of working on it. I never knew why that kept happening, and I hoped I would never find out, but unfortunately, I did. The driver who was supposed to take the evening shift refused to come to work. The route needed to be operated, so they assigned me to it instead. A part of me wanted to avoid coming to work and make up an excuse for not showing up, but another part of me was like:

“I’m being ridiculous, there is nothing wrong with the route, everything will be alright. “

I took the shift. It was winter so it was getting dark quite early. I came to the terminus in the city center and took over from my coworker. I made two loops on the route and transported, maybe, 10 passengers in total, and even they were just traveling a couple of stops and would get off before the bus would reach the suburbs. I was making my third loop on the route and my bus was empty. Around me was complete darkness, I could just barely see in front of my bus thanks to my headlights, but outside of them there was nothing but barely visible silhouettes of leafless trees and old abandoned houses. Winter was just starting and there wasn’t any snow yet, so I didn’t even have it to glow in the dark and make the ride slightly less creepy. It almost seemed like I was in an endless black void. At one point I looked at my mirror and saw a lady in a long dress and a man sitting in the back of the bus.

“I don’t remember them getting on.“, I thought.

I managed to convince myself that I must have been preoccupied by watching the creepy darkness around me and thinking about why my coworkers would go mad after driving on this route, that I simply didn’t notice them getting on. I had reached the last stop. I had a couple of minutes before my next departure, I would usually use it for a bathroom break, but it was so dark outside that I feared I might get lost if I left my bus, but then I noticed the lady and the man at the back, I thought maybe they got on the wrong bus and didn’t know that this is the last stop. I walked over to the back to tell them, but as I got close, the lady looked up at me. She and the man turned white, and the lady let out a horrifying screech. Just then loads of other people appeared around me, all dressed in vintage clothing, and all as pale as the lady and the man. They all started screaming, I covered my ears. Just than the man who was just sitting next to the lady up until this point got up and walked up to me. He grabbed my head with his cold hand and pulled it closer to his. I got a look into his eyes, and I’ll never forget what I saw, it was so disturbing that I’m not even sure how to describe it. The man whispered into my ear in a raspy voice:


“You’re not the one! “

After that everyone disappeared. I checked my watch and saw that it was departure time. I had no more passengers for the rest of my shift, regular or paranormal. I continued working on that route for the next week; I lasted longer than the drivers who worked on it before me. Every night the same thing would happen. You would think that after a while I’d get used to it, and it would no longer be so scary, but that was not the case, it scared me every time. Thankfully I haven’t been assigned to that route since then. I managed to stay sane, I also managed to find out who the people I was encountering were.


Apparently, a tragic accident happened in that village many years ago, a bus crashed and a fire which burned down most of the village started, all the passengers on board that bus lived there, but not a single one of them survived the accident, now their spirits haunt that bit of the bus route, looking for the driver who was driving the bus on the night of the accident so they could get revenge, but when they see that a driver is not the driver they’re looking for they just go away. Even though they do no physical harm, one look into their eyes is enough to make a driver ask to be assigned to a different route, enough looks and the driver goes mad. I still have nightmares to this day. I wake up covered in sweat. I don’t know if I’ll ever get over those encounters, but something I do know is that I’m quitting my job right then and there if I ever get assigned to that horrible route again.

Credit : Rale song

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