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The Guy in Room 302

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It’s the summer, and you’re out of your college classes for at least a week or two, before the next semester starts. You’ve spent this time lounging around and sleeping a lot. But lately, correspondence between your local friends has dropped off. They don’t drop by. Your phone’s been quiet for a while, and your IM lists are all empty.

After five days of this, you’ve gotten bored enough to try chatrooms. They’re all empty; even the big ones. Any e-mails you send get no replies.

When you leave your apartment, the whole of the building is unearthly silent. The only noise that comes about at all is the whir from the automated Rail outside. Nobody answers when you knock. All the buildings are dark and locked up when you look out the window; the only cars are of the parked variety.


A search of the entire building, and even further beyond that, yields nothing. No life; the only movement is from the wind, or the automated pieces of machinery. Defeated, you slink back into the empty apartment complex.

On your door is pinned a note:


“Turns out the guy in room 302 really could sleep through the end of the world.”


The note is dated five days ago.

Credit: Anonymous

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66 thoughts on “The Guy in Room 302”

  1. So, the story as a good concept but it isn’t clear :/ I had to red it twice plus some comments to understand it….

  2. im gonna kill everyone im coming for you ! oh he is asleep i had better leave a note to give him a chuckle ,*writes note* your sincerely Phone.

  3. Okay, instead of taking the time of writing the note, dating it and pinning it, why not wake the guy up.

    Secondly, the world’s ending. Who has the wits about them to writr such a witty note?

  4. lol i love henry townsheds comment! also for henry i just have to tell you about a million people took mind control of you and your part of a seris called silent hill. Don’t go back there dude, don’t go back ther.

  5. blabla shut the fuck up

    you’re all morons, asking how they could leave a note. Simple, did it ever say it happened BOOM world ended. Nope. They left it as the event was going on. Idiots.

  6. When I hear “End of the World” I think: Buildings destroyed. People dead. Cars burning. Death, Destruction, Despair.

    This story reminded me more of The Rapture, than End of the World, to be honest.

  7. Well, it says that there are ‘automatic rails’, meaning a metrolink of some sort, so I imagined that this story was set in the near future, which could explain why power didn’t go out… everything is done by robots!

  8. Unfortunately mine was the room next to 302.

    At first I thought the last sentence said:

    “The note is dated five years ago.”

    Maybe it really did say that but changed during the split second I looked away from that line.

  9. A) Why didn’t they just wake him? Answer: they tried to. Door was locked, shades down, and they didn’t want to spend a bunch of time waiting around for him (after all, the apocalypse is coming around the corner).

    B) Why is there still power? Well, according to the Straight Dope’s estimate (“When the zombies take over, how long till the electricity fails?”), it would be possible to have a few scattered power plants still up. Especially if they were solar- or wind-powered (those take very little oversight). I know that my college, at least, has some solar power. [The real reason, of course, is that if the power went out it wouldn’t have taken our protagonist 5 days before going out to search] If the apocalypse was gradual (i.e. “Hey, everyone needs to evacuate. We’ve got Lovecraftian abominations sweeping through here in a few hours. Let’s go!” not “Oh shi-” *flash goes off and everyone dies*), then it is far more likely that the power would still be on.

    C) Finally, why leave a note? Because it’s funny. The entire world is ending, you tried to be a nice person by waking up that lazy guy in room 302, but he’s not waking up. Well, fuck it. You’ve just seen three of your friends’ heads explode from Crazy Apocalypse Event, so you’re not exactly in the best mood or entirely sane. What would be funnier than leaving a note for somebody about the apocalypse?

  10. I liked Annoymous’ comment a few posts above ^
    because when I was reading this pasta, I was indeed thinking that the end of the world consisted either of fire & brimstone or some disease that wiped everyone out quietly, and therefore thought this story was kinda dumb as who would take the time to leave a note if they were trying to escape2live.

    But his/her comment gave this pasta a different perspective and actually made it more likeable for me. Strange things, these comment things. :3

  11. I kinda took it in a different direction. Like instead of the whole “fire and brimstone” end of the world scenario if instead it was a good one. like, idk, jesus came and said everyone can go to heaven. and then the last person left a note for him on his door. the internet, etc would all continue to work for a while, since everything is automated

  12. @18: If they sleep through it too, then how would they leave a note?

    Or perhaps the causer of the end of the world left the note to mock him – like the Devil or whatever.

    Makes you think what the end of the world actually was.

  13. shortys roc my sox

    someone asked how you could leave a note if it was the end of the world well here’s the answer

    maby the guy in room: 304
    can sleep through the end of the world too

  14. i agree with comment 14
    how was stuff still working? i didn’t break it down or really think about it, the second i was done i was just…meh.
    this makes u wonder what the end of the world was then, if it was only people disappearing but everything else still functioning.
    this was ok, and i’ll leave it at that

  15. @14

    *All* the good creepypastas break down when you think about them.

    Just like most good stories, in movies, video games, theatre, and the like, all break down if you apply real-0world logic to them.

    Same concept.

  16. Story makes no fucking sense. How does he still have power, internet, etc? Why were there no signs of “the end of the world” except the lack of people and a dated note?

    I liked it at first but when you start thinking about it, it completely breaks down.

  17. who dates notes pinned to doors? u usually just say what u have to say and that’s it. especially the extranneous ones

  18. Good one, I actually wouldn’t mind it too much at first. Though my hand would be my only companion through the ages.

  19. Henry Townshend

    Woah. I remember going through something terribly similar to this! Apart from the undead serial killer and hole in my bathroom, I know exactly what this poor bugger is going through! Poor guy. I feel for him.

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