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The Doorway

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There is a doorway, one that can be any door, at any time. This door leads nowhere, yet there lies a realm of twisted reality to the opener. This door exists for everyone – some never encounter it in their lives, others unknowingly open it and step through. The problem is you can’t tell if the door is open to you, until years after you step through it. You’ll see them, and they’ll finally see you.

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65 thoughts on “The Doorway”

  1. crappypasta deluxe. wow dude right childrens books cause that steaming pile of shit you call a creepypasta put me to sleep

  2. LittleMissCreepyPasta

    I’m Schizophrenic and this is close to what my delusions are. The last few words I’ve repeated often during my worst panic attacks, so this gave me chills!!!

  3. This taste so much better when thought about, dipped in imagination like a strawberry in melted chocolate.

  4. I think I get it, it’s supposed to be a “play” on our bad economy right now, meaning that you or me would have opened that “door”, so lol.

    You might not get it, as it’s very confusing.

    8/10, not as tasty as it could have been :)

  5. Dont look behind you

    i think the writer is trying to say that whenever you open a door it has a chance of being some sort of portal to another dimension or alternate timeline to the world you were born in and u have no way of realizing it

  6. Not scary whatsoever, I’m afraid. What is the point of telling us this? So that, in several years time, when we see the mysterious ‘Them’ we can say ‘Oh that must have been from that time I walked through that door.’? I think not.

    Fear the Darkness


  7. CarolynBoBarolyn

    This was super bad.

    BUT, I just noticed that this story was posted at 4:44 PM, 4 months ago, with 44 comments. One huge coincidence if you ask me.

  8. y years after? once i start seeing things id think ive just stepped through it. ¨oh! a ghost! i must have stepped through the doorway years ago but i never noticed!¨ naaah. its cool though ^^

  9. there is a story that is incredibly similar to this one on this site. its the one where you step through a cabinet instead of a door as a child landing you in an alternate but similar universe, never knowing about it

  10. look, this pasta wasn’t all that creepy.

    if anything, it’s just a bunch of one-liners in a big clusterfuck.

    it’s like the creepypasta god sneezed on a keyboard

  11. @25, the pasta is about when you were young, hiding in cabinets or closets and being transported to a different dimension where everything seems the same but you’ve left your original dimension behind

  12. I like this pasta because it’s short, i hate pasta’s that go on forever. The text hurts my eyes. I don’t think i’ll ever go through that door…HA

  13. @ 25
    Not only do I agree that this site does have that pasta, but I also agree that short pastas are much better. I’m tired of all of the pastas submitted to the forums being TL;DR.

  14. @24 – Doesn’t this site have that version, too? I could have sworn it was posted sometime earlier. (Or maybe I’m thinking of WAKE UP…I think “everyone misses you” in that pasta as well.)

    As for the pasta itself, I think it’s pretty much average. They can’t all be super scary. Nice effort, though.

    I’m glad we’ve gone back to shorter pastas…not that I dislike the long ones, but it’s nice to get some variety.

  15. I’ve read this one so many times, but no matter how many times I read it it still sucks. “You’ll see them, and they’ll finally see you.” I know that a certain amount of ambiguity is creepy, but that was just stupid. This almost sounds like the climax of some sci-fi drama. There’s a much better version of this story where it talks about how the person that steps through the door never figures out that they’ve left, but the people that they left behind miss them. That last line is much scarier than this shit.

  16. Ohhhhh boy, another “Supernatural situation that you don’t know about untill it’s too late.” It’s just like that one about you being the one of 100,000 people missing where you’re the only one on the planet or where they tell you about that type of demon where you knowing of their existance makes them able to “get” you. It’s a pretty good concept that you’ve got here, but it might cause a night or two of “what if” hypotherical situations running around my head causing me to lose a medium amount of sleep. If you want an impression that lasts, specify what kind of door it is. I can garentee that more people will be freked out at the thought that they might enter another dimention the next time they open their bedroom door than being trapped in years of ignorant bliss.

  17. Very nice, this is similar to other works you’ve put in here with the unknowns. This story would have been a bit more unnerving if “they” had been referenced before the end of the story, or even if “they”, the unknown beings, could have been inferred from subtle hints. As it is, it focuses on the door, and not any entities that are behind it.

  18. Stop declaring that you’re the first poster or anything. It sickens me. Not like you get a prize from Phone anyway.

  19. Well, since this story is so vague, I’ll have to assume that it is talking about squirrels. Yes, I see squirrels and they see me… why is my name set to aguythathatesrap?

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