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The Dark

August 8, 2013 Beings and Entities
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It is estimated that at any given moment, somewhere between 5 and 10 percent of what is in your field of sight is shadow. Darkness. Isolation. The Unknown.

Imagine how it would be to live in these stagnated, dreary parts? In that crevice between the bookshelf and the wall, that gap between the wardrobe and the floor. To live surrounded by a crushing, overwhelming sense of darkness and nothingness. To know that that is your place, and always will be. To be left alone, unable to escape, no companionship but your blackest thoughts. Would the darkness consume you? Or would you search for a way out? To somehow live in the brightness?

No wonder, when I lie in bed awake at night, the house begins to creek and starts to come to life. No wonder, that in this dark time, I feel the presence of eyes, scouring over me. No wonder, we hear so many stories of those who die in their sleep. For in this time, the Unknown rules over all. And I don’t think the light of your monitor is enough to keep away the thing that just moved by your right foot.

Credit To – Rooster

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