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The Dark City

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There’s a dark forest deep in the heart of the Rockies, surrounded on all sides by mountains. In the center of the forest is a lake on the shores of which you will find a large black stone. If you swim out into the center of the lake, the stone will drag you down into the darkness.

You will emerge from shadows in the alley of a frightening dark city of heavily arched roofs and buildings built on stilts. You must not talk to a single citizen of this city, or you shall be trapped there forever. The citizenry is horrid and mutated, and they will leer and curse at you, and their hideous and deformed women shall offer you unknown and horrible lewdnesses.


At the edge of this city is a highway. Walk down the left side of the road (yes, against traffic) with your thumb out and a man in a dark truck shall pick you up and drive you back the way you came. The city will be gone, and he will take you to any place on Earth as long as you can name it and there’s a road there.

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27 thoughts on “The Dark City”

  1. @ Skwirral and darkest
    you people think small you can anywhere that includes other countrys im sure woudent it be easyer to just convert all your assets into like gold and sliver, keep it with you and go to another country

  2. “and their hideous and deformed women shall offer you unknown and horrible lewdnesses.”

    Still a better love story than Twilight…

    Seriously though, this seems unfinished.

  3. If you tell the trucker where you want to go then you would’ve talked to a citizen and it says that if you talk to one of the people you will be stuck there forever

  4. *sigh* another typical go to X, do Y, recieve Z story. There’s too many of these, and no more than a few are any good.

  5. giggles @ “unknown and horrible lewdnesses.”

    I suppose this would come in handy if you went on a mass killing spree and couldn’t get out of the country. The guy in the pick-up truck could take you to Greece, and you could change your name.

    Other than that… I’ll just fly, thanks.

  6. Shouldn’t be too hard to resist the, uh, “lewdnesses” of hideous mutant women.

    Also, if I could manage to travel to the dark forest in the heart of the Rockies, I think I could probably manage a trip anywhere else I’d like to go.

  7. This doesn’t seem like that good a pay-off considering the stuff you have to go through to get there…

  8. I’m down for that.

    1) Go for a healthy swim in the Rockies
    2) Have awesome freaky sex with mutant retards. As long as I don’t talk to them, I can leave and catch a ride to somewhere awesome.
    3) ???
    4) Profit

  9. Ahh I like this creepypasta, you could be fucked if you don’t follow instructions but good things can actually come from it if you do.

    Lol @ Mutant lewdnesses

  10. erehT si eno gniht uoy tsum syawla rebmemer, ‘erehT si syawla a yaw ni, tub reven a yaw tuo.’ tuB, ouy wonk, ylno fi yeht tnaw uoy ot yats. seY, lla taht I etirw si
    derorrim, tub taht si eht ylno yaw I evah reve neeb elba ot etirw, llew, ecnis eht esruc saw decalp nopu em…


      There is one thing you must remember, there’ is always a way in, but never a way out, but, you know only if they want you to stay, yes all that i write is mirrored but that is the only way i have ever been able to write, well, since the curse has been placed upon me…

      Curious, what curse?

  11. that’s why you get your affairs in order before you go. set up a bank account in alaska via phone, transfer all your fortunes into it, fax in a signature for a lease or something, then up and at ’em, go for a swim, and bam, you’re home free

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