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The Corner

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In almost every building, there is one corner, one small enclosure that no one ever looks at. It’s the corner in the basement that has been blocked by a disused sofa for years; the thin space in the attic between the wall and the stacks and stacks of crates full of junk you never use, but could never throw away. The space that never sees the light of day, or any other kind of light at all. Where darkness does not merely dominate, but practically oozes out from around the edges of its prison.

No one knows quite how long a space must remain concealed for it to acquire this particular property, nor if there are any specific conditions it must meet. But it is a far more common occurrence than you might think.

In newer buildings, when this happens, the residents often report feeling cold when passing by, even in attics during the hottest of summers. Whenever contemplating taking a quick peek to see if there is anything actually there, an unnatural dread seizes them, and they leave the room quickly, if not quite running. Once left behind, the feeling passes, and it is quickly forgotten, or laughed off.

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What actually happens in these forgotten sanctuaries of the dark? It is impossible to tell. For while many such corners have been exposed to reveal absolutely nothing, some brave souls have lost their sanity through nothing more than an ill-timed glance. The safest thing to do when encountered with such a phenomenon; close your eyes, rip away the area’s covering in a single motion, then keep a tight hold on what you’ve pulled away. No matter what you hear or feel, do not get up, do not look around, and do not try to cover your ears. You might be one of the lucky ones.


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19 thoughts on “The Corner”

  1. this reminds me of a spot in our old yard that no one would mow or play in not even the dog would poop ther

  2. We have a coner like that in my old house. No one goes through that hallway without every light on and everyone hurries past it. I thought I was the only one for years then my little sister if I thought the hall was creepy too or if she was just wierd. Suddenly all 6 of us kids were talking with eachother realizing that we all though the same thing about the same corner for years; confirming eachothers belief that something was evil in that hall and especialy that corner. We never asked our parents about it but even they never go thought that hallway unless every light is on. I just figured our house was haunted.

  3. I love creepypasta that I can relate to. I remember as a child seeing certain spots kind of like what were described in the story, and they creeped me the fuck out. Ending wasn’t that great, but the rest was.

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