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The Blood Mirror

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There is rumor of a great palace unfound deep in the deserts in Egypt. A massive complex of four-thousand rooms protects the single most prized possession of ancient Egypt. The Blood Mirror.

It is said every thousand years, a great hero of mankind must make his way down to this mirror, and stand before it in pick blackness at 19:06 June 6th (6/6 – at 6:66) and behold their own death. Their own image appears to slowly distort, screaming a horrible silent scream as their teeth and skin melt away leaving streams of blood to run down the mirror and pool at the bottom.

Gazing into this pool of blood on the other side of the mirror of their own blood will allow them to view the Antichrist’s birthplace, which they will then scream out in horrible screams of pain for an hour and six minutes, before their heart stops.

If the Antichrist isn’t stopped, all of mankind is doomed to an even worse fate.


it has been exactly 940 years from June 6th since this last happened, the next date is 2066, but the location has been lost. The hero will find this place, but we must be there to hear his screams, or we are lost…



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162 thoughts on “The Blood Mirror”

  1. Is this the beginning of a children’s fantasy horror? It was written like a paragraph book report of a middle schooler. No substance, no plot,not even a main character. The comments below say enough, but I feel you can give the story the justice it deserves. Hopefully you don’t give up, I’ll be waiting for your next attempt.

  2. Tabby DanDeleon (Blue Skylark)

    Wasn’t there a Yu-Gi-Oh episode or movie where they went into a pyramid looking for something?

  3. Actually, in biblical scripture, an “antichrist” was anyone who didn’t believe in Christ, basically a non Christian. Its only recent biblical scholars that have mistakenly linked the antichrist to the devil. Also, I have to ask, given that the current calendar is only about 500 years old, and the minute as an accurate measurement of time is only about the same age, how were they able to determine the exact time and date before this point? Its a nice story for the current time, but overlooks the fact that in 1066, they would have only been able to say how many hours it was past sunrise, and in AD66, they wouldn’t have even been using a calendar that counted from the birth of christ

  4. okay the second paragraph makes little to no sense, i think it’s just the wording and since this is in Egypt there wouldn’t be an “Antichrist”, Egyptians believed in many gods and for the god i think you are looking for is Anubis. that’s the all the criticism i have. the first paragraph was pretty good though

  5. The Lady With The Golden Hand

    This is a wonderful story! Seriously…my little sister needed my help on an english assignment, she had to write a story about legends. I showed her this story, and asked her to copy it down, promising her an A plus…She’s gonna fail!!!!!!! Thank you, whoever wrote this!!

  6. Just putting this one out there- if you’re stood in total darkness you can’t even see anything in a mirror >.>

  7. Dude I am sorry but your story was horrible. It was insanely short and crappy. And also you had a few errors. For example you said in pick blackness. What the hell is pick blackness? I will say you could go over your story a few times before posting. Also that story was very generic and it was basically about screaming after seeing a mirror for an hour and six minutes then dying. Personally I don’t think that story was very creepy.

  8. This is reeeeeeeaaaaaaallly old, Mophead. I think this is from when this site was just archiving shit straight from the 4chan threads. Submissions weren’t a thing back then. That’s why some of the really old pastas are so awful – there were so few pastas that WWP just took everything that fit the strictest description of Creepypasta, I think.

    The site’s evolved quite a bit since then. I know that there are quite a few older pastas that I’d never accept if they showed up in my queue, but I’m not deleting the posts in the interest of preserving comments/history of the meme.

  9. leave the guy alone the only reason there is so many references of the number 6 is because that is as high as he can count

  10. dont even into time. 6:66 doesnt exits. would better is time go 6:06:06: in other words, 6 hours, 6 mintues and 6 secs

  11. Ok I’m a Christian and even I am going ‘Say what?’

    The grammar…..the over usage of ‘666’

    All of it! Le lame! Please just…either re-do it…or…pick something else…


  12. Not that this wasn’t a bad story or anything, sorry for not adding that in my comment. It was terrible. And over used ‘evil number’ and, even worse, improbably used. Also a very band and typical description of the how your reflected self falls apart in the mirror.

  13. “which they will then scream out in horrible screams of pain”

    this just ruined it for me. while the messed up “666” reference was already bad, the corniness of this sentence was too much. could be pretty good, it was interesting enough, but too short and full of mistakes.

  14. Seriously? Ugh. This story makes no sense. The Egyptians didn’t use the modern calendar. The current calendar is only a few centuries old. And the Antichrist isn’t an idea that makes any sense for ancient Egyptians to believe in. There’s other silliness about 666 but that’s enough. Not creepy, just ill-informed.

  15. Wait… I get the time now cause 19:06 is 6 o’cock + 66 minutes, hence going over to the next hour. Right…

    Have to say, wasn’t particularly freaked out by this, the scariest part for me was the whole mirror thing (I just don’t like them) but this didn’t have me looking over my shoulder at all, but still, nice writing style just not very scary, sorry. :(

  16. holy crap this was on Garfield only on the other side was a bunch of cats realy crazy Egyptian cats that wanted to take over the world weird

  17. 66666666666666666666666666666666?

    From a Christian, I am wtf’ing in my seat.

    I’m not going to say anything.

    Just that this makes no sense to me. ><


  18. How the fuck would this great hero (lets call him Keanu Reeves) stop the antichrist anyway if he dies upon looking at the mirror?

  19. Uhh… this Phailed, and with a capital ‘P’. Also, Obama isn’t the Antichrist, George Bush is, idiots. (Not the best choice, in my opinion, but whatever floats Satan’s boat, I guess).

  20. @ Schteve
    Didnt Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade, end up in T-Gypt?
    With teh holy grailz etc?! ;D lolol :P

    But yeah i understand what you mean.

  21. Common misconception.
    666 isnt the “number of the beast”, is was greatly translated wrongly to begin with, and when they noticed it was kinda like “Oh they got it wrong its 666…”

    But the True translation is infact 616.

    (Sozzard for spelling mistakes etc)

  22. 666 is not the number of the beast. it is just a number. it has been found in a temple, dated to roughly 4,000 years before “the birth of christ” in a piece of text that 616 is the true number of the devil’s right hand being.

  23. 1: too many fucking sixes, find some other mythological reference to beat off to

    2: how do the Egyptians know our calendar?

    3: why did the Egyptians make something for christian benefit?

  24. It strikes me that usually in June, you don’t get “pick” blackness at 7:06 PM. Though Egypt being closer to the Equator, I might be mistaken.

  25. Did Ancient Egyptians have clocks to tell when it was 6:66 – or 7:06.

    And this sounds silly but if youve been to Egypt, by “6:66” there is a warm sunrise glow..

  26. to bad for you and the people who made the omen

    the real number of the beast is actualy 616 not 666 so you could adapt to make the time 6:16 in this story if you wanted

  27. I took the (badly written) paragraph to mean that the image’s teeth and skin melt away and bleed and the hero just starts screaming like a bitch until they have a heart attack. Or something. This pasta is teh suckage.

  28. @32: There wasn’t one, because he was retroactively aborted.

    Either that or it was Dick Cheney and he’s just biding his time.

    Hey, I’d do this. I’d just make sure to swallow some painkillers and bring a friend with a defibrillator.

  29. @30:
    mega agree.
    also, obligatory:
    who was great unfound palace, who was deserts in egypt, who was bloody mirror, who was great hero of mankind, who was death, who was antichrist, who was antichrist’s birthplace, who is worse fate o_o!!?!
    seriously guys, shut the hell up about phone.x. you are’t funny, it’s not clever.

  30. Obama is not the antichrist, he is the antichrists valet.
    Oh, and who was 666, 6-6-6, six six six and eighteen?
    Horrible pasta.

  31. @13

    Amazing how many people completely fuck that information up, isn’t it? 666 is the Number of Man(kind), and is worn as a mark to show who embraces the hedonistic and selfish nature the AntiChrist promotes during the Tribulation period in Revelation blah blah blah too much Sunday School as a kid. T_T

    But seriously, as many people already said, WAY too many 666 references and terrible grammar totally bombed this already shaky pasta.

  32. “Gazing into this pool of blood on the other side of the mirror of their own blood”

    “which they will then scream out in horrible screams of pain”

    “screaming a horrible silent scream”

    seriously, come on, seriously?

    1. The Killer Known As Jeff

      Thank you for repeating the most horrible lines I’ve ever read in a pasta. Now my brain hurts even more.

    1. weirdo reading manga

      You sir, don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t have to be racist to not like someone because they are doing a bad job. Also, this story reminded me of a Doctor Who episode

  33. Looks like it’s just cashing in on The Omen.

    I agree, too many 666 references.

    @5 Elpheba
    7:06 = 6:66 with the 60 minutes carried over into an hour.


  35. 6:66 is not a time. No, I don’t care that it doesn’t fit the 666 theme if you don’t do it. It’s stupid.

    The number of the beast wasn’t even 666 to begin with.

    1. No, because that would be 6:06. 6:66 isn’t a real time, so the closest to 6:66 would have to be 7:06.
      (since there are 60 minutes in an hour, etc.)

    1. little miss black cat

      Totally, but, wait hold on If obama is the antichrist then their is a 50/50 chance that we r screwed already T-T

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