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The Black Stone

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In 1653, Spanish explorers found the ruins of what appeared to be a Mesoamerican step pyramid in what is modern South Carolina. Though the site was far beyond the borders of any known American indigenous populations, it was also of a smaller size than existing Mesoamerican structures and bore an unrecognized form of glyphic decoration. Local natives were familiar with the structure but knew nothing about it.

The Spaniards sought to disassemble the building as a heathen relic and did so, brick by brick, salvaging the materials to construct their own nearby settlement. Deconstruction halted, however, when one brick was uncovered at the core of the structure, carved entirely of black glass. The stone, approximately two feet by three, was impossible to move or even budge by any man or animal.

Attempts were made to dig the stone out from beneath, but excavation revealed that it extended indefinitely into the earth. In frustration, the captain of the explorers fired a glancing blow off of the surface of the stone. The obsidian block was undamaged, but moments after the blow had struck, it silently retracted downwards, sliding downward into a hole that quickly collapsed inward on itself, burying the retreating obsidian column.


The Spaniards interpreted this as an evil omen and abandoned the site, never to return.

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49 thoughts on “The Black Stone”

  1. How can anybody think this was great? “People took down a pyramid and they found a scary rock and then they shot it and then it went away.” I JUST SHAT MY PANTS OH MY GOD. Nothing remotely creepy or scary happened. Idiots.

  2. I like everything but the ending. Try this: The obsidian stone shatters when the Spaniards try to move it, they shrug, take their perfectly good bricks and move on to build their nearby settlement. They build it during the summer, everything’s fine. Then, that winter a group of men led by the captain of the expedition travels to the coast to resupply. They’re gone for about two-three months and return. The settlement is silent and appears abandoned. The walls are empty of partrols and the gates are shut and barred. They scale the wall, open the gate, etc. They see no one. Captain sends a scout around the perimeter of the walls to look for sign of attack: prints, scorch marks, blood stains, etc. Nothing. They open the armory. All weapons are pristine, untouched, the door was locked and secure. They open the barracks, built of the stones from the pyramid. The stench is overwhelming, they can hear the flies. It’s dark, unlit. Captain orders lanterns lit and steps in with three men. Sticky, black blood covers the floor. Literally coats it. Every bunk save those of the men who went with the captain is occupied, every occupant dead. They had been flayed alive. In their sleep. Their skins hung like coats along the back wall from iron nails driven into the stones near the ceiling. The black obsidian stone sat in the exact center of the room on the earthen floor, covered in blood.

  3. It was good, until the end. I’m not sure what the point was of the stone burying itself… There was a lot of good suspense though. Just seems unfinished.

  4. BO-ring.

    It’s like “The Tommyknockers” and “Dagon” had a baby. Not remotely creepy. Of course, the fact that I grew up playing with obsidian might have something to do with that as well.

  5. I like this one,but to be frank,I don’t really understand it or the attempt at creepyness behind it. It’s an odd derelict pyramid made of black stones,that’s epic. They find a seemingly-never-ending stone of black glass in the center,also epic. But here’s where it confuses me: it gets hit,and falls into a hole that closes itself up,burying the stone like a button. What’s the point behind the pyramid,the stone,and the “bad omen”?

  6. ooooh, that is creepy…

    can someone do a continuation of this and explain the stone?

    i like this pasta because its left me wanting more

  7. Suspense… suspense… suspense building…up….

    Now where is the satisfying boom after keeping me in that suspense?

  8. i actually likeed this one, contrary to many other pastas written the same way. For some reason it reminds me of lovecraft a little bit, dont know why.

  9. lol…
    I don’t know what it does, or what it would do…
    It kinda reminds me of like a giant button XD.

  10. I nearly bust a gut laughing at Mr. Welldone’s comment, while shitting bricks.
    (Yes, they were not black bricks.)

  11. Anders Blankheart

    i love things about black stones and monoliths, always make me think

    there are dark deep places in the earth that man has never been to and is not supposed to go

  12. Anon, Chris: The site was said to resemble Mesoamerican style, which I think would mean it bore resemblance to the ancient cultures of Mexico and South America.

  13. FarthestFromSane

    It’s interesting…but not that creepy a pasta. Please alter the recipe. It needs more spine-tingling, otherwise, meh. Please continue cooking. =)

  14. Yeah…it wasn’t beyond the borders of any indigenous population. North and South Carolina were pretty heavily populated by Native Americans before European explorers arrived. I would just assume that they had built it.

    Not too creepy, but it’s good.

  15. Wait, if it was “far beyond the borders of any indigenous populations” how were “local natives familiar with the structure”?

    1. Obsidian is a volcanic glass, produced when volcanic lava cools quickly. It’s natural colour is black.

  16. I thought this one was really good. Considering creepypasta is inherently unrealistic, this one really makes you go “maybe…?”. Told from an objective and historical viewpoint rather than the usual omniscient one makes the mystery behind it more believable.

  17. Great creepypasta. Sounds like the sort of story that would have been passed through from that time period.

  18. I want to say something about not expecting this and tag on a little about inquisitions, but I’ll let it be….

  19. The unamed p[erson formally known as 'noneya'

    First off: Creepy pasta in general is pointless. Off the high horse, bub.

    Two: Who was phone liked it, so they put it up. your opinion doesnt really come into it.

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