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The Best Horror Party Themes to Organise With Your Friends

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It might well be 10 months until Halloween but that shouldn’t be a barrier to enjoy some horror themed fun and frivolity over the coming months. 

Inviting friends round for a few drinks or to play party games is all well and good, but is it as exciting as seeing all your pals sit down to play online poker real money dressed as famous movie horror characters? Absolutely not!

If that sounds like your kind of thing and you fancy indulging your inner horror fan, then read on to find out about some of the amazing horror party themes that you can organise with your friends this weekend.


Murder Mystery

There’s nothing quite as exciting and enthralling as ‘whodunnit’ which is why the majority of TV shows and films focus on the theme. It’s also why there is a thriving murder mystery trade that offers the public the opportunity to visit a venue to partake in one or the materials to host one in their own home.

Why not invite your friends round to your house and instruct them that the dress code is ‘Hollywood murderers’ and then when they get round play a murder mystery game? You can buy packs online from as cheap as £10 or you can spend more and get a much more immersive experience.

Make sure to have plenty of drinks to keep your guests well lubricated, and if you’re the murderer, more likely to overlook some of the tell-tale clues that you leave behind.

(How to host your own murder mystery.)

Haunted Forest


Feeling spooky and Halloween-y but it’s the middle of the summer and the evenings are stretching out before you? Well fear not, you can always make the most of the good weather and longer nights by having an outdoors based horror party.

Dress your garden up by making your own DIY horror trees, hang mason jars of the branches in your garden and add an extra layer of fear by playing eerie, spooky music out over your sound system. 

Still not feeling super spooky? What about buying some of these terrifying crows from Amazon to make your garden resemble a fog-laden graveyard?

Throw a Séance

Okay, so the ideas listed above are all fun and games, but what about actually stepping it up a little bit and getting seriously spooky? There’s no better way than organising your own séance to bridge the gap between the realm of the living and dead and communicate with those long-lost souls.


Popularised in the Victorian Era when everyone and anyone seemingly had an intense fascination with the occult, séances have been used for centuries as a way to convene with spirits still trapped on the mortal plane.

Don’t know where to start? Feel a little bit freaked out about the possibility of awakening a malevolent poltergeist? Read this guide from a practicing witch to tell you everything you need to know about safely organising a home séance. 

(How to hold a séance.)

Fancy Dress Competition

This is your Route One option. Cutting out the middle man and going straight for the most obvious but arguably best option. Host your own horror themed party and ask all of your friends to put £10 into the pot with the best-dressed guest scooping the prize.

Keep the criteria open as wide as you want, just ask guests to come as anything horror themed, whether that be Jeffrey Dahmer, Leatherface or someone turning up with a sheet over their head and pretending to be a ghost.


Horror Party Tips

Now you’ve got a couple of ideas about a horror theme, why not try out some of these added extras to make your party that extra bit spook-tacular:

Frightening Feel Boxes: Get yourself ten or so boxes, they can be cardboard or plastic, cover them and then fill them up with spooky items. Popular things to put in feel boxes are skinless grapes, steamed cauliflower, chopped tomatoes and plastic creepy-crawlies.

Apple Bobbing: There’s nothing quite as classically Halloween-y as an apple bobbing competition. You can go all out and fill up a barrel with water and apples or just use a container for the same effect.

Franks in Steins: Played beer pong before? Well this game takes it to the next level, replacing the red cups with stein glasses and the ping pong ball with a hotdog!

Have any tips or suggestions on holding a horror themed party? Let us know in the comments section below.

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