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The Believers

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Belief is a powerful thing. Well, not your belief: your opinions couldn’t be less important. But there is someone, and there always has been someone, who can control the universe by his powers of belief. You see, at any given moment the universe is controlled by what one particular man believes. All things, right down to the laws of physics, are subject to instantaneous change as soon as one dies and another is chosen.

Amelia Earheart?

Disappeared when the new Believer couldn’t fathom a female aviator. Ever wonder why Newton’s seemingly obvious laws of motion took so long to come around? Well, for thousands of years all the Believer’s put their stock in Aristotle’s physics. Believers don’t even know about their powers, and it is flat out impossible to tell who is one.


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39 thoughts on “The Believers”

  1. please save this for an inspirational-MakeYouThink sight. not really creepy, more: Humm. Didn’t think of it that way. whatever. moving on.

  2. So the believer now beliefs that believers believe that belief is the answer to everything? So if the believer believes that everyone is a believer we will… HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE THE HOUR. And the answer to life is jelly fingers and doughnut digeridoos. So if I was a believer I could go up to one of my friends and say ” hey r u a boy” and they would say “yea” and I would say “NOT ANYMORE”. I believe that believers believe about beliefs of believing believes.

    I’M IN LOVE,

    I found it hard to take this seriously, as Shrek kept popping into my mind. I see someone has beaten me to that though. Also, I think Peter Pan was a believer. Think about it. e.g. *I DO believe in faries, I DO believe in faries*

  4. Good pasta. I liked it a lot.

    The power of believing is indeed powerful.

    As for paradoxes created when a new Believer is chosen, that would explain why the world changes. In fact, it would also explain why sometimes miracles happen and other times they do not. Now there is a god, now there isn’t.

    Let’s just hope the next Believer does not believe in 2012. =p

  5. doesnt make sense

    im sure at least one believer believed in a higher power or god. therefore, the universe wouldn’t be completely at their own powers. also, the next believer would cause a crazy paradox if he DIDN’T believe in god, since if God were to exist, he would essentially be a believer, and would obviously want to keep himself around.

    and then as long as he’s negating one of the believer’s beliefs, he might as well negate them all and make himself the ruler of the universe, and strip the guy of his powers

    then he’d believe in like blowjobs and pizza and stuff

  6. Isn’t that what children’s stories have been telling us all along?
    “Believe in Faeries”
    “If you don’t believe, it can’t hurt you”
    Maybe the Government knows and are shaping future believers for their own benefit.

  7. The first thing I thought of was Haruhi Suzumiya. >.> <.<

    What if the Believer-type person believed that they couldn’t believe in anything? That wouldn’t mean they acknowledged the fact that they had this power. Would it just go to someone else? -.- I’m reading in to this toooo much.

  8. I just thought of something

    If the believer themselves doesn’t believe in Believers, would they cease to exsist?

    1. Endoplasmic Reticulum

      That is exactly what I thought of, also what if someone from the flat earth society became a believer?

  9. idk if i like this or not…
    the idea is good i suppose
    but wen me n my friends were discussing quantum physics and the theories of existence and the start of the universe this theory came up…so this creepypasta was a bit…meh

    that is all

  10. It’d be the coolest thing ever to be a believer

    Getting to make the world exactly how you want it, with hardly any work

    All you have to do is believe, man, now I really hope that I’m the believer xD

  11. Wait, If this story does exist, it’s only because the believer knows it exists and allows it to exist, therefore someone who read this is the believer

  12. It’s a good creepypasta, but this sounds Haruhi-Suzumiya-esque.

    @Fluffy – Proving this story exists is as hard as proving God exists, because this entity has control over time and space, and by extension, everything about you; your memory, personality, and way of thinking. So if this story is true, it was preordained that you would be skeptical.

  13. Fluffy it’s probably better people can’t find out who the believer is because it could lead to them or others taking advantage of the power and mess things up. I don’t think the writing is poor. This story is cute in a creepy way.

  14. But if no one knows they have the power, and it’s impossible to tell if they have the power.
    How are we supposed to know that this believer even exists?
    poor writing is poor.

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