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The Argument

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You’re the manager for a small store. You hired one of your friends, and you just found out that he’s been stealing from the register, stealing stock, abandoning his post to visit with his girlfriend in the back room while he’s the only one on duty, and the argument you had with him at the office just didn’t settle it for you. You pound on his door. When he opens up, he goes pale, soils himself, and staggers back, gasping for breath.

It doesn’t impress you, really; you figure he just thinks you’re showing up with the cops, until you step through his door and glance to the side, where you get a good look at yourself in the mirror.

Or at least, the parts of you that are still recognizable after that shotgun blast that your friend gave you at the end of that argument…


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64 thoughts on “The Argument”

  1. This is unrealistic. You wouldn’t be able to see yourself after getting shoot in the face. Even if you survived the knock back would drive you away from the mirror. Also it wasn’t smart saying that the reader was the one being shot since we know we aren’t. I can’t rate this highly.

  2. My Name Isn't Necessary

    Thinking logically most stores like gas stations or “Mo Marts” actually have weapons like guns loaded and ready to go within reach. So there isn’t any reason to not think there wouldn’t be a loaded gun within reach during an arguement..

  3. DJ LoONa
    August 27, 2008


    I like this dude. XD

    Anyways, nice short story. Not very CreepyPasta, but still intriguing. Love this website and all the awesome and decent people on here!

    Now, people are saying he came back as a zombie, yet he didn’t. I think he just used the mind of the matter trick. ;)
    Seriously though, if whoever made this story explained the ending better about how he didn’t die, it would at least add mor realism to the story.

    I rate this story 4/10!

    If you think this rating isn’t very high, well, I can be a very hard person to scare the shit out of, or be given a story I thoroughly enjoy, so try not to think of my ratings in emotional perspective, but in a potential viewing or my version of things that don’t normally creep me out viewing version.

  4. I really hate these "you" pastas. They’re unrealistic. "I" never got into a fight with my co-worker friend and got shot. It’s a good story, but this writing technique gets on my nerves.

  5. I really miss these 2008 pastas. I mean they don’t make em like this anymore. The 2012 ones tend to be usually boring. It’s like people are running out of imagination.

  6. oh my fuckdh god!! she’s everywherrrrrre. holy shiihy hit holy holy shut fuck fuck. NORA! I’m so sorry I have to make it stop though. Her name is Nora. She should be there soon


  7. Anti-Idiot: I really wish that there were more commenters on this site who thought like you. Or at least more with something resembling a functioning brain.

  8. Don’t convenience store owners usually keep shotguns behind the counter for protection in case they get robbed?

    Stop finding things to bitch about, imo. I hardly ever see anyone arguing the probability of a monster taking over the body of some little girl’s mother.

  9. You what’s honestly the most wonderful bit about this story? The fact that very hastily thrown in is the line “When he opens up, he goes pale, soils himself, and staggers back, gasping for breath.” He soils himself. That’s the most vivid image in the whole story. He craps his pants. Pooooooooop.

  10. @ Heather

    After a shotgun blast to the face, I think a piece of your mind is all you’d be able to give.

  11. Can’t blame the friend for using the shotgun really, guy was obviously a zombie to begin with and that’s what you get for being a zombie.

    Should be greatful his friend even gave him a chance in the first place… can’t be expected not to be a slacker when your boss is always distracting you with his drooling and cries for brains.

  12. Listen guys, during the argument, the shotgun was probably hanging on the wall. The friend grabbed it, shot the guy in the head and killed him. Later, the guy comes back to life and visits his friend as a zombie.

    And this is fiction. You guys are actually complaining that this doesn’t make sense, when everything on this site doesn’t?


  13. Well, to be fair there WAS a story in a newspaper in my area about a man who was yelled at by his boss for talking too much on his cell phone to his girlfriend during work…

    Guy goes out to his car, gets a handgun he keeps with him, goes back in, kills his boss and four or five other employees. So the scenario isn’t impossible…

  14. Oh, look at that. I seem to have a large, gaping bullet wound in the side of my head.
    Funny how I didn’t feel that.

    1. When you die from a shot wound to the head you wouldn’t feel it, you’re dead before your nerves can tell you you’re in pain

  15. so they had an argument, guy 1 got shot, they parted for duty as if nothing had happened, and guy 1 comes back to meet guy 2 later, who is so shocked that guy 1 was shot EVEN THOUGH IT WAS GUY 2’S DOING that he soils himself and nearly faints. then guy 1 looks in the mirror and is like, “weird, huge gash in the side of my face…? did i get shot today or something? nah.”

    i’m confused and this is stupid.

    1. okay so yes this reply is 6 years late but
      this is creepypasta my friend
      do you think there are monsters in real life who require you to answer “the blood of the innocent” in a question or they’d eat you

  16. Well, suppose there was a shotgun in the room or somewhere nearby…the shot wouldn’t have to come as some sort of explosive (pun only vaguely intentional) end to the argument, but perhaps a bit later as a 5-minutes-of-planning kind of thing.

  17. That’s an awesome thought – just this dude finding a shotgun, loading, and taking aim, all while some other guy is yelling at him without even pausing.

    Maybe he brought it up on a hunting trip? Sounds dumb.

  18. Who manages to find a shotgun, load it, cock it, and fire it; all during an argument. It seems pretty impractical. It seems more likely that he would have been killed in a more “heat of the moment” kind of way; such as a stab to the heart or bashing in the head.

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