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The 50’s Restaurant

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In the most deserted part of Wyoming there is a restaurant. There are no roads leading to it, no signs advertising it. It’s just there, in the open. Walk inside however, and you will learn two things. One, it’s jam packed with people talking, eating and enjoying themselves. Two, the entire place looks like it’s a scene from the 50’s including the people, the food, the newspapers, the music, everything. Take a seat, observe the atmosphere, relax.

When the waitress comes to get your order, make it a cheeseburger with mashed potatoes. Afterwards, a red-haired lady should ask you to dance to a tune on the juke-box. Find the song on it that has the same number as your current age, pick it, then dance you heart out. When the song ends, a flash of light with engulf the whole scene, and you will be standing outside your home the following morning. You now should have the power of clairvoyance for the remaining year.


If you didn’t do this correctly, then woe is you. For you also missed out on the best meal you’ll ever eat.

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66 thoughts on “The 50’s Restaurant”

  1. In stories like this, by which I mean instructional ones, there’s sometimes this phase you encounter some female creatures and you’re supposed to/supposed not to deal with them in a way that is expected from a male. What I mean is, what if a woman should try these rituals in question? I would do this one, for example, but I kind of doubt a girl from 50’s would ask another girl to dance. Or, the hell should I know.

  2. That was about as scary as brushing my teeth, then there was the fact that “you’ll miss out on the meal you’ll ever eat”

  3. Considering all the growth hormones and lowfat junk we eat now, the food back then must have been awesome. No wonder old people are grouchy about the crap they’re being fed these days.

  4. out of all the ritual pasta i’ve read, this seems to be the one with the BEST outcome, successful or not.

  5. hi, dont turn around

    If you do it wrong you’ll still get clairvoyance: “if you did it wrong, well you just missed the best meal you ever had.”

    @nex, lighten up, not all rituals need a major draw back!

    *dances w/ redhead, brings her home, rhapes her, gets clairvoyance*


    I will eternally hate myself for ordering the margarita pizza.

  7. BUT WHO WAS CHEESEBURGER? Ha ha, sorry.

    I’d do it. A cheeseburger, mashed potatoes, 50’s music and clairvoyance? Awesome.
    I wouldn’t want to drive out to Wyoming though.

  8. hmmm i don’t really know what to think of this. Then again i’ve always wanted to go back in time.
    Pretty good i guess, the end kind of ruins it.

  9. Ehhhh. This isn’t all that scary. If the only thing that happens to me is I miss out on the “best” meal I’ll ever eat, then… woe is me…. What ever shall I do…?

  10. uhhhh I’m fairly certain this is an old pasta(not a complaint about who was phone?’s site there) and someone changed it…I’m fairly certain I’ve read this one before except it was one of those pastas about something you find driving really late at night not ‘a place with no roads going to it’ and I think there was a line about excepting no sexual favors while you’re there. I could be combing 2 pastas or mixing this up with another I suppose, I remember this one being a little different and better than this. also who was phone? I love your site its the best.

  11. 1. I hate potatoes!
    2. I don’t eat beef.
    3. Lol at the thought of dancing like a maniac.
    4. only the year?! pffffttttt.
    5. fail =\

  12. it works,not only did i score yummylicious food and clairvoyance,i got a hot date with some smokin hottie i met at the fifties resturant

  13. cheeseburger and mashed potatoes? what happened to the fries? i´ll have beef or chicken with mashed potatoes (and gravty, lol) but not with a cheeseburger XD

  14. Now I want a Baconator and some mashed potatoes… All I need to do is run to Wendy’s then make insta mashed potatoes. I WIN!

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