Tuesday, May 21, 2019

That’s It

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One day, there was this girl, let’s call her Anna. In her hands, Anna held a handful of all kinds of pills. As she stared at them, she was thinking about all of the pain and suffering she has endured throughout her 17 years of life. She looks up into the mirror, stares at herself, and starts thinking. She has been picked on for as long as she could remember and she couldn’t take it anymore. She wanted to end her own life so she would no longer be bullied. No more life, no more suffering, and she was angry. Why does she have to end her own life to find peace? Why is she effected but they weren’t? Sobbing, she looked back down on her hands, staring into the pills once more. She whispers to herself, “That’s it.”

Anna always minded her own business. She was nerd and was one of those kids who were really into bugs and collecting things that most people didn’t care about. She had frizzy hair, thick glasses, acne, you know the type. Everybody knows somebody who’s somewhat like that. Anna was pushed, shoved, embarrassed, fooled so many times and even raped. She had ‘friends’ that would talk to her, but later found out that those same friends were telling her secrets to everyone else. The people that she has trusted have been deceiving her too. She felt as if she had nothing to live for.

So what happened to Anna? She’s sitting down on her couch with the same pills she had before. As she pulls off the knife from the throat of one of her bullies, she grabs her notebook and checks off a name. She stares into her notebook and swallows her pills. “That’s it.”

Credit To: Ismael Fredrick Lapus Zuniga

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