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It’s 3AM and you’ve been up all night on a horror binge. You’ve watched your favorite horrors movies, read your favorite scary stories, and even attempted the old “Bloody Mary” trick in your mirror. You stretch and yawn, deciding now is about the time to hit the hay, so you move into your bedroom and lay down to sleep.

After awhile, however, you realize that you can’t get the images of some of the fictional creatures you saw on your TV out of your head. “Meh… I’m going to hate myself for this tomorrow,” You say aloud as you flick on your bedroom lamp, knowing that having a nightlight used to help get rid of your nightmares as a little kid. Within minutes you’re close to sleep, snuggled up comfortably under the blankets with your eyes closed and more pleasant thoughts on your mind.


…That is, until you detect something moving in front of the light, casting a shadow over you. You blink, beginning to turn towards the lamp before a rotting hand grabs hold of your shoulder. “Thanks for turning on the light; I wouldn’t have been able to find you in that darkness.”

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139 thoughts on “Thanks”

  1. Just as I reached the part with the rotten hand (it’s midnight BTW) my phone started vibrating thanks to an email. Such a fucking jumpscare!

  2. TastesLikChicken

    Lixian animated this on YouTube! Neato! I recognized it when I saw the “Bloody Mary” trick bit.

  3. so cool i love this story’s i like to tell them to my friends when out camping. i tell them the stories of thump thump and thanks they thought this story was scary not to me hahahahaha see u all at the night under ur bed hahaha

  4. I’m a strong believer that the light thing only works if 1. The room becomes very well lit. 2. They are not in the room already. Night lights and lights from another room do not work. The creature has to be outside of your room when the light goes on AND the light has to light up your entire room, otherwise you’re good as dead.

  5. Some Call Me Weird

    But… but…
    The light protects you! It protects…. ;_;
    *curls into ball, cries*

  6. Who cares who the hand is? It’s not a real story, so hand=nothing, because the rotting hand isn’t real… but yah, them WallMASTERS could be whut da evil hand is.
    Used to scare me, but now they don’t.
    ___________________________(custom signature!)

    You shouldn\\\’t have done that.

  7. the more i thought about, the more the ending reminds of that scene in jurassic park (1dt one) when the girl turned on the damn flashlight thing and the t-rex started coming, they tried turning the light off but it was too late lol

    great story btw

  8. Scaryghostgirl

    Brill love it
    Since i have told my friends about this they keep trying to pull this as a prank when i sleep round

  9. Imagine, if you will, a rotten, slimy hand actually grasping your face in the night.

    Fear the Darkness (And the Light)


  10. Love the twist at the end. Told you guys not to leave that stupid light on!11!!!!1

    But really, narrator or “you” deserved it for going on that horror binge.

  11. 3 things:
    1.) LOL @ Rabbot, love ATHF
    2.) OH SHI-
    3.) It was candlejack

    im surprised no1 suggested him t begin with i mean the guy prolly sai his name and then he wou

  12. I love this one. This could easily be the one to tell at a kids slumber party. You have a friend in another room, you keep the kids facing away from the door. You tell the story. Near the end your friend sneaks in, and…
    NO WAIT! Even better. You keep the kids facing the DOOR, and have your friend sneak in near the end, all dressed in black. Then when the kids go, “OMG LOOK BEHIND YOU!” you pause from telling the story and go, “Yeah, right kids…” and resume…then when it gets to the part about the hand, your friend puts his hand on your shoulder, and you scream really loudly.Then…idk he drags you off or something….Wow…that would be so fun.

  13. Yet another one of my favorites that I never commented on. This one probably makes my top 3, but that might only be because it was one of the first ones I read. Either way, loved it!

  14. I agree with whoever said it shouldn’t have written in the 2nd person, that did sort of wreck it. I couldn’t have done all that, I lack a T.V. and living in university halls, I just have 1 room. Plus if I go on a horror binge, I watch Rocky Horror Picture Show at the end just for lulz. Tim Curry in stockings is still scary, but I can deal.


    Hand was probably those goddamned Wall Crawler/Ceiling Crawlers from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

    Mystery solved d(^^d)

    Good pasta. Creeped me the fsck out.

  16. sorry if i scared u, but u had put ur head unda the pillow and i’d thort i’d attatch it to my tooth necklace.
    soz babes

  17. Actually, my best defence against the monsters was to give them the finger (older brothers advice). Worked like a charm.

  18. This one actually scared me a little. I’m not going to be able to rest easy now, fearing the darkness, and the light. Though, then again, there are some things that hide better when concealed with light, instead of shadows. Think about that.

  19. I lol’d…but only because it’s not me. if it was me i would’ve shat myself then fainted. [i hate the dark, but now i hate the light! thanks a fucking lot rotting hand!]

    that is all.

  20. Love the irony. Good stuff. XD

    Fail in only that it wasn’t effectively creepy. Definitely more entertaining than spooky. Which, I suppose, is a good thing; if I’m scared by creepypastas in the dark AND the light, I’d be a wreck. :D

  21. Now that I found you, if you don’t mind, I’d like my DVD of “Batman and Robin” back. You borrowed it 3 months ago and have yet to return it to me.

  22. Oh, the irony. I like it.

    Too bad this is one of those second person ones, those very rarely work out, especially considering few people share many of the same habits when it come to horror stories. I really do thing this would have been better had it been written in the third or first person.

  23. Baby Button Eyes

    Waaaait a minute!! Now what kinda “creepy” dead person would try to scare someone with the light on ¬_¬

  24. I don’t know which is more terrifying? The thought of something dead grabbing me like that or the thought of the power bill for leaving the light on all night.

    1. Coming from someone who cannot even spell ‘well’ correctly, you really have no room to comment on poor writing skills.

  25. no buildup, needed more suspense
    plus could have made the mottled lurker much creepier(dont ask why I just named it after an enemy in a game)

  26. Oh god. This plays right off of the fear I had when growing up. Everyone’s thought this way before too, where once you see something happen on the t.v. then it will happen to you in real life. Like right after watching scream, I was scared half to death that some knife wielding psycho would break into my house and kill me. Great job.

  27. If the thing’s hand is rotting? Wouldn’t I have been able to smell it before it even got near me?

    Either way… I would’ve shat brix.

  28. I find it hard to believe that that hand wouldn’t have found him (oh, wait, it’s me apparently) eventually in the dark.

  29. buh buh buh……last night i couldnt sleep,so i turned on my lamp,i thought the demons were jsut me in a lucid dream….f-f-f-fu-fuuu——*faints*

  30. LOL! the classic ¨if you can’t see them, they can’t see you¨. cute. i remember my mom told me that once when i was small so i would turn off the light (wasnt very helpful ¬¬) loly.

  31. Oh,its not problem at all Mr.Monster.Leave the weed on the desk and switch off the light on your way out.Thanks!

    1. lame. if youre gonna use an old joke at least have it make some kind of sense. did you not get to say it enough or something? jeez

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