Sasha Brokov

Violet: Part 2

The money was running out, but Violet needed to splurge. The loneliness of being on the run was getting to be too much. It was time for some fun, time to feel like a kid again. She rubbed some warmth back into her arms as the line slowly snaked its way along the cracked sidewalk before disappearing into the club’s entrance. Tonight was an eighteen plus show. It wasn’t too much of a stretch, but her diminutive frame would beg for an ID check. She could handle that. For now she kept a low profile and avoided conversation until she reached the front of the line and the welcome warmth of the club’s entrance.

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The predator casually surveyed his hunting ground. His camouflage consisted of a dry cleaned white suit, matching silk shirt and a carefully chosen tie. His sleeves were rolled just enough to display a fake Rolex, and the greying hair at his temples had been darkened with very cheap, and very

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His eyes opened to the sound of his Alice’s bedroom door squealing open. Sleep tugged at him, but his parental sense demanded that he get her back into bed. He heard her bare feet slap on the naked floorboards as he rolled out of the warm envelopment of his blankets.

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