Detention. Joel hated detention. Detention and Mr. Briars. And his classmates. Detention, Mr. Briars and his classmates. And school in general. Pretty much anything and anyone associated with school he hated. Not that he showed it though – he was pretty good at playing the game in company and to […]

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When Gods Blink

On the 25th March, at 14:57GMT, the world stopped for 27 minutes and 54 seconds. No-one noticed at first. Those that eventually did were ordered to keep quiet. ——————————————————————————————– There was no sudden jolt, no collapsing into unconsciousness, no transition into utter darkness and back again. Nothing. For everyone, time

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Support Call ID: 100156-03

SUPPORT DESK TRANSCRIPT ID: 100156-03 Supp User: Jim_D Call Date/Time: 08-16-201X Cust Acc: 212254674 Supervisor Notes: Customer account identified at intro – passed thru to support. FLSH case No. 83447 ====================================== JIM: Hi. I’m Jim, your mobile phone support contact. This conversation may be recorded for training purposes. How can

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