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Stomping Grounds

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No one knew the secret spot
where we as children played at night.
The ashen moon, our only light,
would greet us painted on the pond.
The placid water, cool and black,
would wash away the summer heat.
The silty ground, cooler still,
was soft and lumpy underfoot.
Seaweed danced and grazed our legs
below the surface as we trod.
We romped and splashed and swam and laughed
until we tired in the dark.
But then one night, on way to pond,
we spied unwelcome guests afar!
One shape was small, one shape was large,
and large bent down by small,
Then made a quiet splashing sound
and walked away alone.
We returned in light of day –
a first for each of us.
And there at last I gazed into
the clouded waters where we played.
To mind came mantra terrible
which echoes still today:
Seaweed doesn’t grow in ponds.
Seaweed doesn’t grow in ponds.

For we’d been treading children’s heads,
and laughed as hair had tickled legs.

Credit: Alapanamo


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50 thoughts on “Stomping Grounds”

  1. I appreciate how the author did not compromise the horror factor for poetic euphony, and vice versa. It takes talent to write a great creepypasta, but to do it in verses is even trickier!

  2. WoW! Very creepy! I loved it, and I am not usually a poetry lover. I know little to nothing about poetry, so please feel free to disregard this bit, but my one criticism is that the rhythm you had at the beginning seemed to fall apart at the end. Either way, I loved it. I give it an 8/10

  3. Quite an interesting turn of events, I did not expect the ending. You, good sir or madam, are a very good poet/writer. A 10/10 in my books.


    Always watching…..

  4. Wow! Poetrypasta tends to be bland, but this is very well seasoned.

    One suggestion I have is for the flow of the poem. Mostly the writer did excellent, but there are a few places with strange syllables. Try reading a poem out loud and listen for any awkward places; chances are, if you change the number of syllables, it will sound much better. Don’t be shy to use inverted word order of it fits the theme of the poem.

    Overall, this is a wonderful pasta. 8/10

  5. This Poetry Pasta is really well done, some basic aspects of poetry are more or less missing, it is well done in its creepiness. it just needs some sort of verse to make it both poetry and pasta. I still like it with an 8/10.

  6. Wow… I didn’t expect that ending. At first I was kind of bored, then I read the last sentence and my mouth dropped open. This was very good, and very creepy.

  7. Absolutely fantastic! Finally a poetry-pasta that doesn’t suffer from simplistic rhyming and predictability. As a poet enthusiast I especially appreciated this pasta’s fast-flowing style that wasn’t hindered by unnecessary rhyming, or even simplistic grade-school rhymes altogether. Each word echoed in your head and every line made sense, its beautiful repetition cemented its flow. Not only that, but the story made sense, and it all builds up to a terrifying conclusion so perfectly even I didn’t expect it.

    Hopefully this’ll prove to other skeptics on this site that poetry has a place in the Creepypasta archives, and is to be taken seriously. Truly well done.

  8. This was one of the few pastas I’ve read lately that actually made me go ‘Wow’. Seriously wasn’t what I was expecting, but wonderfully creepy.

  9. I admit, I was expecting something like this from the mention of seaweed in the pond…. but still, made me shudder.

    1. Normally unnormal

      You could give it 10/10, why?
      It is kinda hard to make a rymhe,
      When death is slowly touching your spine.

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