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In 1984, there lived an old widowed lady by herself in a two story house who was completely immobile and bound to her wheelchair. Ever since the mysterious death of her husband, she required the aid of a carer who would visit her daily to help her with everyday tasks. What made it even more difficult, was the fact that the two floors of the house were only connected by an old staircase inside. When the old lady needed to move between the two, the carer would have to carry her frail body like an infant, up and down the stairs. One day the police received a call from the widow. There had been a murder.


Since police units were scarce at the time, and the murderer had already fled the scene, only one detective was sent out to conduct the initial crime scene report. He arrived to see the carer’s body splayed out on the floor with her vocal chords ripped out in a pool of blood on the first level of the house, with the old lady atop the staircase in her wheelchair watching him, still and silently, seemingly in shock. He could immediately rule her out as a suspect, due to her inability to move up and down the stairs, and because she was trapped up there the time the murder took place. It was similar to the death of her husband many years ago, who had suffocated in his sleep on the couch downstairs.


The detective put on his gloves, took photos, swabbed for evidence, and covered the body until the coroner arrived later – all routine business. He scoped the house downstairs for any clues, then asked the old lady if he could look upstairs. She insisted that she was upstairs the whole time and no one apart from her had been up there that day, but regardless of this the detective ascended the staircase to which she hesitantly moved aside.

Beyond the staircase, there was a narrow corridor, with three closed doors along it. He checked behind each of the doors, the empty bedroom – nothing, the bathroom- nothing. He became anxious as he slowly made his way to the final bedroom where the old lady slept. He opened it and everything looked normal. A bed, a wardrobe and a bedside table with a lamp. He checked every wall of the room in horror, as it was not what he discovered, but it was what he didn’t discover that made him stop dead in his tracks and slowly reach for his gun in its holster. It was a detail so minor that they had completely overlooked it on the last investigation of the husband’s death. There was no phone upstairs. He suddenly heard a noise as he withdrew his gun and rushed out of the room, only to find an empty wheelchair atop the stairs.


Credit To: Jack

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56 thoughts on “Stairs”

  1. The entire twist of the story if you didn’t get it yet the old lady is a murderer who kills for sport and could walk the entire time and forgot to cover her track

    1. Nothing gets by you! How would anyone ever have figured that out if you didn’t so insightfully point out the most obvious thing in a 2 minute story?

  2. Courtney Taylor Mcdonald

    I would have loved to have heard more about why she killed her carer and why she pretended to be immobile

  3. this is a great story! i loved it! i love the tone and writing! i really wanna read more from you Jack!

  4. This story was pretty good. However, the ending was very easy to predict, especially after reading, “…He could immediately rule her out as a suspect…”
    The simplicity of the story is nice, but you could also lengthen it a little to explain what the old lady’s whole ordeal was. Why does she kill people? What’s her power exactly (considering she can rip the throat out of someone who was taking care of her)?

  5. Haha yeah it was obvious that she did it. I liked this one tho, dunno why it got such crappy ratings :<

  6. Thank you for putting the picture at the top of the story, it meant I couldn’t skip the picture like I normally do :'(

  7. what on earth?
    honestly i knew the old lady could walk and faked it but i also thought she would kill the detective.
    good story really good story if i may ask though
    what happened in the end?

  8. am reading this at the dark of night and listening to nirvana… not a good idea. first thing i saw was th picture and i about crapped myself. lol. creeped me out.

  9. At first, based solely on the picture, I thought that you had simply misspelled the word "stares" for the title. Then I read the story, and while the ending was a tad predictable, I still enjoyed it. However, I’m still not really seeing how the picture of the old woman with no eyes has any relevance to the story.

    1. Well, judging by how the story went and how she managed to rip someone’s throat out and kill her own husband AND she has no eyes in the picture…I’m guessing that she was someone else…or something else. So, to me, the picture is very relevant.

  10. I had to read the story twice to put it together. Like they said; good tone! And a great final piece to the puzzle, missing things are sometimes more effective than what’s already there. Props to you Jack.

  11. So…so she can walk. He’s still a cop with a gun, and she’s an old lady, albeit more mobile than we originally thought. Where’s the scary part? Other than that picture…which should probably go at the end, cuz at the beginning I don’t know what’s going on or give a shit.
    I liked how u did the OH SHI- moment the cop had tho, it acquired you at least two more pumpkins

    1. And seriously if I was a cop and I showed up to the house and I saw the person from this picture, I would immediately call up an ambulance and be all like "shit we got a bitch who lost her eyes, man! We gotta take her to get that fixed quick!"

    2. She’s also an old lady who can tear out your throat. She probably has a lot more strength than we might give her credit for for being an old person. If she couldn’t do that in one go, the care-giver and her husband might have been able to put up a fight while she was tearing their throats out.

  12. A good story. But why didn’t she just move the phone upstairs or commit the murder upstairs? She must have understood that somebody will catch on sooner or later. After all she walked downstairs to make that phone call and then back up.

  13. So wait, maybe im just a retard but who actually was phone then? Was she like a psychic phone demon thing or something? :/

    1. Nah man, that’s the point, if there was no phone upstairs, and she was up there the whole time, AND she was the one who made the phone call to 911, how did she call, and with the ending, the obvious conclusion is she really can walk.

    1. Dude, it says in 1984, i dont think they had as advanced cellphones as they do now, if they had cellphones at all, that is.

      1. Creepypasta & Squirrels

        You are correct, DerpDeDerp. I was ten years old in 1984 and I can tell you truthfully, cell phones were extremely rare. Hell, cordless landlines were extremely rare. Nowadays it’s become almost inconceivable that there could have been a time when only those financially comfortable could afford a large, brick-like ’80’s mobile phone.

        1. Creepypasta & Squirrels

          Sorry this is two months late in reply. I’m just now getting the hang of Disqus. Lol.

    1. There wasn’t a phone downstairs, so how could the old woman have called the police? also it’s he 1980’s and mobiles were scarce.

  14. Though I felt that the suspect was obvious since the first paragraph, I really enjoyed how the detective discovered the truth, and the writing was well done

  15. THEN WHO WAS....nevermind...

    I really liked the tone of this story! it got such a low rating!!! I thought it was a creepy cute story. And that horrid picture really topped it off

    1. Calcium-structural-reinforcement-of-soft-bits-came-out-of-hiding-somewhere

      I’m with them /\ /\ /\

      Just WOW! Not at all what I expected from a short form story. That plot twist in such a short format just made the bang for its buck seem like trading a used playing card for a mint condition first edition foil Charizard!

      First time I’ve seen a pasta manage something so impacting with such a minor detail. Keep it up my main man!

      10/10 – Hope to see more dishes like this one on the menu.

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