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Sports stars who love Halloween

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Halloween has become one of the best-loved dates on the calendar, with the occasion celebrated by millions across the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and further afield. It has grown from a small and uncomplicated evening to a month-long celebration of all that is creepy in the world today. Historic supernatural beings, including vampires, werewolves, and witches, remain prominent in Halloween parties today. 

Kids are beginning to adopt a more modern stance for their trick-or-treat costumes. This year we saw plenty from Pokemon, Venom, and even Frozen. It’s becoming the case that costumes don’t need to be scary anymore, although it always helps. Children continue the age-old practice of going around the doors in their neighborhood to collect sweets from polite neighbors who drop treats into a bag to reward kids for making an effort to dress up and come out in all weather.

Have you ever wondered how the stars of sports celebrate Halloween? Famous names can’t enjoy the evening the same way as most others. Can you imagine Cristiano Ronaldo turning up at your door with children looking for free candy? The biggest names in sports gambling available at MyTopSportsbooks and the top attractions from football, boxing, and basketball all love spending Halloween with their family. But how do their celebrations compare to your own, and which inexpensive ideas could you take from the rich and famous for ensuring your party goes off with a bang next year? 


We know the traditional way to celebrate Halloween. Twenty years ago, when I was a kid, it was always a few hours of trick-or-treating followed by a small party at home, dumping your candy onto the carpet, and discarding all signs of fruit or nuts. For years, neighbors would hand out monkey nuts, and they’d be pushed in a pile toward a parent. 

Is there a more likable sports celebrity than The Rock? Not many, that's for sure. You can imagine how good Halloween would be at Johnson's house.

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Dwayne Johnson

Is there a more likable sports celebrity than The Rock? Not many, that’s for sure. You can imagine how good Halloween would be at Johnson’s house. It would have no expense spared, and we have an image in our heads of The Rock going all out to celebrate the night the dead return to earth for a visit. We certainly wouldn’t mind an invite.

Dwayne took to social media recently to showcase how he celebrates Halloween with his nearest and dearest. The Rock dressed up as Popeye in a recent Halloween image released to the public. He certainly had the muscles to pull it off, and he looked the part for his house party.


LeBron James

The biggest name in the NBA saw his stock rise further thanks to his successful involvement in the Space Jam movie, following on from the efforts of Michael Jordan in the original. Having spent months working with Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, and Lola Bunny, James would be forgiven for dressing up as one of his favorite workmates. But that wasn’t the road he chose to go down.

LeBron captured our imagination when showcasing his fancy dress on a night out. Choosing to go out and paint the town red as opposed to hosting a Halloween house party, James dressed up as legendary rock star Prince. Complete with a guitar, he even sang the hit Purple Rain to others in attendance. We cannot confirm the quality of his singing voice or performance on the night.


Andre Agassi

Here’s a blast from the past for everyone that grows up in the 1980s and 1990s. Andre Agassi was once the biggest name in professional sport, winning major titles, including Grand Slams, and collecting new fans and supporters at each open. 

We haven’t seen too much of Agassi during his retirement, but we were able to confirm he still likes a laugh as much as ever. Always a professional but humorous player, Andre reminded us of that with his costume. Former world number one Agassi tweeted a Halloween picture of him and his wife, Steffi Graf, with the pair dressed as Donald Trump and Cyndi Lauper. 

The pair pulled it off wonderfully, and if you’d like to see a snap of the tennis royalty dressed up, you’ll find it on Instagram and the pair’s other social media fields.

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