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You wake up today, going through your daily routines without a second thought. At one point, you decided to spend your time coming here, to read along with some arbitrary journal written by some escribitionist some of you may be familiar with but none of you really, truly know.

Have you realized what day it is?

The concept you believe to be real, what you might call ‘time’, exists in a circuit, with mornings and nights, days and weeks, months and years repeating themselves, stuck on loop within an infinite cycle. The reason for this is that time is nothing more than a border, serving to shield their decrepit, malformed dimension from ours.

The good are those who have built this wall.

The bad are those who are being kept out.

Once every so often during this continuum, there is a scheduled lapse; a small space existent within this ring of time, an anomaly which would not exist if time were, in fact, a straight line.

Those who idle upon the other side are your Doppelgangers, your alternate selves, wearing your clothes, working your jobs, speaking your words, yet they suffer more than you do. They are the epitome of the wrongs you have committed, the proof of your corruption, the spiritual manifestation of your immorality. Lest you turn into demons yourselves, time itself allows your karmic state to affect their spirits instead of your own, forcing them to watch you from behind a one-way mirror to assume the blame for all you as humans have done wrong.

The eleventh day of the eleventh month is when this mirror becomes a window, and they are given a chance to trade places.

There are various recorded accounts on what encountering a Dæmon is like. Some say a Dæmon’s skin is stretched taut against the alien skeleton reliefed through its blackened flesh, the latter rotting in ragged patches and open wounds carrying the metallic stink of diseased blood and aging corpses. Others claim if you dare to look directly into their eyes, you fall victim to their mercy within the split-second their soulless gaze meets your own, making you bear witness to every inhumanity ever committed by humankind, every pain they themselves have ever had to endure in your place.

For most Dæmons, this retribution is enough. Your screams are its blatant satisfaction, your terror is its ultimate joy. It is a sport for them, you see; they erase your memory of the encounter and anticipate repeating the experience next time around, wishing for you to perform evil, waiting for you to sin, corrupting them further and making their next retaliation that much more sweeter.

For other Dæmons, though, they decide they want more.


They say the Dæmon grins once he has you completely. Once your spirit is within its grasp, the spiritual exchange is complete; it bears its misshapen teeth with its lopsided smile, whereas it becomes the original and you are forced to become its shadow. It will begin clawing through your sanity as the days pass, ripping away the final vestiges of your reality until you assume the position of the spirit behind the wall.

The only way for a human to redeem themselves is for them to become the Dæmon and patiently endure twelve months of their normal spiritual insanity, waiting for their chance to reclaim the original body waiting for them beyond the borders of time.

To escape such fate, some of those who have recounted the tale ended their lives shortly after they’d done so. Most have passed from insomnia, as they say staying awake is the only way to escape the recurring, unearthly nightmares plaguing their dreams and making their breaths fall short. Some have died violently in a painless, illusioned haze, found during attempts to carve their still-beating heart from their chest before their Dæmon could stake claim to it. A few have been found with knives sticking out from either side of their head; the blades would be jammed into their ears from tip to handle, the self-inflicted stabbing reported efforts ‘to make the screaming go away’.

Whatever the method of death, when the victim’s mutilated carcasses are recovered from the scene, there is one thing they always share in common.

They’re found with a smile on their faces.


The ‘recorded accounts’–journal entries, Psychologist’s notes, video diaries–are located and burned almost immediately after the incidents occur, as superstitious individuals fear the curse will carry on to whosoever is unfortunate enough to read the story next, tagging them as a vulnerable target for the next Dæmonic anomaly.

How much pain have you experienced in your life, human?

Find out which side of time you reside.

Look into a mirror and pray your refection isn’t smiling at you.

Credited to _allismine_

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96 thoughts on “Smile”

  1. Zacharie the Merchant

    A very entertaining Creepypasta. Interesting and certainly unsettling, it manages to introduce a little paranoia into the mind when passing any reflective surface. Unfortunately, I feel the Demons themselves were a little cliché. The gory rotting skeletal figure has been tremendously overused, and it is my opinion that a simple identical clone (perhaps with a few sinister added details) would have made for a much spookier story. All in all however, a very good Creepypasta, perfect for late-night camp-fires.

  2. Anon:
    its already too late for me. My reflection has been smiling for the last few weeks. Within that time frame, I lost everything and my friend ironically gained everything that I lost. My friend’s birthday is 11/11.

  3. Actually, I smile at my reflection…weird, but I do. I doubt I am a Deamon though…maybe….hopefully….don’t quote me on that.

    “The concept you believe to be real, what you might call ‘time’, exists in a circuit, with mornings and nights, days and weeks, months and years repeating themselves, stuck on loop within an infinite cycle. The reason for this is that time is nothing more than a border, serving to shield their decrepit, malformed dimension from ours.”

    Um, actually, time has been slowing down ever so slightly the minute we speak and all those other functions of the body…so technically it isn’t infinite. However, there is an infinite amount of copies of our time and worlds. There a copies of our copies of our copies of our copies of our copies etc. So, dimensions are infinite. You know how ideas branch of from one single idea, or many? Well, that’s how other dimensions work…

    But I digress. Nice pasta. Not very creepy, but usually I’m a thick-headed and down-to-earth person, so I rate this 7/10.

    Grim Gamer

  4. Jeff the killer

    GOood TO know that your SprituL doppElgangEr is taking your heat esPecially for a pychopath like me

    Now read only the capital letters

  5. Absolutely perfect. The chills were on my spine, then the ending seemed so contrary to the rest that I couldn’t help but smile and look into a mirror. Guess what? He was too.

  6. Reading this, I get the impression that I’m the doppelganger. Odd, maybe I’ll try smiling at a mirror to see if my reflection freaks out.

  7. “Look into a mirror and pray your refection isn’t smiling at you.”

    When I was little, I tried smiling at the mirror and scaring myself. One attempt led to one fucked up evil smile in the mirror that I can never replicate

    D: I don’t want to be a reflection daemon wuth a southern drawl!

  8. Refound old pasta. Still yummy.


    I apologize, Dah-ee-mun, I promise to not poke you with a stick any more.

    By the dubs, is this the reason the world will end in 2012?

  9. Dammit, I just wanted a beer. You guys had to go and poke me with sticks. Now I am sad. See what you’ve done?!

  10. Some very mild plagiarism: Time on a loop reminded me of a book by Nell Coleman in which everyone takes a pill to ensure that they don’t remember that every week repeats endlessly. Every time I read the word Dæmon I envisioned Phillip Pullman’s Golden Compass series. Also a misspelling on the climax line completely ruined the effect for me.

    Fear the Darkness


  11. I smiled. Couldn’t help it. :D
    OW! FUCK! The right side of my head hurts really badly now.

    LOL @ Non-moose. I agree. I wanted to pronounce it day-mun, and poke it with a stick.

    Good pasta, but it gives me another reason to hate mirrors. And I’m already terrified, I swear my reflection’s cheek twitched the other day, and mine didn’t. Ahh well.

  12. How exactly do the victims report that their stab wounds are to “make the screaming stop” after they’ve jabbed knives into their head?

  13. after reading I can help but wonder, this day shares its day with remembrance day, Coincidence? or did something happen on that day all those years ago?

  14. @Rahhhh! :
    I was born on November 11. Man, reading that made me feel kind of….. special?
    So does that mean that those demons will never be able to harm me? I’m their master? >:)

    nice pasta.

  15. It kinda sucks, but my computer monitor’s right next to a reflective surface(not exactly a mirror, but an old TV set), and…

    Well, it was smiling at me.
    I wasn’t smiling at the time, that’s kinda hard when your eating a baloney sandwich…

  16. This was one of those pastas that make you so afraid of mirrors that you can’t even go into your bathroom. Amazing though.

  17. I loved the beginning. Where the “click to continue reading” cuts the story in my opinion is the perfect ending. It seems like they took a really good one and tried to expand on it a bit too much so it got tldr then started returning to it’s awesome roots at the end.

  18. Wow.
    Great pasta.
    But if I’m really smiling when I look in a mirror does it still work?
    Won’t smile then.
    Must add this to my ‘Dangerous Things To Do’ list, a.k.a., what I do when I’m bored.

  19. The Person Formerly Known as 'Noneya'

    Brix have been shat.

    I want to shoot myself in the foot now, just to piss that reflection of mine off.

  20. pretty bog-standard pasta until the last few lines…those make it a whole lot creepier

    now I’m all paranoid about loking in a mirror :'(

  21. I’m normally not fond of longer pastas, but this was really fantastic. Got chills up my spine at the end. I agree with the beginning being a little weak, but the ending really pulled everything together.

    Mirrors are always creepy, too. xD

  22. That one made me question if I really wanna go anywhere were there’s a mirror on 11/11. But then, I already get freaked out by mirrors. :XD

  23. note to self,dont msile into mirrors,other note to self,dont have dane cook on ipod when mirror shopping, last note to self, i jsut smiled,and theres a mirror behind me,if i turn around and the reflection is smiling because im smiling,does it mean i r be deamon????

  24. That was some pretty damn good pasta. Managed to run a chill up my spine; been a while since creepypasta has done that. Goodgoodgood.

  25. I thought this pasta was completely worthless until the line about the victims with the smiles on their faces, which made the pasta altogether quite creepy. Honestly, though, you could’ve cut out the entire sequence about how the demons torture their victims and how the victims respond. Also, for the love of God, get rid of the alt text in demon and just spell it in orthodox fashion.

    The pasta was mostly good. Just TL;DR.

  26. “Have you realized what day it is?”

    “The eleventh day of the eleventh month is when this mirror becomes a window”

    It’s December 4th. Not November 11th. What’s special about today? :(

  27. Alex(Oujou Keeper of Death)

    Uhh… I laughed at the end of this….
    Okay… So… This reminds me of a few books I was reading, The demonata (I think thats it) Series by Darren Shaw… The way the demons are described reminded me of Lord Loss the head honcho demon… Yea. That was my main thought during all of it and then I just laughed when it talked about the mirrors… But that was because I have like 5 mirrors in my room 2 in my bathroom and 1 in my closet. I’m not conceded I just like shiny things. Plus they came with the house. Now it makes me wonder was the pervious owner working with the demonata… Dang…

  28. Oh great, another story that makes me nervous arounds mirrors. Very good pasta, but yet again, has rekindled my paranoia about my reflection in the mirror.

    I keep debating about plucking out a hair on my head and measuring it to see if the mirror and me are not the same, but the fear of what that would mean is too great for me to risk it.

    I defintely don’t look into the mirror for very long anymore, and I see that staring getting even shorter now….

  29. Sir Shoop Woopington

    i remember reading this in the forums
    couldnt look t a mirror for hours…
    im still not looking after reading it this time

  30. HAH, stupid Deamons, it’s December. I’m good for another 11 months. I’ll end up forgetting about this pasta and all of it’s false terrors. It was a good pasta, not all that scary, but good. It would’ve been scary if this had been posted maybe a month ago. Buuuuuuut it’s the 4th (almost 5th) of December meaning you’re a little under a month late. PS and if you try to retort with a “Wait 11 months and THEN check in the mirror”, I’ll forget about this comment within…I’ll be generous…a day? Maybe even a couple of hours. Take care :D

  31. A good pasta, nicely detailed. It would have been a lot more interesting – and creepy – if it had been posted on 11/11. It does hold its own quite well, however.

    The end of the pasta was brilliant and intriguing.

  32. its already too late for me. My reflection has been smiling for the last few weeks. Within that time frame, I lost everything and my friend ironically gained everything that I lost. My friend’s birthday is 11/11.

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