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I tense up at the sudden noise from my headphones that breaks the silence in my dorm room. It takes a while, but I adjust to the noise, letting the video play out with mild interest. My stomach growls harshly, I should get something to eat from the basement. I glance at the clock; 3:06 a.m. About bedtime, Kyle. I think to myself.

I roll over after laying my laptop aside and cover my tired eyes, only more tired by the effects of the glare from a computer screen that has shone into them for hours. The covers are warm against me, and my roommate’s steady breathing adds more white noise to the air conditioning unit above my bed. The air conditioner shuts off and the room is still, even my roommate’s breathing is too light for my sleep-deprived ears to pick up. It seems at night, silence breaks even itself.

So I lay there, for God knows how long. Listening. The silence is good for that. I lay there and adjust to a more comfortable position and as I get comfortable, I am brought back to alertness by the sudden noise of a few drunk friends in the hall coming back from a late-night party. They don’t say anything important; just being extra loud like most of their kind. So, I lay there, listening to one complain about his girlfriend being whiney and another tell him how whipped he is.

After the ramble calms, I close my eyes and attempt to sleep again, rolling over. My stomach growls loudly, ravenously, wolf-like, begging for a snack. So, I get up and slip on some short and flip-flops to go downstairs, pocketing a few quarters as I leave the room.

Newberry is always empty after midnight, but I don’t feel like taking the elavators, they take too long. So I walk across the hall to the stairwell, very reliable and fast when you live on the second floor.

The door closes behind me and the solid thud echoes up and down the eight floors of the stairs. It’s eerie how quiet it is afterwards. Not even the usually annoying, cheap, flourescent lights buzz. Just the sharp SMACK! of my flip-flops hitting my heels as I make my way to the stairs leading down.

I softly climb down the stairs, strangely nervous about being alone. I feel like I’m being watched, so I lean over the side of the railings and look straight up the stairwell. Nothing. And then I look straight down. Nothing.

I must just be getting paranoid at nothing, so I shake it off the best I could and make it down to the first floor, smiling at the only camera above the door and walking into the door leading to more stairs, which lead to the basement. So far so good.

This door is incredibly loud, and the sound rings off the walls for what felt like forever. But there was something else. I listen as hard as I can, but I don’t hear it again. It sounded strange, like a wheeze or a shuffle of something. Just another student, I think to myself, waving off the paranoia, with little effect. My eyes droop heavily, and I slowly continue marching down the stairs, ready to eat.

I make it to the basement and walk through the small maze of hallways into the open area we affectionately call “The Man-Cave,” which is nothing much, just a pool table, some ping-pong, and of course, vending machines. It’s dimly lit, and empty, save a few couches and those previously mentioned.
I walk slowly towards the machines, which stand in the darker area, the shadows seem to twist and stretch. My sleep-deprived brain can’t comprehend much. And out of the corner of my eye, in the hallway, I see a figure. It’s gone now. But it was incredibly tall, and dark. I didn’t look directly at it, because I’m always cautious to not move when in danger. I read The Ranger’s Apprentice… I really may seem weird for it, but I follow a lot of the stealth patterns presented in it. I mark off this sighting as mere sleep-deprivation. But my mind is racing. I don’t feel very hungry anymore… And my hands won’t stop shaking. I have no idea why I’m so scared… I just need to get to the room.

I grab a few snacks and something to drink and head to the elavator. I don’t care how long it takes, I just want to feel safer. So I wait by the laundry room, staring into the obscure room from which I came. Nothing changes, save a few instances of my vision making me believe I see someone standing in the corner, behind the vending machines… Peeking at me from near the top. I don’t think it’s a person, there’s no face, after all. It’s just the light playing tricks on me… But I can’t help but to feel upset at the sight of this. It couldn’t be real… Maybe I should check it out a little more….

DING! The elevator snaps me out of my terrified stupor and I board it with my sloppy groceries. Pressing the “2” on the pad. As the doors slide together, I look and feel both relieved and worried that the “face” isn’t there anymore. Watching me. My nerves are on end as I pace around the dingy little box.

It finally stops, and I get off. The doors slide together and I get off and begin to head towards my room, pausing as I look and notice it looks different… A few lights have gone out on my end, I realize. I think nothing of it, but it still adds to my paranoia as I enter the longer halls.

I creep around the corner, and look down the hall into the frightening darkness that embraces the end so tightly. And at the end I stop in slight shock and fear as I notice the tall man standing there. He seems to be bald, and must be looking down, or his face blurred by my vision, for I left my glasses in the room. Either way, I can’t make out anything other than a pale globe on his shoulders… His strangely thin shoulders, I notice as I draw nearer to my door, which is safely away from him… I can’t help but feel fear rising in me as I see him… Standing there. Watching me. I can’t see any eyes but I feel the gaze. I walk faster to my door, and try to open it. The door won’t open with my key, so I look up… Trying to ignore the feeling of his gaze. His horrifying gaze cutting into me.


“406,” the door read. I must have pressed the wrong button by accident. That’s why it looks so different. I look back down the hall and I don’t see anyone. This doesn’t help my stomach at all. I feel even worse now. That man was JUST there. Where could he have gone? I rush to the stairs, for they are closer than the elevator… And I don’t feel like standing in this hallway any longer than I need to.

The door slams louder than any of the others and makes me ears ring. But the ringing doesn’t stop. It just grows louder with each step down. I feel like I’m being watched by that man. I don’t know why, but I feel sick just imagining him. I’m panicking. I feel unsafe. Like I’m in danger.

I pass by the third floor’s doorstop and look through the small glass window for a person to talk to, just to get my mind away from this paralyzing fear… Or maybe to seek help. But through the window I see a man, dressed in a black-tie affair-like outfit, with the longest arms I’ve ever seen, standing there. He is much closer now, and I can see his face… Or where his face should be.

There was nothing. Just a pale white head. No sign of age, or wrinkles. The sight of it causes my stomach to lurch and I vomit on the door. The thing makes no response besides to stand there, as if enjoying my horror. Just watching through a window.

I tear myself away from the scene, as my body feels drawn to this thing. I run down the rest of the stairs and, feeling as if I’m safer, puke over the siderail in fear. As I open my eyes to look at how bad my sickness was all over the bottom steps I see him.

Staring at me. Slowly stepping up the stairs… But his head never moves… His neck just stretches over the side and keeps watching my pain and fear… Torturing me.

“WHAT?!” I scream and throw my food at him. He has no reaction. But the neck draws back under the staircase, and he dissappears from view. I run onto my floor in utter terror, just wanting to go to bed. And I turn around, and there, only a few steps behind me, he stood. Arms outstretched, as if beckoning me to come let him hold me. I choke on vomit as I see his face ripple across and lunge with all my might to my room.


I turn the corner and I see him again. On the far end. Staring. Like an ever-present Guardian Angel watching over me in my pains. I vomit again. This time it hurts horribly, and I can see drops of red leak from my lips as I finish. I start to cry. I feel like I’m going to die. I just want to give up. There’s no hope…

I make it to my door, which was just a few steps away, and open the door. The sound of my roommate’s breathing is all to be heard. No more ringing. Just breathing. I flip on the light and close the door, my roommate doesn’t stir. I close the door and look in the mirror attached to the back.

I look insane. My eyes are red and puffy, my hair a mess, and a tear stuck in suspended animation in my unkempt chin hair. I still don’t feel as safe I as I think I should. I turn around and begin to walk to my bed when I hear a THUNK! in my closet. I stop moving. And stare in horror as a long pale hand pushes the door open and a tall, thin, creature steps out. I turn around. Not wanting to look at it. But I can see it in the mirror.

I watch it stalk toward me on those tall legs. I watch it stop only inches behind me. And I feel it slowly close it’s limbs around me.

Then nothing but silence.

Credit To: Kyle Bailie

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84 thoughts on “Silence”

  1. Anonymous:
    Why do you vomit when you’re scared? People vomit after eating 12 cgupcakes, not when being scared.
    This isn’t true, I often have to fight the urge to vomit after being scared

    1. Well, at the tine of writing, it was late. I wrote this short story in maybe an hour or two. But I had been reading on Slenderman and all that good stuff. And he’s supposed to bring various symptoms of his arrival. Anxiety, paranoia, vomiting, etc. I was just sticking to the idiosyncrasies .

  2. Instead of reprimandinv you on your slender choice, I’m going to give you some advice. Do some research. Use an actual creature from folklore. Slender isn’t all that scary, and you down played a terrifying story with a weak character. But this was a great pasta

  3. This was an actually very well done slender pasta. The perspective he writes in is very realistic. The description is also very well done.

  4. At the start, I was extremely interested in this story, as I can relate the setting. Unfortunately, as soon as you used the words ‘tall’ and ‘pale’, I knew it was another slenderman story, which is disappointing because this had so much potential to bring a new scary being into creepypasta. not a bad story at all, and I was immersed entirely despite my boredom of slendy stories at this point.

  5. I’m over the Slenderman stories, but this one was good.
    …his head never moves, his neck just stretched out over the side…
    Where I’m sitting, with all of the corners, furniture and shadows, made that especially delicious. :)

  6. Does uh…. everyone just want to stop making story’s that take place around the time I’m reading them? Kthanks.

  7. You know nothing of me. Children that see me, shall never speak my tale… Adults that fear me, can only scream and wail. I hide in the shadows and when I see you it’s to late. Nobody can hear you, for my curses are your fates.

  8. I really loved this pasta I love how it described slenderman and it had an amazing ending I thought the guy would be safe but slenderman got him wow really great pasta

    1. I kinda realized after the midnight story-writing session that he did puke a lot. Now every time I read it I’m annoyed by it. lol

  9. This is the first story I have ever read about Slenderman. Because you’ve written this so well, I am terrified of Slenderman. I really do appreciate this pasta. 10/10

  10. The sentence structures felt pretty repetitive, resulting in the writing feeling choppy. It worked after Slenderman showed up as it helped to build suspense, but in the beginning when you were setting the mood, it was sort of annoying to read. I was going, why was this rated so high? And then when Slenderman showed up, I rolled my eyes and almost moved onto the next pasta. But I’m glad I didn’t, because the latter half more than made up for it. But yeah. A bit more sentence variation might be nice.

  11. i enjoy any posts about slender man. =] i know that some of you are sick of slenderman posts… which is why there is a tag section. if the tag uninterests u, u may go along to the next story.

    but back off the slender man post hate.

    i like it. other people like it.

    u can scroll on down, lil troll. no one wants to hear ur whining.

  12. firstnamelastname

    p.s.i apologize for all the proofreading comments, lol.. it’s a terrible habit and compulsion of mine, to pick out all the tiniest flaws immediately when i first read a story.

    i really think this story was good and i had a good
    time reading it, so… thanks for it:)

    1. I was attempting to put a present verbage on it, so you it was more first person, as if every sentence were happening as you read it. I’ve tried repeatedly to do that, it’s incredibly hard. But thanks, man! or Woman. Whichever.

  13. firstnamelastname

    i, for one, like the fact that its about slenderman :)
    we might all keep in mind that the topic of the story is a matter of personal taste, for example i don’t care much for wolf stories, but to let that affect my opinion of the writing would be silly :)

    my first impression of this story, was when the author massively overused all the adjectives describing his stomach growling, and it almost led me to think, “ this a story where the guy’s stomach is the antagonist??”
    sometimes less is more:)
    but after that, i was able to fall into very easy and comfortable reading, because i think the author has a mostly smooth writing style that flows because he actually uses consonants! which is how people really talk in real life, and i like that.
    the only other thing i spotted much of, was a bit of alternating between past and present tense in verbs within the same sentence, but again, it wasn’t like it made it hard to follow and was easily able to overlook.
    overall i’d give this story an 8.5 out of 10 :) :)
    i liked it.
    go slendy!

  14. Hey!
    I just read this story and I think it is the best I’ve read so far. I really like how it’s written and the story really gave me chills.

    I wanted to know what others think about this story and I’m a bit disappointed. The most people here complained about this story just because it’s about Slenderman.
    If you want to hear my oppinion, I think you all should stop it and think for a moment about what it means to write a story in first place.
    I call myself a hobby writer and it isn’t always so easy as it seems. We try to do our best to entertain others with our stories. And just because the topic isn’t appealing to you, doesn’t mean you can ruin a good story with your negativ comments.
    If you don’t have anything good or wise to say about a story just leave it be. I know from my own experience that it can make one feeling hurt by such comments and the next time one want to write a story you will think twice before you upload it for others to read. And that’s a sad thing.

    Please forgive me for any grammatical mistakes. English isn’t my mother tongue. I’m from Germany by the way :P

    Anyway. It’s a very good story no matter what the others say :)

  15. That Strange Girl

    This is the best pasta I’ve ever read (granted that it was the first)but it is really well written! My creative writing teacher would love it and I do too. You kept me in suspense the whole time. Job well done, my good sir!

  16. I know this isn’t the right place to post this, but I don’t know where to turn to. I got into all the Slenderman things and TribeTwelve and MH and the Collective and all that. I know that the videos are ARGs, but lately weird stuff has been happening. I won’t go into detail, but I need help. Someone calling themselves ‘DerEinsameHai’ has contacted me(don’t know where they got my contact info) and they tell me I should stop with my Slenderman obsession and tell me to be careful. They talk about all of this as if it were real. I can’t help but wonder if the collective belief of people has made them real. I can’t contact them because the e-mails they send are anonymous (no sender address, IP apparently does not exist) and the phone numbers they use belong to multiple people in different states (I looked them up). Has anyone heard of DerEinsameHai? If so, please tell me who they are or what their relation is to this whole thing.

  17. This was a delicious pasta. I have read about 20 Slenderman pastas, and this was the first one that actually made me look over my shoulder. Often, when I am in a dark room, like now, the shadows seem to move, and take a shape, but when I look directly at them, they disappear,it is scary, and it definitely will be after reading this pasta, 10/10

  18. I have to admit, this slender story stands out from the rest. this had a nice pase to it too, not to quick.
    BTW- To those complaining, sure its Slenderman, but at least it’s not generic in terms of what’s posted already.

  19. I loved the set up but the moment tall was mentioned I could predict everything from there on out but otherwise I loved and still gave it 10/10

  20. screwyouguysi'mgoin

    I actually like this pasta about slenderman. It gave me chills. Literally left me frightened. Mainly because I was in my father’s lab. It was still light out when i read this. Very good. Very nicely spaced. Also very relatable.

  21. I rate this 10/10. I know Slenderman is getting boring but I still think he’s awesome and cool in a way. I love Slenderman pastas. They’re always tasty. :)

  22. I agree with everyone, as soon as I knew that it was Slenderman I knew what was coming. I already know the strengths, weaknesses, ‘rules,’ and powers of that monster, I want to hear about some new monsters!

    At least you didn’t outright say “I was reading about Slenderman… I saw Slenderman! It’s Slenderman!” You treated it like a new monster, but the audience knew what it was.

  23. I would automatically rate this 0 stars because of Slenderman. The reason I’m not doing this is because I used to work late in a fairly large office building, often alone. I used to get paranoid too, so the atmosphere of this pasta really struck a chord. 3/10.

    1. That Creepy Chick

      Don’t be an asshole about it. If you don’t like the fact that it’s about Slendey, then either say something you LIKED about the story, or simply don’t add a comment at all.

  24. This wasn’t bad, but I wanted to punch the protagonist for his pretentious verbiage.

    I guess I rather liked it overall.
    It probably helps that I haven’t read many Slenderman stories.

    1. Why are you and everyone complaining? I mean come on it’s not like it takes any more than 5 minutes to realize that the story is going to be about slenderman. Just go to the next one. If anything, you’re wasting more of your life complaining on a comment. Just let people write what they want. I think it’s amazingly written.

      1. I agree completely. The whole reason people put things online os for others to ENJOY the writing, not sit there and bitch about it. Grow up and let the rest of the world enjoy it. If you’re not into Slender Man, that’s completely fine. But shut up and go away before you hurt someone’s feelings. It’s not cool to be a prick.

  25. Slenderman stories are really boring nowadays, and this was incredibly overwritten. It’s one thing to have a wide vocabulary, and add some vividness to the scene, but a lot of it felt forced and a bit… Eugh. Still, it’s better that than a straight recount, I suppose.

  26. Please, PLEASE, stop writing about Slenderman. Anytime I read ANYTHING about head with no face in a suit, I leave. It is getting extremely old. Other than that, this was well written. Please, just be original in SOME way.

    1. I actually wrote this a while back. I submitted it at the beginning of the semester, but was just posted recently. I actually thought it was denied for a while.

      1. Yes, as was mentioned many times, there was a whole lot of issues that led to me being very slow to get through the mountain of submissions that had accumulated. Most people had to wait around 2-3 months for their submission to be read due to the unlucky combination of sheer numbers and a lot of things keeping me preoccupied IRL.

        As a general response to everyone who tends to cry every time a Slenderman pasta shows up:

        I also do try to space out the Slender stuff, but you know what? I think that this one is good enough to stand apart in spite of the Slender flaw. As someone else mentioned already, the atmosphere you manage to build up is the creepy part. Anyone who has ever worked late in an empty building, or been the last to leave a college library, or stayed over holidays at a dorm while everyone else cleared out – you capture and prey on a feeling familiar to those people.

        I’ve tried to convey this to people, but if you write about Slenderman or Jeff or Candle Cove, expect that – even if it gets on the main site, as the vast majority end up on Crappypasta – you will face more criticism than normal. It’s something that you just have to be prepared to deal with before you submit anything involving such topics.

        Of course, I wouldn’t continue posting Slender stuff if the search logs of this site weren’t absolutely packed full of people looking for more stories with him. So in spite of my personal feelings on him (I hate to admit it, but he never really sparked my interest, even when he was first created – brb turning in my badge) and the vocal critics, remember that (somehow) Slenderman still seems to have a rabid fanbase that do make up a large part of this site’s visitors, and I post these stories for them. This is why the tags exist, though. If Slenderman fills you with rage, avoid his tag and let the people who still like reading about him enjoy the stories that I do let through.

        1. Dude. Thanks. And I had written it with an end to continue it as a series. But I, also, have experienced this disinterest in the Slender mythos. It will rekindle when “Entity” is released in 2013, but I am off of Slenderman as of now.

        2. I really like this story. My brother got me started on Slender Man, and it’s been kind difficult to find any good stories about him…. But I do have to ask, What is “Entity?”

        3. man that was pretty cool just play this game and then goto sleep or read this ur gonna see him in your sleep O.O

        4. They are also going to make a sequal to Slender:The Eight Pages called Slender: The Arrival. Its currently in beta :D

  27. The Llama Amalume Sama

    This pasta had a good beginning and great writing but slenderman being the key monster in this made me somewhat dissapointed… Good pasta nevertheless.

  28. Okay, I know slenderman is scary and all, and I dont want to be a hater, but all of these slendy pastas are getting kind of ummm.. lame? boring? not that scary? But I do like the way the pasta was written 5/10

    1. I see what you are getting at. I am new to this site and these story’s are full of suspense. But if you know this site for a while the story’s will sound… Predictibal. I think these are great story’s especially this one. Thumbs up 10/10

    2. Taylor Ann Ducharme

      I know what you said and took it in to consideration, but it sounds like you are a hater. I mean i’m a hater of Slendy too but, I see where you’re coming from.

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