The Bridge Partner

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πŸ“… Published on April 19, 2018

"The Bridge Partner"

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A timid housewife is jolted into a fight for her survival or sanity at her weekly bridge club when she think she hears her new partner utter a threat.

Directed by:
Gabriel Olson
Produced by:
Sean Barney
Executive Producer(s):
Jason Michael Berman, Andrew Carlberg
Written by:
Gabriel Olson, (Short Story by Peter S. Beagle)
Main Cast:
Beth Grant, Sharon Lawrence, Robert Forster, Catherine Carlen

The Bridge Partner premiered at Screamfest 2015.

Produced by Screamfest.


okay does anyone else not have a partner? Oh, Maddie you’re in luck everyone I’d
like to introduce you to our newest member,
Olivia Colhonen joining us from a European bridge group. come say hello
partner. well it certainly is my pleasure
ah, the worst bidding I’ve ever seen. let’s treat each other like ladies shall
thank you for- sorry I’m not very good but usually I’m not that awful I
wouldn’t blame you if you never wanted to play with me again. I enjoyed the game
even though it lost. we’ll turned things around at the time. *whispering* I’m going to kill you
isn’t she lovely?
*man off screen* Grab me a beer would you sweetheart?
you girls taking this game so seriously.
You don’t here bud and me say we’re gonna kill each other do ya? And with him I got
plenty of reason it wasn’t like that, you didn’t hear. it it was more than the game
I heard it I’m on it okay all right look if she actually does it I’ll take a dim
view I’ll take a very dim view. Don I am not safe. Maggie come on this is all
bullshit baby you’re safe, everything’s fine okay? Yes, come watch this with me
come on sweetheart
yeah, watch this punt
Crocs predatory innocence never be can be fully suppressed. Most attacks are on prey that are perceived as fearful and weak
oh my goodness
look at her shoes
guess Maggie’s changed
she looks really beautiful
*overlapping* just her makeup looks gorgeous
I’m going to kill *. I’m going to kill *. hello partner
so this is why your hair looks so good. I am looking forward to practice.
I’m not
sure, umm, I have things to do. Maybe. oh you must come we make such a
good pair but in order to play elegantly we must look the part don’t you think?
may I?
I gave up on them years ago
Let’s see
Oh! oh you poor little girl. Oh such dry skin these things they happen sometimes. I’ll get you a band-aid
all this worry Maddie, I am not gonna switch a partner I mean just last night
it was gushing about you and now all this business? Oh honey what is really
going on with you? Well I- I just I mean if you can just…. Not this time
now where’s that welcoming gal that I know you are? You’re a sweet thing I gotta
go baby. Bye-bye.
alright. I gotta make a fruitcake
Am I early? We’re still practicing? Yes partner, of course we are.
oh, no
That’s a lovely color on you. oh, I didn’t- thank you. What you, so beautiful. Well I hardly know anything about
you. What is it you would like to know? It sounds so silly it’s just that I- I
see you around everywhere, and I-. Your small towns are delightful that way
Arn’t they? Yes, well I’m probably just imagining things *chuckles*
I thought, you whispered this, thing. I’m sure that I’m not right. It sounded
almost like a threat. *both laugh* Oh you are such a timorous woman Maggie Whelan you’re
frightened so very much it is a wonder you manage to stick your head out
of your little pen. You see where I am from there are a great many sheep,
and where there are shape of course there are dogs. And it is a curious thing Maddie.
sometimes a dog will sneak into the sheep fold and begin to kill. Not for hunger
for play. Respond. But then it goes back in to its
master and its dog biscuits. Do you understand me Maggie?
I haven’t traveled
very much. I can’t imagine where Jenny and Linda are it’s so unlike them.
You see they say it’s something about the purebred passivity of the sheep. They
trigger something in the dog’s brain. Something very old, primal
they’re blundering around in their pen, believing in panic, too stupid to defend
themselves. To act, to fight for their life its all just too much for the dog
it simply obeys instinct. Do you began to see Maddie? I don’t, no I don’t
you are my sheep
and I am like the dog
of course a dog cannot wait to kill, but I can wait.
I like to wait

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