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📅 Published on February 20, 2015

"See You Tomorrow"

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Tuesday, March 25 – 4:54 PM

My name is Spencer. This is actually the first time I’ve logged onto this website…but my friends told me that this site is where people go to talk about this kind of stuff.

When I say “this kind of stuff,” I mean…paranormal things? Things just out of the ordinary, right? I’ve read some of the stories on this site and I couldn’t help but notice some similarities. Anyways – I might as well start at the beginning.

Something happened to my younger brother.

Out of respect for his privacy, I will leave his name anonymous for this post. We called him “Stretch” after he grew into a teenager…his arms and legs grew to phenomenal lengths, and he was about 6’2”. I still remember staying up late with him when we still shared a room as kids, making noises and getting in trouble…and now he’s in college, hundreds of miles away. It’s certainly strange how much you miss something when you realize you don’t have it anymore.

My family received a call from Stretch’s roommate (whom I will also leave anonymous) this afternoon at about 4:15 PM. He explained that when he woke up, he checked his cell phone to find a text message from Stretch that simply said: “see you tomorrow”. Stretch got in late the previous night, so the roommate assumed that he had sent the message in case the roommate got worried. The roommate then went to his morning class as usual…but to his surprise, Stretch did not wake up for his classes, which usually started at 9 AM. Stretch had never been the kind to skip classes…he was always very studious. The roommate didn’t give it a second thought, however, and went to his class anyways. The roommate returned after his classes at about 2 PM today, only to find Stretch, still asleep. After about an hour of studying in the dorm room, the roommate decided that he should wake Stretch up and question him as to why he had been sleeping so long…

But he did not wake up.

The roommate claims to have shaken Stretch, to the point of yelling at him and trying to move him out of the bed…but he would not wake up. The roommate took action, and after speculation, the RA for the dorm called the university police, who then transferred Stretch to the hospital. He has been there all afternoon, and they are still running tests on him.

I live in Kentucky, so I was not able to make it out to see him in the hospital…however, I just got off the phone with my mother. She informed me that the doctors refused to see any family members to discuss his condition. Only after incessantly pestering the doctors did she get an answer out of one of them: Stretch was in some kind of coma.

Why the doctors refused to discuss matters with my family is a mystery to me. I can only hope that they did so for a reason.

I will be flying in to see Stretch as soon as I can…I love my brother dearly, and nothing is going to stop me from seeing him.

Wednesday, March 26 – 10:34 PM

I have purchased my ticket for Nevada (my family’s current residence), and I hope to leave this Friday. I wished it could have been sooner…I had no sleep last night, worried about my brother, so a vacation is definitely needed right now.

Today, I got another call from my mom…and she sounded more distressed than she had yesterday. She explained that his roommate had been retrieving things from their dorm room to bring to Stretch in the hospital, and had stumbled upon Stretch’s cell phone. He checked his call history, and messages, to check for clues about what he did the previous night. He claimed nothing was out of the ordinary, until he checked the message inbox.

Stretch had sent, to every single person in his contacts, the same text message:

“see you tomorrow”.

I have been in the process of purchasing a new cell phone for a few months now…I didn’t see it as a priority, so I did not receive any message from my brother, which for some reason, deeply saddened me…I almost feel like a bad older brother, not being there for him when he needed it. And now he’s sent this one message to his entire contact list…

The doctors, my family, and my friends have told me today that I shouldn’t think too much about it. They were all very confident that it was just a mistake, and the original message had been intended for just his roommate. But I digress…I know Stretch better than anyone, and with the amount of tech-savvy he has, I couldn’t see him making a careless mistake like that.

He isn’t the typical college party-student, either. I can certainly ascertain that he wasn’t drunk that night, but I don’t have to – the doctors claimed that they found no alcohol in his system at all.

This all seems very disturbing to me…who just falls asleep, and then doesn’t wake up? How exactly does that happen? I can’t be sure…the doctors say that his coma could be for a number of different reasons, but they haven’t quite pinned it down yet – apparently Stretch’s particular case is “rare and almost unheard of”.

The important thing is that he’s still alive. His brain is still fully functional and in good shape.

He just won’t wake up.

Thursday, March 27 – 9:32 AM

I am going to write this all down while it’s still fresh. It seems that something else is going on with this entire situation, and I feel as though my brother’s coma is no mere coincidence. It turns out that my brother did send me a message that night, with the same text…but also something else.

My mother called me about an hour ago. She sounded exasperated and scared. It took me quite some time to calm her down so she could explain…but to put things simply, it seems as though Stretch attempted to send a picture file as well as a text. For some reason, the text messages he sent didn’t contain the picture, but one of my friends contacted my mother and informed her that his phone was attempting to download a file from the text message, but was unable due to the file being corrupted.

That got me thinking…if Stretch supposedly sent this message out to everyone in his contact list, wouldn’t that also include their e-mails…?

I checked my email for the first time in a few weeks, and sure enough, there was the message. “see you tomorrow”. I opened the e-mail and began downloading the picture file – what I saw was confusing to say the least. At first, it looks too dark to really make anything out…but I edited the picture as best I could (Stretch is the tech-savvy one, not me), and discovered something strange. It looks like a picture of someone’s forearm, just being held at their side. The person appears to be wearing a blue shirt, maybe a jacket or hoodie? I can’t tell…I could point out one thing, though. By looking even closer, I found a pennant, an Indianapolis Colts pennant, hanging on the wall behind the person. And if there was anyone who loved the Colts, it was my brother’s roommate, which led me to assume that the photograph had been taken inside his dorm room. I am going to attempt to upload the picture file so that anyone can see it, but I’m not quite sure how, or where to do it. When I do, I will be sure to post a link on this document before I upload this for submission.

Meanwhile, my mother says she has some terrible, terrible news to deliver, and that it has to wait until we are face to face…I’m just trying to remain calm. I’m not normally a superstitious person, so I will continue to keep my head up and hope for the best. I know he is going to wake up, soon.

I’m going home tomorrow to see Stretch, and hopefully sort all this out. Haven’t been getting very good sleep the past couple of nights either, so I can’t wait to get home and get a good rest.

Friday, March 28 – 11:57 PM

My flight got in this evening, at about 4:30.

When I landed, and got to a payphone to contact my family to let them know I was on my way, but…I wasn’t greeted by my family.

Because they couldn’t greet me.

I arrived home to find the house empty. No note, no answering machine message, or anything.

I soon drove to the hospital. When I arrived, the nurses all stared at me as I walked down the hallways. I stormed down the corridors, yelling at the doctors, asking for Stretch, asking for my family. Where the hell was my family?

One doctor stopped me, his face sullen and depressed. “You must be Spencer.”

“Yes,” I huffed impatiently. “Where is my brother? Which room?”

“He and your family are in room 115. Please come with me.”

“My family…”

I pushed past the doctor, running down the halls, until the number 115 popped up on my left. Upon entering, I stood in the doorway, unable to breathe, unable to speak.

I now understood why my family hadn’t answered the payphone…why they weren’t at the house…

…they were all asleep. All of them. My parents, my older sister, my grandma…

The doctors walked quietly in behind me. They all stood near me, just…watching. No one said anything. The room was eerily silent. And there I was – just staring at them. And there they were. Lined up in their beds. They didn’t talk. They didn’t move. They didn’t wake up.

I recovered my ability to speak after a while, and instantly demanded to know what happened. But the doctors just stared at me, some of them crying. I asked again and again, screaming at the top of my lungs, what happened to my family?…

One of the doctors took me aside. He instructed the others to leave the room, that he had things under control, that everything was going to be okay. Then he told me the same thing. Kind of like what your parents tell you that everything is going to be okay, when it clearly isn’t. He then began to explain exactly what it is that happened. I don’t know if I can bring myself to type in exactly what he said, except one fact: my entire family was dead. He said that after not receiving an answer when he called their house this morning, they sent a car to discover that they all had gone into a similar coma, and after just a few hours, all of their vitals stopped, including my brother’s.

I am now staying the night in my brother’s dorm room. His roommate is out for the evening. Here I am, past midnight, typing down all this crap like anyone could do ANYTHING about it. I don’t know whether or not I’m wasting my time with this, I don’t know what I’m going to do with my life now…I just can’t fathom everything that’s happened today. It took me long enough to be able to sit here and type it all out, and maybe all for nothing.

…But I did make another discovery…I’ll type it up here soon. I’m starting to get really tired, but I can’t go to sleep just yet. I have more to tell.

Friday night

Technically it’s the morning now…can’t exactly remember what the date is? Too lazy to check

It’s about 3 AM now, still no sleep. I got into my brother’s laptop because I know his password. Checked his recent fiels and everything. His browsing history is only one link

This blog he supposedly made contains the picture

Same picture he sent me that night. He put it online too, on his blog, in case anyone would find it, as if he already knew. Like he already knew what was happening to him. The picture is of him. He tried to photograph himself. I found his blue jacket in his closet and the exact spot he took the picture, right in front of a mirror. I guess he was just too tires to get his face in it ‘’’p;p

Sorry I am exteremely tired myself, this probably is a bit jumbled up but hopefully you can understand. I want to put this on this site now before its too late.

The doctor told me that my family’s death was not due to a coma, it was some kind of mental disease in which the central nervous system slowly begins shutting down all core bodily functions until the person is dead. A “mental virus” he called it. He informed me that it is highly contagious, but not in the way you would think =

Ready for this? He told me that the virus is caught only by people who KNOW about it. I actually forced him to tell me this, I threatened to hurt him when we were alone, I just wanted to help them, I just wanted to know what happened to my family

He said that this “virus” is dormant in a rare percentage of the human population, and it is only activated once a person actually finds out about it, and then falls asleep. Some kind of neurological phenomena I don’t know why he would tell my family that but he did. He did and now theyre dead. Supposedly

I honestly don’t believe in this kind of bullcrap, it doesn’t make sense, this paranormal gghost story kind of crap. I thought he was just saying things so I wouldn’t hurt him but whatever, I don’t care about that. I know I haven’t been getting the best sleep but I know I’ll wake up tomorrow. He has no proff to back this up.

Back to Stretch’s blog, he had written some post the day before, I don’t know what exactly he was talking about but I assume it was something to do with this. He knew about this virus and he didn’t want to continue to post it online in case it was true. He tried to photograph himself in the middle of the night to maybe tell someone what was happening? Maybe he was wrong

Maybe he was scared

It doesn’t matter anymore, I know I’m going to wake up tomorrow. And you’ll hear from me again, right here on this post. I know this stuff isn’t real

I’ll tell you and everyone I know that it isn’t real, youll see. Ill send everyone a picture, just like Stretch, because I really am feeling fine! Just tired ;

Until then

see you tomorrow

Credit To – Spencer Boden

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