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My grandmother grew up in the slums of Prohibition-era Chicago. Her family lived in a small house near the harbor, and one of her earliest memories was of a particularly hot summer when, seeking respite from the heat, she and her sister discovered a seldom-used section of boardwalk near an abandoned warehouse. Every night for several weeks, the two girls would make their way down to the docks and sit together on the edge of the pier as the sun went down. My grandmother vividly, and for a time fondly, recalled the feel of the seaweed between her toes as she and her sister dangled their feet into the murky water.

It wasn’t until years later that she returned to the pier and found that the warehouse had been demolished. Curious, she made an inquiry with the Department of Planning and Development. Apparently, the warehouse had been owned for a time by the Mob, who was using it as a base of operations for a local prostitution racket. It had only been uncovered when an associate began ‘disposing’ of rival hookers by fitting them with concrete shoes and dumping them into the harbor. Investigating officers had recovered nearly two dozen bodies from the waters of a secluded pier nearby.

How had the bodies been discovered? A passing fisherman spotted some of the victims’ hair floating near the surface of the water, like seaweed.


Credit To – September Derleth

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  1. September Derleth

    Gah. Couldn’t believe it when I read your comment, but sure enough, google search verified it. Real Ecclesiastes 1:9 moment.

    Gutted that the idea wasn’t original, but I assure you it wasn’t an intentional copy.

  2. September Derleth

    Wow. As a long time browser, first time writer, I just wanted to say what a freaking rush it is to actually get something posted on this site. Even more ecstatic that people are seeming to enjoy it.

    Thanks so much guys. You can expect more from me in future. :)

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