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Scientist’s Log

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Chief Scientist’s Log

12/7/2007 12:31 AM

A new find was brought into the lab today. Men working the demolition of a condemned warehouse at this facility discovered a rusty oil barrel that seemed to exude cold. Preliminary electromagnetic field readings yielded chaotic data before the equipment died. Barrel appears to be constructed of stainless steel and, again, radiates cold.


13/7/2007 9:00 PM

We opened the barrel today inside a sealed chamber. Chamber immediately frosted over. Unidentified entity found within the barrel. Appears to be gaseous and black. Indeed, the very light surrounding it appears to be “sucked in” by it’s presence. Appears to be sentient, but does not communicate in any understood way. Biological matter that comes into contact with the Entity seems to disintegrate.

14/7/2007 10:11 AM


An intern entered the sealed chamber alone today, without his hazard suit. He was not seen again. The Entity has double in size since being released from containment. Has become aggressive. We are sealing off the chamber immediately in light of it’s flesh-consuming properties and rapid growth. All research is halted.

14/7/2007 11:00 AM


It’s gone. God help us, it’s escaped.


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64 thoughts on “Scientist’s Log”

  1. A stainless steel barrel cannot be rusty.
    Nothing in the world, especially not for a scientist, can “radiate cold”, rather it would absorb heat. Cold cannot be radiated, it’s only absence of heat.
    Aside from this, the whole story is pretty dull.

  2. Thank you, Readman. THANK YOU. I’m sure we all need a physics lesson from time to time. Now, where did I put my EMP frequency thingamajig, I wanna use it to kill some smoke creatures………

  3. For some reason, this story reminds me of my pet that went missing some years ago. I never did find out what happened to him. He was named Steve.

  4. Just a Bored Person

    Man, I love this log thing. It adds on the chilling effect.

    Also, Readman scared the shit out of me with his first post for some reason.

  5. There never was a cold monster. They just killed off the intern for repeatedly getting their coffee orders wrong and made up the cold monster story to cover things up. Duhh!

  6. Well it only falls to logic that there is a humanly possible way to placate the being, considering some-one/entity managed to get it into the barrel in the first place.

    Additionally, it seems that the being thrives off of thermodynamic processes and/or radiation, considering the cold state of the barrel and the darkness of the creature itself. It seems that, given it can “suck” light from the immediate vicinity, it must do so electromagnetically, because it couldn’t do so with gravity; it would have to be a black hole. The electromagnetic process would also explain the selectivity; It sucks up light and nothing else (except for heat which can’t be sucked up by any other process other then simple absorption). This electromagnetic process also explains the fried equipment.

    I think you could disable and/or kill it with the correct EMP frequency and/or an extremely cold environment, and, just to be safe, deprivation of all organic life, human or otherwise.

    1. SorryImAwkward

      Ok really you’re absolutely no fun.I have no doubt in my mind that all the “science” you used to try and back up your theory is all random scientific words pulled out from who knows where to try and sound smart. Stop ruining the story.

      1. Atomic Blast Pony

        Dude, you don’t make such assumptions.
        I’m a physicist and I confirm that he did NOT use random scientific words. He doesn’t sound like a professional, but he knows what he’s talking about.
        Please display your ignorance somewhere else, SorryImAwkward.

    2. I appreciate your comment, because in my opinion what we read above was an interesting premise for or tidbit of a story, and your analysis of the entity could easily be incorporated into something more fleshed-out. This could easily become a very cool sci-fi thriller with horror aspects if expanded on.

    3. This is a great analysis of the entity! Don’t listen to the haters I got your back. I didn’t think that electromagnetic properties could do something like that. But then again it makes sense because, like you said, if it used gravity it would be a black hole. The one thing I really question is the disenegration of organic material that comes into contact with it, yet, the entity grew when it killed the intern. The only thing I can think of is that it somehow ate the intern. What do you think? Because I have no clue what else it could have done lol

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