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5 Scariest Places in the UK: A Guide for Thrill-Seekers

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Do you believe in ghosts and enjoy exploring spooky places? Then think about visiting the United Kingdom because this country is full of mystical locations associated with horrifying adventures and supernatural creatures. These places include country houses that are said to be haunted by scary ghosts, cemeteries, and castles that are suitable for a perfect Halloween trip.

Let’s reveal 5 of the most haunted places in the UK for everyone who enjoys horror. Even though Halloween is months away, you can already start getting prepared for the scariest adventure. 

Pleasure Beach

Pleasure Beach

Amusement parks are often considered spooky places because of their association with clowns, shadows, and the eerie atmosphere that we often see in horror movies. Pleasure Beach in Lancashire, North West England, is exactly like those spooky places. But the thing that makes it an even more attractive spot for horror lovers is that it’s located in the casino building, which was rumored to be haunted long before the amusement park was built. 

This place is considered haunted because of the Ghost Train ride beyond the casino. According to visitors, the combination of adrenaline after gambling and the expectation to see the ghost of a worker who once died on the Ghost Train adds to their overall experience. 

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Chillingham Castle

Remember when we mentioned castles as some of the scariest places one can find in Britain? Well, we were talking about Chillingham Castle, which is located in a famous historical fortress in Northumberland. As visitors claim, in the castle, you can encounter ghosts of people who once lived there. Among them, the most popular ones are so-called “woman-in-white” and “blue boy.” But it’s more likely to meet the ghosts of people who were tortured in this castle centuries ago.

Still, don’t worry if you don’t get the chance to meet these scary creatures. We believe that Chillingham Castle is still worth visiting because of its historical significance and beautiful architecture. 


The Forbidden Corner

Even though horror adventures are generally associated with crowded spots such as entertainment parks and haunted castles, some people prefer to hunt supernatural creatures at seaside attractions. If that’s the case, then The Forbidden Corner in North Yorkshire will indeed surprise you with its bizarre sculptures and labyrinth of optical illusions. This place is suitable for all age ranges, but the weird architecture might scare younger children.


The thing that the visitors enjoy the most about this scary spot is sets from movies such as The Prisoner and The Avengers. Despite its popularity, you can only explore this place with a group of friends or family or all alone. Therefore, here you won’t be worrying about crowds and no one will be able to disrupt your horror experience.

Clipsham Yew Tree Avenue

Speaking of labyrinths, Clipsham Yew Tree Avenue presents a completely different type of maze – it’s surrounded not by walls or hedges but by nature itself. This stunning horror spot is located in Rutland and is more than two centuries old. The most exceptional thing about this attraction is that it includes 150 clipped trees and each of them has unique, unusual shapes. 

The idea of Clipsham Yew Tree Avenue belongs to a 19th-century forester Amos Alexander, who had a hobby of clipping trees in order to create original figures. As a result, local people encouraged him to create Yew Tree Avenue, and now visitors have the chance to walk among living sculptures that are shaped like animals, birds, and some scary creatures. No wonder that this spot looks especially haunted during the night.


Whitby Abbey

The final scary place that we’d love to recommend while visiting Britain is Whitby Abbey. Like the Forbidden Corner, it’s located in Yorkshire on a cliff that overlooks the North Sea. You probably agree that even imagining such a place can send shivers down your spine. Horror enthusiasts especially enjoy its gothic vibes and connection with the famous Lord Dracula. 

Interestingly, legends say that there’s a ghost of a young nun living in Whitby Abbey. After breaking her vow, the nun was bricked up alive in the walls. This tragic story could be the reason why her ghost never left the building. 

Bottom Line

In conclusion, we can certainly say that there are multiple scary places in the United Kingdom that can inspire and entertain anyone who seeks horror adventures. Regardless of which spot you’re going to see, one thing is for sure — these haunted places will challenge your perception and awaken a sense of mystery.

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