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Rule #86

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There are certain rules in this world that we must abide by. We don’t always agree with them, and they rarely agree with us, but if we are to survive to see tomorrow, we need to place our personal feelings aside and just accept things for what they are.

Take rule #86, for instance.

Rule #86 states that every time someone speaks your name, it creates a duplicate of you.


Consider that.

Every time your parents ever scolded you using your full name, they’ve given birth to another you. Every time someone at the doctor’s office told you the doctor could see you now, somewhere in the world, another. Every time a lover cried it out in a fit of passion… another.

Think about that. Think about this thing you take for granted. This beautiful gift given to you by your ancestors and forefathers. Your name.

Imagine living in a world where your name was a curse instead of a gift.

“That’s my name, don’t wear it out.”

You people are so funny.


For us, your name wears *you* out. It hunts you down. It fights for survival. Tries to steal your life to save its own. After all, who is the real you when you all bear the same name?


But then… those are the rules. Just one more in an endless stream of governing laws that warp and disrupt and diminish our world, little by little, piece by piece, one name at a time.

I just wanted you to think about that. Remember it every time you sign a check. When you introduce yourself. When you gift your newborn child.

Remember rule #86, and remember that we are watching you, and we are waiting.

Every world has rules. You test the boundaries of yours every day. Someday you will find a way to break those rules, and in doing so, you will let us in.


And then you will have to learn the rules all over again.

See you soon.



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163 thoughts on “Rule #86”

  1. Okay, but that’s impossible in the first place. For each one of us, our names have been called millions of times. If this rule applied to all humans, the world would have ten times as many of us as it does. Also, Its almost a certain probability that one of these clones would pop up near the person at least once, after years and years of their name being said… It’s a cool concept, but severely improbable.

  2. I have many aliases so idk how that’s gonna work for me. Anyways,this was indeed very creepy. I like the ending where its signed X

  3. Interesting. I’m assuming, then, that it would have to be full name, because otherwise how would the rule distinguish who’s being spoken about when the person isn’t being spoken to? Thinking, for example, the number of people named Alex in my graduating class. If I said the name Alex to someone, in reference to a specific Alex, would this rule be able to tell which Alex I was referring to just by that? Or would I have to use the full name?
    Either way, I love this concept, because the more I think about it and rationalize, the more plausible it becomes. I love the idea of doppelgangers and parallel worlds.

  4. This is such a good idea: it makes me kind of wonder about my existence. THis is a short but wonderful pasta that i don’t know for sure if it should be considered “creepy” but it certainly makes you think. You could make a bunch of smaller pasta’s about different rules. I like it. :)

  5. Pretty fly for a scifi

    So out of curiosity I googled my name. Having a Maori (Second language of New Zealand) first name and an Irish last name I’ve always kind of assumed I would be the only one…. Turns out there is a woman In Miami with the same name as me, after stalking her facebook page I saw she was older than me! I AM THE CLONE!!!! THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!!!

  6. It got me thinking DAMN I WOULD HAVE SO MANY MEN COMING AFTER ME (fucking auto correct) I meant me’s

  7. I have a fairly uncommon name for girls, it’s mostly a boy name except for the spelling. My name is spelled with an “A” and not an “E” (Skylar=female, Skyler=male) so I pretty much only have to worry about clones when my family or close friends say my name

  8. Laughing Jackass

    That my friend, is why people have nicknames, why would you call someone something other than their name

  9. The problem I have with this story is the fact it dose t tie in with my own name.
    Well I don’t expect it to but I would have liked a parallel dimension twist to it mainly because my name is Yasin and people say it often but I’ve never met another Yasin,but then again mabye I have maybe their waiting….

  10. Hmmm…. slenderman slenderman slenderman slenderman slenderman slenderman slenderman slenderman slenderman slenderman slenderman slenderman

    1. Nu! Don’t do that! One Slenderman is already too much… But you can never have enough beutiful!

      I called dibs on one of the jeffs. i will lock him in my dog’s crate,feed him bacon and HE ISH MINE. i stare at him forever. >:D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Darn dopplegangers, always copying you and such… Wait… COULDN’T SOMEONE JUST SAY YOUR NAME OVER AND OVER AND OVER 424,242 TIMES?(Or a different number)

  12. This story wasn’t very creepy seeing as there’s a scientific theory that states that for every action you have or could have made there’s a parellel universe with a parellel you.

  13. well what if you call yourself another name ,if you have two real names? I honestly don’t fear myself so a million clones of me wouldn’t bother me,even if there is a reason to fear…..

  14. The funny thing is, when you “eighty-six” something, you kill of destroy it. I bet nobody else noticed that.

  15. What if I was just another copy as well? It could just be an endless cycle of cloning, and we are all copies. Think about it, you could as easily be a clone as another person.

  16. Fuck I already knew that. There\’s like, a million Katherine Smiths in the world. Thats what I get for having parents who cant think of original names.

  17. That was crap.
    What about people whos names are said a lot, like musicians and actors?
    And the fact that so many people share the same name.

    They must’ve felt so pleased in themselves when they wrote the last bit:


  18. Also, when there are two people talking to eachother who share the same first name, I call out the name just to bug them. So who gets cloned?
    Mind food.

  19. What’s awesome is my name is actually practically unpronounceable so I go by a different one. SO TAKE THAT UNIVERSE.

  20. If there were more than one of me, then we would be the dominant race on this planet. This is why only three people know my name. My parents and one of my workmates. I am paranoid, and, believe me, it pays off.

  21. Huh, only five people have ever said my full name(with proper pronunciation), so there are a total of six of me out there?

    Hmm, I pity those bastards.

  22. Lol 86th comment.

    Not much creepy, even tho’ I’m reading this during a hangover. Guess there’s a limit how much good creepypasta the Internet can produce in a limited time. :/

  23. Any future children I have will be given bizarre, horror movie based names. This way, I can check the veracity of this rule.

    If, in the future, there is a sudden surge in the name of children born named Jigsaw, you can thank me.

  24. Wait, so where does this “new me” form.

    If you said dimension somewhere, a new dimensiom, then maybe it would make more sense.

  25. Whoa love the Rule thing. I don’t have any creativity so I’m hoping one of you other readers is working hard on making these rules and will one day post them here :D

  26. That we are watching thing is so over-done. Maybe if a few things were changed and if it wasn’t trying so hard to be creepy it might be good.

  27. @LMLYUT: I have written creepypastas. 2 actually. And they’ve gotton a few comments and revisions. So yeah, I do have some basis to my critisism thank you.

  28. just not creepy…
    agree’d w/ 53, if the narrator was less smart-assy, maybe it would be better… just my opinion…

  29. shortys roc my sox

    that was awesome have yall ever played the game freeze or what ever its called i can’t remember but you have to be quite and can’t talk but you have to get five people to say your name….five you’s were born within in the time of you being silent…..i wound how many you’s are born when someone is trying to wake you up from accoma

  30. I’ll probably get hanged for this, considering previous commenters’ reactions, but I liked this one. I thought the end fit wonderfully with the theme of the pasta, as well.

    To the people leaving negative comments: you don’t like the pasta being posted, write better ones and submit them. Phone isn’t made of awesome pasta, as much as we might like to think so sometimes.

  31. Jesus Tapdancing Christ

    I usually don’t like the whole WE ARE WATCHING WAITING WHATEVER things but christ, this actually kind of creeped me out.

    Only because I have a habit of singing songs with my name replacing some (or all) of the lyrics. A lot.

    (Yes, I am full of myself, thanks for asking.)

  32. Three words as the de facto counter to this: Great Old Ones. LOL CTHULHU, PRONOUNCED IN ALIEN TONGUE SRRY. Shitty pasta though. Makes me want to bash my head into a monolith or cry in my sunken city. Peace, see you guys when I awaken from my slumber and devour every and anything you hold dear.

  33. This, I’m afraid, is lameness itself. Some days I do not envy you, Phone. Now Rule 34, that’s where the horror’s at.

    @Tzeentch: Why hello thar, Changer of Ways. What mind-flaying machinations have you been conducting?

  34. GraveOne, rule 34 applies to this (including everything else)

    I liked it :3 and yeah you guys have a point.. I think it should be like when someone says your FULL name.

  35. @47
    Good. Because I wasn’t going for the “awesomeness story of the year” effect. I was giving an example. Note the word “example” before I gave the example? Yeah, that’s what makes it an example, not a story.

  36. I can’t believe nobody has realized that this is supposed to be written by someone in an alternate universe. He refers to us as “you people” and specifically says “for US, your name wears *you* out”. Also, at the end, he mentions different worlds having different rules.

  37. Pew Pew Laser Gun


    Sorry, but that was so bad that it warranted Caps Lock.

  38. I don’t really like this one.
    Because if we all had clones that hunted us down, wouldn’t everyone be dead? Especially with how much people call you by your name.

  39. I REALLY hated this one, and not because of some horrible ending or bland uninteresting beginning. This pasta just sucked all aroud. First off, there have to be MILLION of people who have the same name as I do, and even more if you count those who have my middle and last name somewhere in their name. And what about the little sr. mark at the end? I can’t be the only “third” out there. How does this “unknown force” know who to clone? The concept of universal laws like buttered bread will only land buttered side down or whenever you completely submerse yourself in your bathtub, the phone rings. But you need to pick a better one than this. Hell, you don’t even have to change it, you can say that everytime it’s said by a close relative or friend out of anger. That would be a helluva lot better than this. And besides, I think I already went over how bad generalizations are in these type of stories. You need more specifics if you’re going to have a successful pasta. Here’s an example, which seems scarier: “The ghost was summoned in the shape of an animal. The type of animal it was has been unknown for over 500 years because this ghost will transfer from species to species in order to live long enough to see the end of time, which is its only escape. This ghost knows that possesing a human body will accomplish this goal easier, but who would it choose?” Or “The ghost was then summoned into the form of a Raven. And for 500 years, it has roamed the Earth looking for a human host to steal in order to benefit the luxuries of the real world. The soul is discarded, and left to suffer eternity in the body of the raven with its only hope being to take over the body of another. It isn’t known how these souls react when in a new body, but remember the next time you see a raven how your relatives act when doing normal everyday activities, because it only looks like amnesia…provided you weren’t the one the raven picked of cource.”?

  40. The Person Formerly Known as 'Noneya'

    Reminds me of the way native americans gave their kids a “real” name and a fake/everyday one.

    Also reminds me of the meme where the first two rules are obvious steps, then number three is “????” and the fourth is “PROFIT!”

  41. My name cannot be pronounced by any tongue of this world. Feast upon it, doppelgangers. Alien phonetics surpass your rule.

  42. I think if the author remembered he was writing a creepypasta, and not a crazed hobo begging for change on a street corner, this story would be better.

  43. This creepypasta is missing the part where it explains why having duplicates is so bad. So what if a duplicate is created every time someone says my name? Are they in constant pain and misery as soon as they are born? Are they born with an intense lust for blood? No.

  44. I didn’t so much like the rule itself so much as I liked the concept of being universal laws, made me wonder about what they could be, who put them in place, etc.

  45. that was…..odd |:
    I’m pretty sure I didn’t like it though…I’m sure I would have run into my own doppelganger by now and have fought it to the death. Nice concept, poor execution

  46. Mehhhh. Good concept, but was boring in the end. It seemed like you tried to throw in bits of other creepy pastas (We’re watching, you’ll let us in, we’re waiting, etc.) It didn’t seem…exciting.

  47. Ok, this was a great pasta, but come on, I could not stop laughing. The rules, come on.

    Still, good pasta, I like the idea that the name tries to take your life.

  48. Probably. Once I was old enough to get in trouble and have my mom use my full name, my niece was born. My sister-in-law insisted on giving her the same name as mine, so we have the same full name.

    She is clone.

  49. This really isn’t different, in essence, from a number I’ve seen. It got kind of hackneyed near the end. If I had a dollar for every pasta that said “we are watching” or “we are waiting”, I’d have a helluva lot of money.

  50. This wasn’t really all that creepy to me (maybe I’m getting immune to the creepiness…?), but it definitely was interesting…..

  51. Meh. Maybe if it was something like, everytime someone uses your FULL name, first middle last and junior or senior or whatever, then it could work. But it’s impossible to suspend our disbelief enough to be creeped out if a clone is created EVERY time someone uses just a part of our name. It’s silly.

  52. I have to say i really didnt like this creepy pasta. It just seemed…Boring? And stupid? But thats just me. I mean thats stuff everyone uses. Hourly too. So its like “OMGS!!! SOMEONE IN ANOTHER WORLDS CLONING ME LIKE EVERYTIME I SAY SOMTHING RELATED TO MY NAME!!???” Lamee.

      1. CabooseIsTheBest

        The rule does make sense if you think about it. Everytime someone says your name, another you is created somewhere in the world. A copy. A doppelganger.

        1. I mean, the pasta isn’t so confusing that you have to have Prometheus Society membership to understand it, but it doesn’t really make *logical* sense. Creepypastas don’t have to (in fact, it’s often better when they don’t), but still, I really just wasn’t able to get behind this one, because it seems to go a little too far out.

    1. I think it has something to do with people having the same name… Like when you’re in school and you have two Vanessa’s or Oscar’s in your class?

      1. I think its a letter from an alternate world where this rule is true and whenever someone says your name a doppelganger is created that immediately begins hunting you down because there can only be one imagine how much someone could blackmail you just if they knew your full name they could screw you 4 life in seconds.

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