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Roommate Troubles

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This actually happened to me a few years back at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

My sophomore year, I roomed with a girl named Kara. She was a jazz vocalist, but her main interest was opera. We had a small room on the sixth floor of a dormitory called Juniper Hall. The walls were thin, and her late night singing and voice practices would keep me up late. After a month or so of lost sleep, I convinced her to move her late night practices to the music studios in the Merriam theater building a block away.

Around eight o’clock one evening, Kara announced that she would be practicing late for an upcoming recital and probably wouldn’t be home until around midnight. Great, I thought, that means I can go to bed early (I was beat… I had a horrible day in acting studio, and was ready to pass out as soon as I had dinner). She said goodnight and left, coffee and sheet music in hand.

I made some grilled cheese and soup, gobbled it down, and immediately began to prepare for bed. By the time I got out of the shower, my eyelids were so heavy I could hardly brush my teeth. I pulled on my PJ’s and crawled into the top bunk of our bunk bed. I was out as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I should take a second to describe the layout of our apartment. When entering the apartment, the bedroom was through a door immediately to the left. Our bathroom was inside the bedroom, just past the bunk beds (UArts is nice in the sense that you don’t have to share bathrooms).

Anyway, I woke up to the sound of the apartment door closing. I opened my eyes, and groggily checked my phone: midnight on the dot. I rolled back over and closed my eyes. I heard Kara enter the room and stop in front of the bunk bed. Checking to see if I’m actually asleep, I thought. She flopped down on the bed below me, which was strange, as she was a stickler for brushing her teeth and washing up before bed. Then again, exams were just around the corner, and we were all exhausted. The mattress below me creaked, and then was silent. I couldn’t even hear her breathing.


I started to drift off again. I was just on the edge of deep sleep when I was startled awake again by a noise.

A key in the lock. The door opening.

And Kara entering our apartment, humming an opera tune.


The mattress below me creaked.

Credit: Jessi Cosgrove

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22 thoughts on “Roommate Troubles”

  1. christopher rapp

    Probably a frat guy who somehow drunkenly found his way into her dorm. Or maybe one of their drunk friends who had a key to their place and decided to crash there. You never know

  2. Well written if a bit unoriginal. My main problem is that proper vocalists would never drink coffee when practicing. Messes up your vocal chords ya see.

  3. i think the then what part was sorta the thing that made it creepy.
    like that story with that guy who’s cuddling with his “wife” and then his actual wife calls him and he’s just wonderin who df is lying next to him.
    though i do agree that this wouldve been a lot creepier in present tense and if it had to end abruptly, the buildup wasnt really necessary, i still think the whole idea of “if thats her…then who’s—” is what makes it creepy, windows closing and all that stuff wouldve just been too cliched

    1. other than the buildup (which was pretty unnecessary), im glad the author didnt add the usual “and Kara started screaming” or “and i looked down, and saw a grotesque creature slit Kara’s throat, her blood running down, it turned around and i gasped….” etc etc. or any sorta weird paranormal activty going on. because, though the storyline was predictable, all that stuff wouldve just made it SUPER cliched
      the whole creepy part was just that it wasnt kara in the bunk below(dun dun dunnnn)

      1. looks like you know what a good scary story is like unlike some people here who are mad for it ending so suddenly. That’s exactly why I love it – it leaves the question unanswered “who the refrigerator was there?”

  4. RauniNicole Francy-Kershey

    2/10… Potential to be creepy is there… But there are too many unnecessary details, that tell you nothing!!! Like everyone else said, you obviously lived through it, so what the hell was creaking!?? Idk…

  5. i’m not really ‘crepeed out’ by this, I’m not sure why tho , maybe because iI’ve had a lot of scary encounters ever since i wast a kid

  6. I wanted to like this, but just when it started to get interesting, it ended. The entire build-up was unnecessary. We didn’t need to know a long drawn out story as to why the roommate was out late. We didn’t need to know the layout of the dorm. We didn’t need to know you ate a freaking grilled cheese and soup.

    It’s technically okay, but it’s told in the annoying way that kids go about telling stories… around and around with a whole bunch of superfluous information until you want to pull your eyeballs out by the time they finally get to the point.

    1. RauniNicole Francy-Kershey

      Omg thank you!!!* im pissed… I can’t figure out why the buildup for nothing!!!

  7. I’m sorry but I’m not sure this worked. We get no background to hint at what or who the creaker might be. It could literally be anything, a ghost, a killer, a breeze, her boyfriend with a surprise, a confused neighbor (I know someone who did that in college), anything.

    Second, that we are told this happened years ago means that the narrator survived the experience, suggesting that the creaker was something innocuous.

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