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It’s a small memory. A fragment almost entirely hidden in your hazy recollection of past years, of oddly dream-like days where the imagination ran wild and free, blurring the lines of the so-called “reality” that you now have as an adult, and your innocence and carefree youth kept you for the most part very happy. You were young, in 1st grade. Late at night you stumbled from the bathroom, and bleary-eyed walked through the familiar dark of your room that still scared you quite often. You were too tired to be afraid, so you didn’t rush as you normally did into the sheets. You walked past the slightly dirty window with a view of a dimly lit street below, and you thought you saw somebody in what was maybe a yellow raincoat walking up the street.

This began to happen often. You would wake up with the urge to look out the window, and sometimes you would see him.

He indeed wore a yellow jacket, even on the driest of nights. You’d see the strange man walking up the street in the deadest hour of the night, and even in your young age you knew that was weird. You’d watch him for a few seconds, and every time he stopped and looked around, then turned towards your house, and you’d quickly duck under the covers and not come out until morning. Eventually, though, Mom put up blinds and you stopped looking for the weird man.

Days, weeks, months passed. Years went by, rolling like an endless and unstoppable tide. School, friends, hobbies, girls, they all pushed the strange set of memories from your conscious mind.
One night, in your senior year of college, you were studying late at the library. When you finally packed it in, you headed out and started to walk home to your apartment a few blocks down, since gas is expensive.


On a drearily lit street, you got the creepy feeling that someone was watching you. A few times you turned around but nobody was behind you. Then you felt like it was coming from higher up, and you looked at a slightly dirty window in a strangely familiar house. But there was nobody.

You shrugged it off and, as a loud crack of thunder pealed overhead, you gladly threw on your yellow raincoat and continued up the silent street.


Credit To: Zach

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41 thoughts on “Raincoat”

  1. SorryImAwkward

    I’m not usually critical to the authors here but that’s not much of a pasta. if you think about it what you where saying was that yes people can just have yellow rain coats and there does not have to be anything creepy going on just maybe a man walking by on the way home much like your character

  2. Obsceneusername

    What can I say that hasn’t already been said? Not very creepy, but extremely well written. As a DM, I applaud your style. 9/10

  3. that was incredible a nice story and build up i was confused until it read “you put on your yellow raincoat” then i said oh that makes sense.

  4. I found it unbelievable that someone wouldn’t remember the house they lived in for a while when they were old enough to be in school.

  5. It is incredibly written and has a twist at the end that’ll keep the story lingering in your head for days. That’s what makes a good story, 10 out of 10 no doubt.

  6. Gas isn’t so expensive that walking a few blocks would save you any significant money, unless your car gets ten feet to the gallon.

  7. Truthfully, it wasn’t as creepy as it was mind-boggling. From the point of view concerning originality, we need to have more stories like this that dont just focus on blood and guts to the point you think you are talking about a game, but cause the reader to actually use their thinking skills for once.

    Again, even for not being so creepy, it still delivered fantastically. I give a 9/10.

  8. I enjoyed this. Most of what I have to say had been said, but super interesting start. :) Could you expand on this a bit more? Add some chicken and parmesan cheeses to this pasta?

    1. It implies that the guy walking down the street in his yellow raincoat WAS the kid, but in the future. Something like that. Don’t worry, total mindfuck.

  9. In all honesty, it wasn’t generally creepy. Maybe in the start of the story, but not so much as a whole. Still, I like the concept and the wording, since I rarely like reading 2nd person stories. Good job mate! 9/10 due to lack of creepiness, but good story as a whole.

  10. That was BEARY good! I love the fact its in 2nd person. Nobody writes like that unless you’re playing DND. I give you kudos on that! Also your ending was stellar. It wasn’t creepy to say, but it was very well writen and thought over well! You made my day!


      I’m not sure if you are genuinely saying that or(as your name states)you are using sarcasm

  11. Guys, why is this the highest rated pasta I’ve ever seen? It was no doubt very well written but I really don’t think the story itself is worth a ten. Not only has that concept been used multiple times but it’s not really creepy. Sometimes I wish I had a mustache.

  12. One of the better Creepy Pastas. It isn’t that cliché. If Creepy Pasta were real pasta, this would be the odd, but foreign pasta–unexpectedly good, well done, and truly original. It isn’t quite creepy, but it’s one of those stories where it makes you think. Great job 10/10.

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