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Polly, The Staring Dolly

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On my eighth birthday, I got a present that would change my life forever. It was a beautiful doll that looked a lot like me. That is why my grandmother bought it for me. I named her Polly. However, days after I got the doll, things began to get weird, but I didn’t notice.

I slowly became unsocial, never having kids over. All I needed was Polly to make me happy. She was my best and only friend. I just went to school, and came home daily. I never bothered to make friends, or talk to teachers. I even stopped trying in school. I had been a perfect student until I got the present. Nobody really noticed, though, so I didn’t mind.

After about a week of having Polly, I stopped eating real food. I just didn’t feel right eating normal food, so I would always go out to the backyard (we lived in a forest area), after telling my mom I wasn’t really hungry that night, and find some woodland creature to hunt and kill for dinner. My mom didn’t notice me not eating much, until week three. She even took me to the doctor a few times, asking about what was wrong with me. The doctor always had the same answer. I was at a healthy weight and was not sick. After our third visit to Dr. Cortez, my mom decided I was fine and just going through a “stage” as she called it.


After a month of having Polly, my mom noticed me sleeping in my closet instead of my usual place: my bed. And when she would come to check on me, not only would I be in the closet, but Polly would be in my bed. I would also sleep with my eyes wide open. My mom just ignored it, also saying it was a “stage”.

Three months later, I got a haircut. I wanted a bob, and that is what I got. The creepy thing was, after I got my haircut, Polly’s hair started to fall out. It only stopped when her hair was exactly like mine. My mom then knew things were not right with the doll, but I would not part with it because Polly was my friend. She was the only one who understood me.

My mom also told me that when she was about to fall asleep, she would find Polly right next to her bed. Polly would stare at her intently. My mom would put her back in my room, but always find Polly in the same spot when she went back to bed. Eventually, my mom ignored it. I now know that Polly was checking to see if my mom was still awake.


After almost a year, things got stranger. My skin, hair, and eyes started to turn a glowing green. This resulted in another doctor visit, but he said there was nothing he could do. This, my mom finally decided wasn’t a “phase”. She watched me as much as possible. She even quit her job, a crazy move for a single mother, so she could home school me and make sure nothing happened to me.

Then the worst night of both of our lives happened. My mom woke up in the middle of the night, after hearing the backdoor open and slam shut. She ran outside, after noticing that I wasn’t in my bed, and neither was Polly. Once outside, she spotted us immediately. We were walking towards the lake, hand in hand. She ran after us, and was almost too late. Polly was leading me into the water, clearly trying to drown me. Polly turned her head, all the way around, towards my mom. She smiled a sick, malevolence grin that sent shivers down her spine. My mom knew she had to act now, before it was too late.


She ran to me and grabbed my hand, but I pushed her away. She fought until she had me, struggling, in her arms. She placed me in my bed, and locked me in. She sat there, trying to comfort me. I was hysterical. Then, we heard the tapping. We looked at the window, and found Polly standing there staring at us, with her evil green eyes. My mom opened the window, and grabbed her. My mom ran out of my room and threw Polly in the fireplace.


It was on my tenth birthday when I got the courage to ask my mom what Polly was doing, and what had happened to me. She said that my grandmother got Polly for free, from a woman that seemed crazy. Her daughter died days before she got rid of the doll. My mom showed me the research she did, and it turned out that the previous eight owners of the doll were all killed in various ways. The first killed was one year old, the second was two years old, the third was three years, the fourth was four years, the fifth was five years, the sixth was six years, the seventh was seven years, and then there was me. I was the only one to survive.

I am fine now, after much counseling and bed rest, unlike the unlucky seven girls who came across Polly the staring dolly, which is what my family has called her to this day.

Credited to Connie and Lauren.

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179 thoughts on “Polly, The Staring Dolly”

  1. This pasta has no sauce on it. I think if you had given a creep factor to this, it would have been better. Also, if we had an origin to the doll, like a strange old woman who works with porcelan, I would love this. It’s still very good though, keep it up!

  2. ? OKay it says “and it turned out that the previous eight owners of the doll were all killed in various ways.” but it was her and the previous seven owners.. right? because it went from age 1 to 7 and then her? Other than that pretty good story, good job

  3. Kamira Heramace

    Wow I absolutely love this story don’t get me wrong I love it but you could go a little slower and describe things more I still love this pasta it was delicious

  4. Good concept, I like many in the comments was expecting the doll and girl to switch places. Honestly, though, the writing of it could have been better, and it lost me at the glowing green bit because I still fail to see how that has anything to do with anything, but overall I didn’t hate it.

  5. didn’t really enjoy this one, but it helped justify my hatred of dolls. my kids still give me a hard time because I made them leave any dolls they ever received as presents at their grandmothers house. also, the creepy stuffed clown like the one in poltergeist someone gave them for christmas. :(

  6. I really didn’t like this. It was so cliché and nothing made any sense. Why the crap was she glowing green? And I mean I know there are some sick moms out there, but when your daughter goes from normal to a week later eating small animals she kills in the backyard? That’s cause for worry.

    I think the other reason I don’t like it is that her progression is crazy quick. She goes from a normal 8 year old to a psycho with a hunger for small animals. It makes no sense.

  7. Some people are being a bit too harsh in the comments they are leaving. Connie and Lauren, you should keep trying, but maybe try to come up with a nice original pasta. This was really good, up until the bit when the girls skin started glowing green. That was a bit too weird for me, and then it became very clichéd. But you could easily do a good one.


  8. blabla shut the fuck up

    So many tings horribly wrong with this story.

    She goes from a “perfect” student to not even trying, at all, and no one notices? She isnt eating regular food…for three weeks…and her mom FINALLY notices?

    this read like a pre-teen horror story, something like one of those cheesy “horror” books for kids, where there were always happy endings and lame plot twists.

    author: are you 12? O.o


  9. Hello, my name is Polly, The Staring Dolly, and i dont love you. I am NOT your friend. I dont want to BE your friend. I want to be YOU. its not fair that you get to be real, and i have to be plastic. I want your warmth, your hair, your eyes, the people who love you. Hi, I’m Polly, and soon, I will be you.

  10. Good plot albeit unoriginal, but good twist and good action.
    But I felt it was really poorly written, no offense but the way it was written seemed very…simple. And far from engaging. I foud it quite a frustrating read, despite the good plot so I’ll give it a 4/10

  11. “Ohhh, my daughter isn’t eating for up to 3 weeks and she goes off into the woods around lunchtime and suppertime! This is just a phase. Now she’s sleeping with her eyes wide open in a closet, while the doll is on her bed! This is totally just a phase, nothing horribly written and with poor grammar here! Ooooh, now this creepy fucking doll is leading my daughter to the lake, hmm, something might be up. Wait- What? The doll is at the window tapping it! Oh, hello, dolly! I’ve decided just now to get rid of you. *pitches doll away* There, now it’s gone and not coming back because everyone knows a 4-inch throw can break a doll in 9 pieces and it totally can’t crawl back up to the window again. I’m such a good mother!”


  12. I dunno what to rate this one. The writing is about average for Creepypasta, the premise is a bit cliche, and every single character is an idiot (not just the doctor and the mom, but Polly herself when you think about it). It definitely creeped me out, but that might just be because dolls in general scare me. And also because, right at the part where Polly taps on the window, a squirrel ran across my roof.


  13. Honestly? This isn’t some kind of joke? For Lucifer’s sake, my cat has batter narrative skills than the author, and it’s dead! The author should stick to what they are good at: Spending time with severly retarded children to make them feel intectually superior.

    Fear the Darkness (And any other nonsense this person writes)


    tl;dr failtroll tries too hard yet again.

  14. Honestly? This isn’t some kind of joke? For Lucifer’s sake, my cat has batter narrative skills than the author, and it’s dead! The author should stick to what they are good at: Spending time with severly retarded children to make them feel intectually superior.

    Fear the Darkness (And any other nonsense this person writes)


    cause all that killing innocent woodland creatures and sleeping with eyes wide open in the closet while the serial killer dolly specific age wanders the fuck about , actually spends most of the time staring at the mum…

    oh and cute nickname. NOT.

  16. Docotr, my daughter has cancer.

    Oh sim sure its just a phase

    She also has radioactive skin.

    It’s a phase.



  17. So the mother certainly took the whole “there is a haunted doll that keeps making its way into my room while im trying to sleep” thing fairly well. Personally i would have curb stomped the thing lol

  18. Reasons why I hate dolls like that. I even hate porcelin dolls. I only own one porcelin doll from my old collection, but it’s the one my father had given me, so it has sentimental value. *shudders* The thing still creeps me out though…

  19. The maximum people Polly can kill will probably be 100, considering how killing anyone aged 100 and above would be mundane as they are near to death anyway.

    Good concept, but a huge let-down ending. Not to mention that the mother needs some serious schooling on how to determine a “phase” from abnormal. As well, the grandmother should be smacked on the head for taking a doll from a crazy woman. That’s just a big ‘NO’.

    I thought it would probably been much neater if Polly was trying to drown Narrator so she could take her place since they do look alike.

  20. An illogical, extremely long, boring, cliched and stupid post. Really, this is something I might’ve told to my friends when I was in grade two.

    Yeah, because sleeping in your closet is a phase, glowing green skin isn’t overdone, and the family still mentioning the doll as well as giving her a nickname is totally realistic.

  21. o.o this is the first happy ending I’ve come across, and I like it =D
    I think it was a pretty good story, couldn’t spot any grammar mistakes. Not like I’m a grammar Nazi like other people, I think it’s more so the story that counts than the grammar. As long as it’s decently written and eligible.

  22. Leave it 80+ years and she’ll be killing OAPs.

    Thing is, eventually Polly would be useless, effectively after her 15th victim at the most, surely.

  23. “She smiled a sick MALEVOLENCE grin that sent shivers down her spine.”
    Orly, PollytheStaringDolly?

  24. Someone’s been watching too much Ghost Hunt…
    WAY too much…
    To the point where they begin to copy the stories and post them as Creepypasta…
    *cough* *cough*

  25. 1: worst fucking parent on the planet; did not notice kid not eating for THREE WEEKS

    2: dumbest fucking person on planet “she would find Polly right next to her bed. Polly would stare at her intently. My mom would put her back in my room, but always find Polly in the same spot when she went back to bed. Eventually, my mom ignored it.”

    3: how do you research people who owned a certain doll?

  26. this is one of my top 2 favorite pasta! its actually tied for 1st with the willow men!!! XD DON’T KILL ME POLLY!!! XD

  27. … I keep waiting for the line that says “POLLY KILLED YOU ON YOUR 9TH BIRTHDAY! YOU’RE DEAD, HAHAHAHA.”… But I guess that didn’t happen, Polly being ‘dead’ and all?
    Srsly, Creepypasta shouldn’t have happy endings. This works much better as a .. normal sort-story.
    Nice idea, though; there’s always something spooky about toys.

  28. The concept is nicely creepy, but the ending was a bit of a let-down.

    It’s not that it ended well – even scary stories are allowed to. But it’s too explainy. Cut out the entire last two paragraphs, and various ages of the previous victims. It’s a scary story, not an anecdote; it has to leave the reader creeped out and confused, not relieved and/or bored. ;)

    One hint: Stories told from the first person perspective don’t have to end well. They just need a plausible way for the narrator to be here to tell the story – a diary, a recording, or by breaking the fourth wall and turning the narrator into some kind of bogeyman.

  29. cayla is in your house

    OMG I SHAT BRICKS this recalls one of my worst fears(and still is) TOYS im 12 and much prefer books with substance besides something with creepy eyes and small parts 0_0 epic pasta >:)

  30. Yeah, not exactly my favorite kind of pasta. The style is interesting, but doesn’t quite creep me out in the end.

    You know, there really isn’t enough unknown or maliciousness there. Just a doll who kills girls for some arbitrary reason.

    Also, as mentioned, does feel a bit fake at times. Again, style, but things don’t quite creep you out when they dismiss basic logic.

  31. I kind of enjoyed this actually, even if it is a little generic and surreal.

    Although I don’t think the Doctor would shrug it off if someone was glowing bright green ROFL.

    And any sane person would throw the doll out as soon as they found the child in the closet. Is the mother retarded or something? Most mothers throw any old toys out during random spring cleans. This woman isn’t qualified to have children.

  32. Lol. I as a child was never hunted by my dollies….
    I do how ever remember an evil brown teddy bear with a red bow appearing out of no where multiply times – I burned it, the only way to truely rid your self of anything evil. Oh, and Barbie Dolls. I burned many barbies due to waking up with them on my chest staring intently at me – why are toys so evil?

  33. the name reminded me of the Nirvana song.
    >_< *sigh* for some reason i always like a doll creepypasta. I actually didn’t find the mother thing suprising.

  34. this pasta should be put up in the halls as WHO WAS PHONE? and NO JOHN, YOU ARE THE DEMONS. i.e. it’s so bad it’s awesome


    Total fucking ditz she it. No wonder she’s a single mom. Just one fuck-up after the other.

  36. this had potential until the green glowing. actually until the eating small animals and the haircut. actually this story sucked.

  37. hahahahha this was the worst peice of shit ive ever read! wtf hahaha it was just a “stage” when she decided to become anorexic and use small marsupials as a subsitute for food. this story made no sense and was repertitive to no end. i was so glad that when i got to the end of the story there wasnt a little twist like “The next day i woke up and my skin had turned to plastic like the doll, but i didnt notice so much, and my mom said it was just a phase’.
    thanks for writing this bullshit, it made me laugh :)

  38. I have to agree with Holder of the Penis’s comment: that the mother in this story must’ve been “boozed out of her gourd 24/7 to shrug off this shit.”

    Mind you, most of the parents in your typical “child-sees-things-and-weird-shit-starts-happening” horror stories are pretty damn stupid, but this mom takes the cake.

    Other than that, this is actually really interesting, and a hell of a lot better than anything I could’ve thought of at the age of ten. Please don’t get too discouraged.

  39. Too many hole and un-creepiness. How in the world can the doll’s hair fall out until it is a bob? If a hair falls out, it falls out. It doesn’t cut itself into a bob.

    Plus, what sort of mom would be trying to fall asleep, see an evil doll staring at her and then just ignore it and snuggle into the covers and go to sleep?

  40. I used to have a doll that was my best friend….except I didn’t start eating woodland animals and she never tried to off me xD

  41. Haha. This, my friend, is why I don’t like dolls or plushies anymore
    >_>… Polly…ha….Polly Pocket…XD

  42. This reminds me of the story people used to tell me when I was twelve and went to camp about a doll that killed people and instead of the whole killing the kids depending on age and shit, it was like she killed them and called them polka dots.

  43. Wait a second:
    Child 1 is killed at 1 year old.
    Child 2 is killed at 2 years old.
    Child 3 is killed at 3 years old.
    Child 4 is killed at 4 years old.
    Child 5 is killed at 5 years old.
    Child 6 is killed at 6 years old.
    Child 7 is killed at 7 years old.

    The doll tries to kill the child over a year after her eighth birthday.

  44. Mother being so totally inept at, well, being a mother was a bit hard to accept, but I liked the concept. A mindfuck end would have been an enjoyable plus too, although sometimes good ends are nice.

  45. My grandma would get me a glass doll every christmas up until she died. I can’t say it front of my mom, but they scare the fuckin shit outta meh. TT^TT She won’t allow me to get rid of any of them, and there’s one that’s pocessed.
    ahk…. forget the dolls, my house is scary.


    It was pretty creepy actually reading it, but thanks to that redeeming ending I’ll actually be able to sleep tonight.

  47. Lol, thanks. Im happy for the negative feedback though.
    I really like writting, and I want to learn how to make it better.

  48. Holder of the Penis


    Don’t stress. It’s not a bad premise.

    You know your story is really bad when it becomes memetic – “who was phone”, “John was a zombie”, etc. Yours wasn’t nearly that bad. Just keep ’em coming, you’ll improve.

  49. Lauren, don’t let it get to you too much. I liked it enough to post it, and you got positive feedback as well as negative.

    And for what it’s worth, it’s written far better than a lot of the submissions I receive.

  50. Sorry it isnt that good, but I would just like to inform you I wrote this with a ten year old, so even I was expecting it to turn out like crap.
    The girl I wrote it with wanted to send it in, so I did.


  51. Would be cooler if the mother killed her daugther instead of polly

    I mean, the doll sleept like the girl and the girl like the doll.

    1. i think there was one pasta like that except it was sister-youngersister thing. the sister actually killed the little girl instead of the doll :O

  52. I the whole thing

    I liked the concept, and I felt that the story was written in the style of a little girl, excusing many of the mistakes.

    The turning green thing threw me, though. I mean, wtf? There was no unifying thema for the actions the doll made the little girl do except for bed/closet.

    I thought she was going to go outside and eat dirt instead of real food (like, mud pies).

  53. I can see a franchise.

    Polly 1

    Polly 2: The new batch

    Polly 3:Polly takes Manhattan

    Polly 4:Polly in da hood

    Polly 5: Polly in Space

    Bride of Polly: Polly goes to California (AKA Polly vs Prop 8)

    Black Polly:Polly runs for president

  54. It’s not the most original pasta I’ve ever read. And the ending was a little blah. Although one of the creepiest things to ever happen to me involved porcelain dolls. Shine a blacklight near a porcelain doll and their eyes start to glow. Or at least that’s what happened to mine. Ever since that night, I’ve been wary of Carla, Sarah, and Elizabeth. (The dolls my grandma gave me) So the story was kinda spooky in that I’m alrady wary of dolls I guess…

  55. since everyone always has an opinion about how a creepypasta could be better we should make a creepyedit board or something.

  56. Story was pretty good until the end, which just kind of stopped abruptly. I do agree that the parenting skills of this mother are pretty damn bad. I mean, a whole YEAR before she realizes something might be wrong? Guess it’s good her daughter didn’t have the measles or something.

    @29 I was wondering that myself. All the other things link doll and girl, but I have never heard of a doll eating woodland creatures. Maybe I should just get out more.

  57. @Holder of the Penis,
    Agreed, the bad pasta was bad.

    The mother was the scary one. I’d hope my mom wouldn’t think that kind of stuff a phase. She would probably know when I stopped eating.

    The ending could have been much better.

  58. what is the significance of the girl turning green and eating woodland creatures? am i missing something? but i thought the idea was good, any story pertaining to a creepy doll or inanimate object always get the desired effect

  59. She got her hair cut into a bob…
    Then the dolls hair started falling OUT…right..

    Yet, apparently it “falls out” until the doll has a matching bob?

    Does not compute.

  60. This actually had a pretty solid concept. It’s kind of a shame that it’s written so poorly. Grammatical errors abound, and the author overstates the obvious–for example, they say “the doll is gonna drown me” when they could’ve just let the doll’s actions make that clear, and avoided hitting the reader over the head with that information.

  61. Yeah, there is something horribly wrong with the mother. And why would she take her to a Doctor? If shit like that happened to my kids, I’d take them to a Psychiatrist (sp?). And just look at the stuff she was deeming as part of a “phase”. Killing and eating woodland animals? Sleeping in the closet? A doll always showing up beside her bed? There is something deeply wrong with this woman.

  62. Holder of the Penis

    “I would also sleep with my eyes wide open. My mom just ignored it, also saying it was a “stage”.”

    “My mom would put her back in my room, but always find Polly in the same spot when she went back to bed. Eventually, my mom ignored it.”

    LOLWUT? That mom must have been boozed out of her gourd 24/7 to shrug off this shit.

    Bad pasta is bad.

  63. The begginning was pretty neat but the ending was kind of meh. Not to bad though. I hate dolls, but only porceline dolls. Especially the two my friend has, they’re so freaking life like; It’s creepy.

  64. You know those narrative stories that fifth grade students are forced to write for a grade?
    Well, this reminded me of one of those.
    Not well-written at all.

  65. Pretty good pasta.

    It actually didn’t turn out the way I thought though- I expected the ever classic doll turns into girl, girl turns into doll routine, but it was a good twist! But yeah, the ending was a bit flat.

  66. Jesus Tapdancing Christ

    The ending -was- a little flat, but it was better than what I expected – this sounded a lot like the multiple stories about kids and dolls switching places, then the new doll-kid getting rid of the kid-doll and taking over their lives.

    @3: Yeah, I wondered about the mom, too.

  67. the begining few prargraphs got me a lil jumpy ( actually looked around my room expecting to see something satring back at me secretly or something)… but the ending was a bit flat in my opinion…

    anyway, its a welcome change to the uncreepy-dryspell, so..yay all the same~!

  68. Ryan: No not Polly Pockets! There are many girls who name things Polly.
    Polly the Staring Dolly:Psh, if that happened to me my mom would probably say it was a phase. xP
    Stolz de Mannes: Thank you!

  69. Polly the Staring Dolly

    “The next day all my hair turned into eyeballs and I levitated around the room. The doctor said it was probably just a phase. Also I started to worship Satan and I ate a whole live giraffe. My mother decided to wait it out, and see where this was going.”

    1. Polly the Staring Dolly

      ‘ I needed an eigth one to become a real human my self i had almost every thing… but of course that stupid mother of hers i was so close parents ruin every thing.. i was her perfect image i tried and tried so close ‘ she thought to her self as her burnt body start to cwarl and slither out of ashes

    1. Lt.Col. Obvious | I'm better than the captain!

      Um 8 previous owners?

      “The first killed was one year old, the second was two years old, the third was three years, the fourth was four years, the fifth was five years, the sixth was six years, the seventh was seven years, and then there was me.”

      How dat? ^^

      “the previous eight owners of the doll were all killed in various ways.”

      When dis? ^^

      Lol sorry but it made me chuckle a lil’ too much when I saw that. Good little story but.

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