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5 Eerie Places in Slovenia for Ghost Hunters

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Slovenia is a beautiful country with beautiful nature and a history that is more fearful and strange than you could imagine. As a small European country between Italy and Austria bordered by Croatia, it offers more than stunning landscapes and rich culture. 

In favor of ghost hunters, Slovenia is home to ghostly apparitions and haunted locations that are sure to attract every fan of mystery. But this place is not only for horror story lovers. In this article, we’ll explore 5 of the most haunted sites appealing for their adrenaline rush.

Predjama Castle

This majestic structure is none other than Predjama Castle, which is located on a 123-meter tall cliff overlooking the Lipica Spring. As locals claim, this castle is haunted by a mysterious dark past. And if you look at its Gothic architectural design, you might quickly agree that this castle indeed looks haunted.  What’s more, people say that the castle’s inhabitants are the ghosts of several servants and one of the knights named Erazem Lueger. 


Erazem was famous for his robber-like activities similar to the English outlaw Robin Hood. This man was holding the castle for over one year when he died of a cannonball, which hit him while he was on the loo. Considering that spiritualists have reported seeing the apparent ghost of Erazem going around the castle, there was some talk of making tours around this castle illegal in the past. Still, there are various available options for getting yourself entertained. For instance, according to this article, gambling is legal in Slovenia which is a safer option than gambling with your life in this eerie castle.

Ljubljana Castle

Ljubljana Castle, situated on the hilltop, stands majestically over Slovenia’s capital. This is another interesting place for ghost hunters that represents the city’s past and survival. But it is also a place with some cold-blooded mysteries beyond the grave. The history of this castle spans centuries and has been used for royal living, military protection, and even imprisonment. 

This can be explained by a land’s history that is so diverse that stories about restless souls from the Middle Ages are not the exception. Yes, you will hear many legends about this place. One of the most known ones is about a white lady whose voice can still be heard in the castle.

Celje Castle

Celje Castle is another place with some old dark aspects and disasters. Probably the most known legend connected to the castle is the story of the death of beautiful Veronika of Desenice, the daughter of a wealthy nobleman who loved Frederick II, the son of Count Hermann II. 

The common theme in their love story turned bitter when Veronika was faced with charges of witchcraft and was murdered by drowning in one of Tetzel’s castle wells. Present-day inhabitants of Celje regard it as a norm to see an apparition of a woman whom locals claim to be Veronika, who is still haunting the castle. Today, locals believe that her spirit is restless in the pursuit of justice and the seeking of peace.


Hudičev Most

Only the fact that the name of this spot is translated as “Devil’s Bridge” is enough to be convinced that Hudičev Most hides various chilling tales behind it. The ancient stone bridge in Slovenia is located near the village of Dovje and has been the site of numerous spooky legends. 


The structure crosses a steep valley with a highway, and according to local lore, the devil constructed this bridge. Believe it or not, the villagers traded their souls to the Devil, so that he would build this bridge. And you know what the Devil’s condition was? The first creature to cross the bridge would lose its soul. 

Luckily, the people of the village were wise, and they outwitted the devil — they put a dog on the bridge, and the trap closed on him. Indignant, the devil supposedly swore, and to this day, his vengeful spirit allegedly haunts the place of the bridge. 


Kobarid Museum

The final eerie spot on our list is related to World War I and the event known as the Battles of the Isonzo. Other than the fact that this museum provokes a deep historical interest, it’s considered an ideal place for mystery enthusiasts. Set deep in the Soča Valley, the museum showcases items associated with the war, including the personal belongings of the deceased soldiers, and it is believed that those items’ souls still reside in the museum. 

Up to now, there have been numerous ‘eyewitness’ testimonies from museum employees and visitors. Some of them say that they have noticed moving objects. Others report sudden falling temperatures, the faint sounds of marching soldiers, and shots fired from a distance. While we don’t know whether all these paranormal occurrences actually happen or not, they do instill suspense.

Final Thoughts

Slovenia has several places that are believed to be haunted, and it is always intriguing to travel to them and learn more about the history of this country. This makes us encourage you to take advantage of these haunted places if you plan to visit the cultural landmarks of the country. Who knows, maybe you will end up being among those lucky ones who meet supernatural creatures along the way!

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