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Sean’s house was covered from head to toe in family photographs. Some from family retreats to Ireland, others showing lost family relatives. Most of these photographs would include Sean in them, so it was only natural that he would look at them from time to time. However, one day he noticed something rather strange about the pictures: His mother seemed to have a red face in all of the photos. Rather shocked by this, he immediately ran downstairs to ask if anyone had done something to the pictures. They all answered no; even his mother, whom was quite worried. Later that day Sean’s mother went to the hospital due to horrific 3rd degree burns caused by a grill catching fire for an unknown reason.

Sean’s father decided to stay at the hospital that night and thought it best to send Sean home with his big brother Thomas and little sister Maria. As Sean walked into the house he caught glance of the family photograph in which he noticed the change to his mother’s face, and found that Maria was not in the picture.

He ran upstairs to her bedroom only to find that she was nowhere to be seen. Alarmed by these strange events Sean called the police. Sean informed them that his sister had been kidnapped and that someone was in his house, possibly vandalising his family’s belongings. The phone immediately went dead, and as Sean went to put the phone down he caught a glimpse of an animal in the corner of his eye. He rushed out of the safety of his room to go and find the beast, but what he found was far worse.


The mangled bodies of his family lie in the corridor in front of his room, their faces frozen in a state that almost makes him vomit. And then it struck him. All the photographs had been removed from the walls, except for one which was a picture of Sean, with his face scribbled out.


The next day his two best friends went to visit him, because he was not answering his phone and was not at school all week. As they arrived, they noticed that the door had been left open. So they let themselves in, and were never seen again.

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139 thoughts on “Photoslash”

  1. This whole thing felt rushed. Like something a friend needs to tell you but they also need to go to the bathroom so they blurt it out really fast. It had potential. But it reminded me of the monster stories I’d write as a kid. A valiant effort though

  2. This could have made a good story but unfortunately it was poorly written and there are many timing mistakes… Like “the NEXT DAY his friends went to visit him because he wasn’t at school ALL WEEK.”

  3. Some Call Me Weird

    Ah… the ending kind of killed it. :(
    A little rushed at times – neat concept.
    Say Cheese and Die, anyone?

  4. …What the DERP! Undercooked, same mistake every pasta makes, TAKE SOME TIME TO COOK THIS! Why would anyone want to eat pasta that hadn’t even been cooked, just soaked in water and then stuffed in a bowl?

  5. Not a bad idea at all. However, badly written, poorly executed, and in desperate need of a vast amount more detail and atmosphere. A shame, because the idea was sound, this one rather deserved better than it got. 3/10 Purely for the idea.

  6. Don’t know what to do with a haunted house?


  7. The only thing in this story that rustled some emotions was the visits to Ireland because I am from Ireland and I exclaimed “that’s where I’m from!”

  8. Don’t worry, Doc had gotten me back in time to save my family from disappearing. To bad I couldn’t save the scribbles on me. I have hardcore parkinson’s now…

  9. Really? People find this trash good? This isn’t creepy. Poor word choice, missing conjunctions, generally terrible English, and to top it off, shitty story.
    Honestly. Terrible.

  10. Starts with a good concept, then degrades as it progresses, into a typical ‘everyone dies’, and finally of course the abysmally abrupt ending of ‘they were never seen again’. Sub-average pasta. However, one question remains…


  11. Obviously written by somebody with a limited understanding of the English language. Disappointing. 0/10

    Fear the Darkness


  12. As everyone else said, this is so much like Goosebumps’ “Say cheese and die” I thought that from the mom bit.

    And the ending sucked.

  13. Randy Sisenstein

    Horrible ending. Had the writer kept up what he was doing at the beginning with horrific events predicted in the photographs, rather than what is there now, it would have been a much more enjoyable read.

  14. Ending=lazy

    Could have done much better. Also, improper use of “whom”. Using “whom” does nothing to make your story sound more srs if you use it improperly.

  15. It started off good, predictable, but good. I was looking forward to seeing what happened to the photos of his siblings and father. YOu could have mentioned that. BTW, the the hell is going on with the animal? An animal wouldn’t cause third degree burns so it doesn’t really link and why were the friends never seen again? Where they in the photos to?

    I is slightly confused…

  16. DAMMIT. That was great until the last sentence. Probably could have had some more good story with going into EXACTLY what happened to the friends, not just “And they were never seen again.”
    Also, how did the animal get in there? And how did the whole family get home?

  17. End was horrible, no offense.
    Just too abrupt and forced.

    If you had explained how his family had gotten in front of his bedroom (especially since his mom and dad clearly stayed at the hospital), what the animal was, and what happened to him and his friends, it would’ve been better.

    All in all, 6.5/10

  18. Angry Priincess

    Theres Liike….. A Goosebumps Book Liike Thiis…….ii Fiink iits Called Say Cheese An Diie………..Dunno iit Wos Alriight

  19. I feel like this would have been better if there had been more of an ending to it. “They were never seen again” just doesn’t suffice in this case.

  20. The ending was a little too rushed. More details about the family members’ deaths would have been better. 3/5

  21. I, as the original author will edit ‘Photoslash’ and re-post it on its original source page, Encyclopedia Dramatica.

  22. I love the response this one got. A friend of mine wrote it, and how it ended up here is beyond me, but…it’s creepypasta. I liked it (Sean thinks it’s terribly written), and at least it’s true to the real-life source material.

    Thanks for the responses, the writer would love to see this.

  23. The one thing I really liked was the fact that his face on the photo was scribbled out. Faceless monsters always creep me the fuck out. The rest is meh.


  24. I’m gonna use a metaphor to describe this, so be ready. The pasta (basic idea) was good. The sauce (the end product) was not as good as it could have been. Good pasta, bad sauce, and it was too fast.

  25. So…His friends check up on him the next day, after the murders(?), but he hadn’t been to school all week?

    That lazy drop-out Sean deserved what he got!

  26. So…He calls the police reporting a missing child and possibly intruder … The phone goes dead … So they don’t bother investigating? They just figure “Oh, phone died, couldn’t be that important.”


  27. it was rather good where you never told that cameras steal your soul lol
    that was ur first mistake second was not listening to the warnings you are a fool

  28. Normally I’d take time to re-write a pasta to fix the syntax/grammar/spelling/etc… But this one, oh Lord, this one…

  29. My brother’s name is Sean… xD That probably creeped me out more than the pasta would’ve using a different name.

  30. Okay, that ending seriously needs work. What the hell did his friends have to do with it if the entire story was focused on family pictures?

  31. Kinda liked it – it’s told so unexcited, as if it were about “And then I went to the supermarket, and there I met…”. Makes it less creepy but more cruel.

  32. “NO! I must kill the photos” he shouted
    The radio said “No Sean, you are the photos”
    And then Sean was a bad creepypasta

  33. Ah…well, I actually kinda liked the beginning. I liked it all the way up until the point where he went after the beast that had shown up in the corner of his vision. After that, I agree with the lot of these commentatorotorotorotorers.

    Or maybe I hated it and I just wanted to see myself go a teeny bit higher up on the Top Commentators list! AHAHAHAHA!!

  34. But the call was coming from inside the ghost of Christmas past’s hooked hand in the rearview mirror!!!

    Too many plot twists. It’s like, right as you started going down one alley, you suddenly got kicked in the side of the head and made a sudden detour. It doesn’t work for M. Night Shyamalan and it doesn’t work for you. Awful pasta.

  35. Started out strong and slowly declined as it went on. Though I’m kinda reminded of a myspace chain bulletin, I was waiting for the re-post this five times or be met with some manner of horrible death.

  36. Could have been really good. But holy crap was that a quick ending. I’m usually not one to complain but, come on. I’d say if the ending was changed this would be really good.

  37. Just as I finished reading this an msn thingie popped out and I leapt out of my skin. A great pasta no matter what other people are saying. Allthough the dissapearing ending is kinda over used and it ends kinda abruptly.

  38. BOOOORING. Not creepy at all, trying to hard to be creepy….the ending was crap too, the dissapearing thing is so over-used. where have all the good writers gone?

  39. …Wait, that was a bit harsh of me. XD

    The beginning was promising, but then it quickly fell into an OMGTHEYALLDIE…MYSTERIOUSLY-LIKE thing.

    It’s like the author started it out nice… and then suddenly realized the deadline was in ten minutes, so he/she just stuck in something generic.


  40. @L: looool, you’re right. That and kinda.. that boy from The Omen who takes that picture of that dude where there’s a black line over his throat and then he gets his head chopped off?

  41. If you ask me, it’s a knock-off of “Say Cheese and Die” from the Goosebumps series. :/ Not really all that creepy. I give it a 5/10.

  42. Euhh… no.
    The beginning was great, and I liked the idea with the pictures, but then it lost it’s well, everything.

    Not only did the plot disintegrate, but it went back & forth from past tense, to present. There were a helluva lot of loop holes in it also, like Ellie mentioned.

  43. Hotaru… you do know that this entire site is a 4chan meme, right? So of course it reads like something from 4chan, because it probably is…

  44. “The next day his two best friends went to visit him, because he was not answering his phone and was not at school all week.”

    He was only dead for a day, not a whole week.
    Didn’t really like this pasta.

  45. It started off pretty good, but again, unseen mass murder (especially when sudden) just kills any horror story, whether on text or on a movie.

    The concept could have been worked much more better.

  46. Agree with general consensus, great idea bad execution. Should have went different path.

    Also, last comment! woooo :D

  47. “…and were never seen again.”?


    Are we letting ten-year-olds on the site now?

    Someone take a writing class and save us. I’ve seen posts on 4chan better than this.

  48. The ending could definitely be changed to something better. Never seen again is just too blunt and unoriginal.

    But I do, indeed, like the rest. Nice work, whoever you are.

  49. The concept was really good, but the execution…not so impressive. Too many things going on, whats with the beast? What’s with the scribbled face? and the friends?

    Didn’t like it.

  50. Pretty cool and kind of creepy.

    It reminds me of the Pasta about the wierd cat like creature that stalked you and listened to you opening your door so that it could create a key to kill you in your house.

  51. Ugh, this pasta moved far too fast and the altered photograph theme has been overdone. And what the fuck was up with the “animal?” The outrageous amount of cliches really brought down the quality of this level. The pictures, the sequential destruction of the family, the phone being cut, the unidentifiable creature. And the ending blew. All of his family members were assembled outside of his room? How the hell did his mom suddenly get from the hospital to his house? I thought his sister was kidnapped? And seriously, the rather ominous grill fire seems a bit unrelated to the family being mutilated. L2 creepypasta.

  52. Concept was okay, but the mixed tense towards the end was off-putting. The style is almost childish, though that might be deliberate, but doesn’t particularly do it for me.
    Also, “Head to toe” descriptive of a house doesn’t work.
    Overall… interesting at least, and reworked has potential for awesome.

  53. YAY first reply…..
    ok on a more less meme issue…. nice pasta but needs a better ending you had me hanging on most of the text till the las paragraph… I did like it but could use a small change in the end…. just an opinion but overall I rate it a 4

  54. It’s obvious whoever wrote this got the inspiration from “Say Cheese and Die,” one of the first Goosebumps books ever written.

    Seriously, folks. Kids’ books?

  55. That was just a bad story. I was really expecting something better from this. And the idea of evil photographs has been overdone so many times…

    I remember now, I read this in a Goosebumps book like ten years ago. And in a dozen other stories and pastas.

    I understand the unknown angle with why the photos show what they do, but the story seems to unravel near the end into more nonsense than anything else.

    I predict… 13th post.

  56. WTF? So anyone that goes in the house disappears? It went from a burnt face, to grisly murder and now people just disappear?

    Hmmm. I’d give it a 2.5 out of 5.

    But who was police?

  57. This pasta is like the hot chick that sucks in bed. It starts off tantilizing and then kills your creepy-boner. Disappointment.

  58. A promising start, but the ending didn’t make much sense. Could have been far creepier if the family was wiped out one by one, with the manner of death foretold by the photo, with Sean being the last to go. Then his friends find him under the photo. A big scary beast coming and killing everyone at the end was a bit of an anti-climax and doesn’t really tie in with the photo thing.

  59. I remember reading this one on /x/ a while ago. I dont really like it that much, it seems so…unfinished-ish. o_o OOOHHH NOOOEEEES HIS FRIENDS WUZ NEVER SEEN AGAIN OH GOD OH NOOO.

  60. Personally, I think this needs some editing before it’s front page material. It shifts from past to present in the second to bottom paragraph.

    Other than that, photographs have been done before before, but it’s not bad.

  61. MetalGearBidoof

    Would have been good, but the last line, nay, paragraph felt unnecessary. It took away from the rest of the product, if you will.

  62. Haha, I remember reading this somewhere X3
    I don’t think this is creepy at all, mostly because it reminds me of all those silly ‘horror’-stories me and my friends used to tell each other when we were kids.
    I am still hungry >__> (nice to see a new one in ‘rituals’, though)

  63. Hmm well It was good till the sister went missing cause the story was going too fast..
    Besides that it was pretty good.. Cept at the end?
    Dont really understand what happened to his friends,
    They wouldnt be in any of the ‘family photos’
    So yeah :/
    Not too bad though..

  64. It started with a lot of potential, in built up very well toward the end, but the finale itself was sort of spoiled.

    I wish the animal was brought to light, or what caused the death of his siblings.

    It’s implied that it’s murder, or some psychopath, or maybe ghosts… but the animal throws things off by being unable to plot out schemes. It’s hard to be afraid of a golden retriever in the corner who was in the room with you when your family died.

  65. Kind of an old one that I’ve seen floating around, but okay.
    The story could’ve been made -much- creepier if the author had put in some real effort.


  66. I liked this one, sent nice shivers down my back. I don’t get how the parents transported home from the hospital.

  67. you can tell exactly what will happen in the rest of the story as soon as you read the bit about the mom. Not very entertaining.

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