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Once Again

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I awoke with a startle, as if someone had shaken me awake. All was quiet, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I always have a night light on, as a precaution, and it was functioning as beautifully as ever, the near-vacant room illuminated in its shine. However, when I directed my focus to the door, it was open. Usually when this happens, I just barely see a shadowy figure off in the near-distance, standing outside my door. I often take quite a while to muster the courage to leap from my bed, and shut it quickly, without succumbing to the urge to look outside. However, this time was different. There were two eyes, of an off-orange hue, staring directly at me. They were right outside the door, and rather large, and were all I could make out from behind the door. I didn’t want to move; I couldn’t. Even if I could, what would I do? It seemed like I spent ages mourning my own inevitable end, until I heard a slight creak, and I noticed the door closing ever so slightly. As it did, a shining, pearly-white grin seemingly crept across the face of what I was sure was to be my murderer. When its large, toothy smile reached as wide as it possibly could, the door was finally shut. As I was rapidly trying to process what had just happened, I realized with agony that the worst was not over, as an eerie “goodnight” rang through my head.

Credit: Hikari Shimizu


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24 thoughts on “Once Again”

  1. Pasta was in a tiny portion but delicious none the less. But still it’s do hard to find a good pasta of decent length these days.

  2. ^^^ I am a girl, and I do not live with my father. Nice try though! :P

    I honestly didn’t know if this story would go over well at all, since it’s half based on real events, and half just random crap. Thank you, every one who liked it!
    And about the wall of text–it was too short to divide into even two paragraphs, and no new ideas were started. Not saying it’s perfect, though; I don’t really like how it looks either.

  3. Creepy. I could imagine a person in front of my door with big orange eyes….. Oops looks like I’m not sleeping tonight. Above average in my opinion. 7/10. Due to classic hair standing creepy-ness

    1. Yes you are man. You seen your face? By the way, heard about that big monster meet down in New Jersey? I heard Slendy will be there.

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