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They say that the olfactory senses (the sense of smell) is the sense closest linked to memory. Go on eBay, or to a high-end antiques dealer. Find an item made a good amount of time before you were born that was hermetically sealed, vacuum packed or tightly packaged in some way. Make sure you are in surroundings of completely neutral smell with little or no wind. Open the package. The smell should hearken back to your collective subconscious or memory of a past life.

If you are successful in choosing the right item, with the right smell, you will have at least a memory flash, or likely a memory flood of years before you were born.

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62 thoughts on “Olfactory”

  1. ThisIsANameForAComment

    I seem to be missing something. I feel like this is rated higher than it should be. There appears to be no glaring errors, but it really lacks that creepy factor.

  2. i experienced a sensation of floating… hovering in dark, not being able to really look deeper, but not able to flee from it, just a kind of intermidal, tidal area, thats affected by the push and pull of the worlds parrallel, i saw a deep chasm. a deep dark dank, wretched place, where light does not shine, where sick mutaeted human-like appartitions dwell, these shades wanted all of the harm in the world for me, all i wanted was to leave that place, to be here, in our bright world on the top side, then again, the dark of night is the closest thing to the dark ambiance that penetrated into the very strings of malice and fabricated existances…

    will soon begin to write original pastas…

  3. Yeah this wasn’t creepy but I believe it could totally work. I bought a bar of Dragon’s Blood soap the other day and kept sniffing it because it reminded me of a happy time in my past. Smells remind me of past times constantly.

  4. It’s not really like this, but sometimes i do something that i know i’ve never did before. And yet, it feels so familiar

  5. I have a number of things to yell here, and so I shall.

    #1: THE HANDS FUCKING RESIST HIM! …Was that sealed? If so hmm, I might try this.

    #2: Well you see this could destroy some of the Shining theories because if you took one of these objects, such as a sealed roque mallet, to the Overlook, well then damn you’re either going to get “Ah, yes, I was Charles Grady”, “Ah, yes, I was Derwent Grady”, or “What the fuck is this and why are you shoving a hammer in my face?”

    #3: Shit, poorly written, horrible.

    #4: 2/10 for originality

  6. LOLL. The pasta itself was averagely written with a good concept without a good basis. The comments itself actually managed to expand this pasta :]

  7. This is actually pretty fucking interesting (albeit not creepy at all). There are a few smells that come completely out of nowhere (I think one is the smell of very old elevators and hallways) that just make me go absolutely nostalgic. It’s pretty intense, i don’t have any “memory rushes” or flashes, just this very real feeling of something deep in my subconsciousness. Maybe a particular smell from my childhood, but if this were true, I’d be able to associate the smell to something tangible. That doesn’t happen though. It’s just a certainty that the smell belongs to something larger and that I once knew what it meant.

  8. Hello, I’m glad that someone else knows the general idea of the trick, although the item doesn’t necessarily have to be an antique. I unlocked my memories with nothing more than a small knife that my friend got from a store. In my last life I was Hans Jurgins, a starving pickpocket that to my credit, I hadn’t ever been caught. I cut the purse of a lord that decided to walk through the town without his guards and used the money to open a bakery like the one my dad owned before the Great famine caused him to go out of business when grain prices went up. I took in the daughter of a woman who was burned as a witch,despite the protests of my fellow villagers, and taught her how to bake fresh bread for customers.

  9. i remember reading this, I love it. If this was meant to be creepy i think the creepy part is what you would see maybe? anyway i love it :)

  10. This was as creepy as Bambi.

    I heard that if you listen to a baggie being opened that contains something really old then you will hear white-noise from a past life.

  11. shortys roc my sox

    are old roll over minutes counted as antiques

  12. Not sure if that’s a ‘gift’ – sense of smell is strongly tied to memory in everyone =/

    As for the second, perhaps you just have a very good sense of smell? I tend to smell things way before other people, but I’m also really obsessed with fragrance and such so…

  13. i’ve actually had times when old smells from the past would trigger alternate senses and send a tingle down the spine as if its something i should know

    anyways no visions tho

  14. subLImal mEsSaging

    It actually seems like it will work…But I really don’t want to go buy some antique item that may cost hundreds of dollars online only to find out it doesn’t work…
    But I do have some old hats my dead grandma had when she was a little girl…which was over a hundred years ago…Maybe if I take a big whiff of those…? xD

  15. @ 20: Tell that to the people who believe in past life regressions. Lol.

    @ 19: Not nessecarily. Sometimes it’s a mind over matter thing. People want so badly to be brought back to a certain time that they are. Sometimes it’s just the avaliblty for a connection, other times it’s imagination. Who’s really sure though?

  16. geeze people all the complaints about things not being creepy… Creepy pasta doesn’t need to be scary, just pasta about anything abnormal… I always really liked this one. I don’t really believe its true or anything but sometimes when I handle old things I can imagine the time period, this makes me think of that, but exaggerated and i can picture something of this sort being used by hypnotists when working with the past lives stuff. Its neat, you can really allmost believe the idea even though you obviously know its not real.

  17. Surely the item would have to be connected with one of your own past lives- you aren’t going to get memories from someone elses?

  18. @11 i have a really really high thought that i know at least what you are. hence “GGG” and the “farting” hmmmm BUSTED!

  19. I sort of believe in past lives…but i’m not going to go sniffing around things to figure that out.

    i say let sleeping dogs lie; if i was meant to remember my past life then i would have been born with prior memories n’est pas?

  20. OMG, #7!
    A kid in my brother’s grade died this morning from huffing!!!

    maybe he was huffing stuff from his past life and died?
    Ooh, I’m *so* going to hell.

  21. This would actually happen. People do it quite often actually to induce past life regressions. However it does lack the creepy.

  22. i should fart in a plastic bag and put an old box or something in it and sell it on ebay just in case one of you tries this out.

  23. @ 7
    ………Can’t say i ever did that :P

    Coulda been scarier…would been better if they’d somehow incorporated like an example/anecdote/story into it, you know, made it more personalised…an account of it actually happening could have made it more creepy

    But I liked the concept, so overall, good pasta… :)

  24. Isn’t this usually called ‘huffing’ just to get a high from random scents? Like opening a plastic toy in your youth and you took in that deep inhale when you broke the cardboard backing to the plastic cover?

  25. So wait. You’re telling us to spend hundreds of dollars for an antique peice of pottery, that may even be fake for all we know (it IS ebay after all), in an attempt to remember things we should’ve learned in History class? I’m sorry but this ritual reaks of fial.

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