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Number 77’s Death

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Early in the morning of August 19, 2005, the body of a young black man approximately 16 or 17 years old was found on Wolfe Street, in downtown Baltimore. The corpse lay in a pool of blood, and was dressed in a pair of loose jean shorts over white cotton boxers, a Baltimore Ravens football jersey bearing the number 77 and the name Ortiz, a pair of white cotton athletic socks and a small gold cross on a chain around the body’s neck. The body wore no shoes, and had no wallet or other identifying possessions. Baltimore City police concluded that the young man had been just another victim of the city’s frequent violent crimes. Nobody came forth to claim or identify the body, and it was passed on to the coroner’s office for autopsy. The coroner’s report concluded that the cause of death was blood loss and trauma caused by three shots to the upper chest, one of which penetrated the heart and the other two the left lung.

So far, so normal, right? Here’s the part the official statement left out: There were, indeed, three entry wounds, but there were no exit wounds, and after a thorough search of the body no slugs or fragments were found, nor was there any heat damage. The young man had been killed by three shots to the chest, but there were never any bullets. The body was never identified.


Postscript: As of this writing, the Baltimore Ravens have never had a player who sported the number 77, or who was named Ortiz.

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64 thoughts on “Number 77’s Death”

  1. Well im from Baltimore and this is just stupid. First off we bootleg everything so the Jersey is prolly just a fake sold at the Pataspco flea market. Second we have more murders then days and the bcpd doesnt do a very through job in thier investigation. So they probaly just skipped over any real bullets or evidence at all. Really this just sounds like an everyday case. Not a creepypasta. How the hell did this crock even get posted.

  2. just as a point to all the ice bullet/meat bullet/compressed air guys, he does mention there was no burn damage, even if the ice bullet/meat bullet didnt break up as soon as they left whatever weapon shot them, the velocity would create a lot of friction with the air and leave burn damage around the wound, same as any bullet wound. This also applies to the compressed air theory, the friction would cause burn damage.

    The most plausible explanation so far has been from Mr Allcaps whose response was so badly formed that I cba to scroll up and find his name. The wounds could easily have been made by a sharp object such as a long claw as he suggested, or a more probable sharpened bar or thick stiletto knife. 1 wound in the heart and 2 in the lung with no exit means that if the bar was sharp at the tip and kept a similar diameter along the rest of the shaft then so long as the tip went no further than half way through either organ, there would be corresponding circular entry wounds and no exit wounds. Further more, 2 holes in the left lung, 1 in the heart. If they were in a straight line I’d be very inclined to bet that they were made by some kind of spiked railing where the tips of the spike protruded only 2 to 3 inches above the first rail and that the victim either fell from a low height or was pushed on to the railings and was later found and moved after the blood had drained out.

  3. Jeff the killer

    I have delt with these kinds of bullets
    Before they are called blood bullets
    They take a mix of someones blood
    And freezes it into a bullet so when it
    Hits the body it melts and makes the person suffer from blood poisoning.

  4. Easily explained by a custom jersey and ice bullets or compressed air, you know, like the thing from No Country for Old Men



  6. When I first read this, I thought that it was going to be a serial killer with a sense of humor i.e. kill victim, put a baseball shirt with a number on them (victim #1 gets #1, etc), and then dumps the body. I was disappointed.

  7. I’m sorry, but after reading that an episode of CSI popped in to my head. Someone had used a chunk of frozen burger in the shape of a bullet to kill their victim. It leaves no evidence what so ever and is untraceable. >.< I feel like such a nerd now. XD

  8. First of all to whoever said it, you couldn’t shoot a “meat” or “ice” bullet out of a weapon. Seriously. The velocity alone would melt the ice and or cook the meat. Second, this is total carp!

  9. @ wat

    Son of a bitch, I was almost able to take this somewhat seriously… now it’s just lulzpasta for me *snickers*

  10. Like it’s been mentioned, customizable jerseys ftw.

    As for the no bullets: Ever heard of a bow and arrow? Arrow = Easily removed from human body.

  11. I like the ending. I don’t think that the disappearing bullets were scary at all, but the bit about the player 77 not existing gave me chills!

    1. But we can’t enjoy the pasta when there is barely anything to enjoy. Pastas like this one are supposed to give us just enough information, and then leave just enough mystery that we chew on it at night. This pasta tries to give us some sort of mystery, or creep us out, but all it does is describe a hypothetical murder scene.

  12. There’s a knife on the market now that when you stick it in somebody it fires off a cartridge of compressed gas. The resulting trauma would be something like a gunshot (tissue stretched, organs damaged by pressure and a puncture wound).

    If the knife used here was a similar design, but resembled a spike, then I think we have our murder weapon.

  13. Being from Baltimore this sounds like an average job from our wonderful police department. Not a creepypasta just another day in B-more lol

  14. Meat bullets are not impossible. When one rules out all possible solutions, only the impossible remains.

    As much as the Riddler fan in me cries out, I must say that The Joker has a point here, as well. Customizable jerseys were all the rage not too long ago.

  15. Did it ever occur to anyone that maybe the Ravens jersey was one of those customized ones and the kid’s named was Ortiz and he fucked loved the number 77?

  16. only problem with that is that meat bullets don’t have the same density as metal there for it wouldn’t have pernated far enough into the skin to give a fatal wound, to add to that bones are pretty hard to break, in saying that the RIB CAGE made of bone is a protect layer over the heart and lungs, and the gaps between each rip isn’t that big. Mythbusters tried this ages ago

  17. LMYUT, Ice bullets and meat bullets are impossible, becuase the gasses from the gun melt them on the way out of the barrel.

    the compressed air theroy sounds right, altough im not sure how right

  18. Honestly, I can think of several things that could have killed the guy. First off, we have the legendary ice bullets. Fire one into the meatsack and just let it melt away to nothing. Second, we have compressed air, like the kind used to put down cows at the slaughterhouse. Third, we take a leaf from CSI and assume meat bullet. Shove ground meat into a bullet mold, freeze, pack the shell and affix the bullet, keeping frozen until just before use. The meat bullet will fragment, and melt into what looks to be just another piece of shredded meat from the wound.

    Not that I’m a crime buff or anything. These are my favorite kinds of mysteries, though.

  19. The person formerly known as 'Noneya'

    So. . .

    He’s from the future? Killed with a futuristic weapon and dropped off here so the murderers have no evidence against them?

      1. Quiet possibly. My best bet would be he was shot with ice bullets. They do not leave fragments of any kind, as they are made out of ice. So there would be nothing left to discover. The jersey could simply be the boys favorite number and his last name. It doesn’t have to be something out of the future.

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