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Do you ever wonder how scary death is? Think about it; it’s the one thing that we truly know absolutely nothing about. Some people may cite religious beliefs of an afterlife and others might claim they just focus on life, but it’s really something that is totally and utterly foreign to us. And what if the religious people are wrong? What if death really is nonexistence… that it’s simply over once the brain dies? Terrifying, huh? Of course, the reasoning goes that you won’t notice it, since you won’t exist.

But… Let’s say a certain someone could expose you to nonexistence. Let’s say this person could actually let you experience the state of not existing and more importantly, let you remember it. He’d probably be able to get you to agree to anything in order to avoid that fate. Tangentially, for certain people near death, their brain activity sometimes ceases completely for about three seconds and then returns, only to shortly die in a more conventional fashion.


As another aside, many hospital orderlies have noticed a man wearing a suit that they have never seen in any catalog or on any person before. Interestingly enough, when you ask them about the suit they will struggle for a moment, then reply that it’s hard to describe, but they are sure they haven’t seen it before. Ask them about the man however, and they will freeze up, spasm violently and reply, “What man?”

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44 thoughts on “Nonexistance”

  1. I sorta like this one.The man in an unusual-looking otherworldly outfit is cool.However, my opinion is we definitely do have some other type of existence waiting for us when we die.In the middle ages there was a man who was very into learning all he could on the afterlife.So much that he used his own death for an experiment! He had someone waiting by the guillotine to count how many times he blinked his eyes after his head was chopped off.He blinked 15 times if I remember right.I can’t remember how many minutes it came out to be…That guy was awesome!
    Also, doctors in our era were creeped out when patients that died had regular “I am now dead” brain activity , as was usual, but a few minutes later their brain waves registered as someone who was quote “awake and talking”.I saw this on a documentary about life after death.I’ve been reading and watching all I can on this subject since I lost someone, I guess wanting to know where he went.

  2. Am I the only one who thinks not existing would actually be very relaxing? I mean, you wouldn’t be trapped in your fleshy form, your mind wouldn’t be cluttered with thoughts, and you’d simple cease to exist. I think that’s fitting for death.

  3. Personally i think the man is probably the devil
    I dont know it just sounds like it because it says “he could probably get you to agree to anything to avoid that fate” so you know
    it just makes sense to me
    as for the beginning death is really the one thing i worry about
    i do believe in God and the afterlife but sometimes even christians have moments of doubt and get scared.
    i mean if you dont exist theres nothing to be scared about but what if you dont exist but are still there to witness everlasting nothingness
    lol thats why that one episode of spongebob where they travel in time scares me when he breaks the elevator thing and he goes into the white room where there is nothing
    thats what i worry about

  4. PaperPasta: …dude, the author DID revisit the ‘hypothetical’ someone-who-can-convince-you-to-do-anything-to-avoid-nonexistence. Hello, Man in the Suit? Satan/Lucifer/the Devil/whatever moniker from whatever religion you prefer? Why do you think an oddly dressed man whom everyone sees but no one actively notices (if they do notice, their minds are evidently shocked into pretending they never saw him) would frequent a hospital…you know, a place where those particular near-death experiences happen quite often?

    Are you just being obtuse, or are you really just that dim?

  5. @ The Jester

    Clearly you are an ignorant fuck. Allow me to educate you.

    Your body rots because its cells dont get the nutrients they need. Your brain directs everything and causes you to be able to think and be concious while your blood delivers the nutrients to the rest of the body. If your heart or brain stops working or blood cannot get to a part in the body, the part dies of starvation. Basic, basic science. It has nothing to do with a soul.


  6. My friend and I reckoned that the end of consciousness is just that: a total stop of everything in your mind. You can’t form thoughts, remember, feel emotions, hear, see, smell, touch, taste, communicate, etc. or otherwise get the point across that you exist. But how can you exist, how can you be something- anything? -when we can only prove that we exist by thinking?

    To that effect, death and nonexistence is the emptiness of conscious thought: it is when you cannot think. At all.

    btw I was gonna say something about Descartes’ famous quote about this shit, but that would have sounded way too pseudo-intellectual for my tastes.

  7. Lmao at Painkiller and Sigma’s comments. Good ones :3

    This pasta got off on the right foot but didn’t end right. And like Alexandar said, I was pretty disappointed you didn’t return to the person who could perform nonexistance on someone. That would be pretty powerful stuff to write about there instead of the orderlies and the unknown man.

  8. Is it just me, or is the part about the man in the suit make so little sense and so incoherent that there should be a horror story written about the effect of such an awful statement?

  9. i almost never dream, i just wake up wherever i was and figure i must have drifted off, so i always though it was kinda like that

  10. I’m disappointed the author did not return to say anything about what people do to prevent non-existence. It says they go blank, possibly the glimpse, and then come back and die… are they given a ‘soul’ to be some kind of slave after death just so they won’t exist perhaps?

    Also are those people merely attempting to follow some directive from the suited man not to speak of him to you?

    Also people talking about X’s body, X’s brain theory should see dianetics, at the risk of falling for other Scientology garbage, it is pretty interesting though complete crap when read in to.

  11. ‘many hospital orderlies have noticed a man wearing a suit that they have never seen in any catalog or on any person before’ Seriously the writer really didnt think about this, how the fuck (and more importantly) WHY would they know or care about suits in catalogs???

  12. BUT WHO WAS SUIT? also, wouldnt them not talking about the man but about the suit mean that theyre talking about a floating suit? hospitals are bad at coverups

  13. Couple theories o’ mine:

    Death is like being in a stasis chamber. You just kinda float around in darkness and feel infinite happiness.
    (By the way, I do, in fact, realize that stasis is a fictional concept invented for sci-fi stories. I still think death would be like that.)

    Next theory:

    The reason dead bodies rot is because the soul is gone. Your soul is the only thing keeping your body from rotting right now. Gangrene is caused by the soul avoiding a severely injured body part, thus causing said body part to rot.

    And now I must leave for the day. It’s getting dark out and my mind generally is more prone to actually believe the stories if there’s darkness right outside my door. And believing the stories leads to fear, which leads to lack of sleep, which leads to lack of concentration the next day, which leads to failed classes, which leads to the banning of the computer, which is not the least bit pleasant.

  14. @ shortys roc my sox

    i never claimed ALL people were afraid of death…people do fear what they don’t properly understand
    and even when they believe there is an afterlife [heaven or hell]
    doesn’t mean that if their plane was crashing they wouldn’t be scared to die.
    realise i never said that people feared the afterlife, just the idea of dying…
    sorry if i seemed a bit misleading love. <3

  15. @ Dammerung:

    ED is actually how I found this site.

    I have a love/hate relationship with ED. Most of the pictures have almost turned me asexual and the articles can really cross the line at times, but I still think that site is fucking hilarious.

    *Ahem* Sorry, carry on >.>

  16. shortys roc my sox


    not all ppl fear death some think its just blackness that you sit in for eternity others think that your gonna go 2 heaven and that its an amazing dream that you could never get out of your head see not all ppl fear death <3

  17. cool theory @ comment 3
    but ye, humans fear what they don’t understand, and death is something that no one understands…the fear of the unknown.
    i’m more afraid of the time and place of my death, rather than worry about what happens after that.
    your mind is apparently alive a bit after you die, like 6 minutes is it? [i dunno, i heard it somewhere] i wonder what kind of things it thinks…yesh, brains are somethin’ else.

  18. I just think it’s interesting that nobody really knows what happens after death, but when referring to dead people, we imply that the soul is separate from the body. That YOU are separate from your body. Nobody says, “We found John on the roadside.” Generally they don’t even say, “We found John’s body.” They say, “We found THE body.” So if your body and soul are separate, and your body rots after death, what happens to your sould?

  19. OMG I LOVE ED!

    But seriously, paradox:
    If you don’t exist, how can you remember not existing? There’s nothing to remember!

  20. I remember reading this on ED.

    Bricks weren’t shat, but this story still creeps me out, especially since death is one of my greatest fears.

    Wonder what the suit looks like. Then again, I suppose I’d rather not know, haha.

  21. Painkiller, that totally pwns that man.
    It’s like how dreams only take a small amount of time yet last you all night.

  22. Oh, and one more thing…

    It is possible that there is an afterlife, it is only played out in your head however, like a dream.
    Before you die, your brain activity shoots through the roof.
    Basically, during that time you could be living inside your head for eternity.

    I find it very fascinating how the brain can displace time so extremely.

    1. Endoplasmic Reticulum

      Possibly, but people have died while their brain is being monitored and has never been any sort of spike in activity.

  23. I usually think it’s stupid when people write “I don’t get it”.

    But this one I truly don’t get.
    Were those two first paragrafs just foreplay or something? I can’t tie together the entire text.

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