Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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She was holding his hand tightly when he heard a noise come from off in the shadows. Beyond the ring cast from the solitary light above he could see only darkness. She must have sensed his sudden distress as she placed her hand against his chest.

Again a noise, it sounded closer this time, they weren’t alone in this park. Her heart was racing now to match his. He didn’t speak as to hear better and gave her a look, her eyes were wide open now, she must have heard it too.

The noise came again, something was moving in the bushes. The glint of eyes caught the light for just a second, he turned to meet her stare, she must have seen it too. Doom came over her  in a wave, she tried to break away, to run, but he held her close. The noise of rustling leaves and movement came again as it came into the light.

The cat stopped and studied them for a second before it re-entering the darkness. He sighed with relief and tightened his grip on her throat as he slid the knife from her chest. Her grip slackened and he smiled as he watched the life extinguish from her eyes.

Credit To: LiamD

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