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New City Village

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I used to live in New Jersey in an old Victorian, right in the smack dab middle of the boonies. Where I lived, cell phones rarely get reception.

Back a few decades ago, when I was a kid, a housing development went up. Big places. They cleared a few miles of the Barrens for it. It was a stones throw from my place. Once the places were finished, people moved in. City people, really. It was either old people or new families with real young kids. People that wanted to either wind their life down or start a new one up.

Nothing special. I knew a handful of the kids through elementary school, but none of them were exactly my age. They were normal.

When the people moved in, my mom made an effort to meet everyone, with us being so close and all. There was one guy that stuck out in my mind, mainly because he was bald, yet young. Probably 38 at the oldest, I want to say. My mom said not to say anything because he might have a disease or something like that.

Years went by. I grew up and went into middle school.

I came home one day. I had to walk because I missed all the busses. I went past the housing development. Glancing down the street, I didn’t see anyone. Not a soul. It was around 5:20, according to my watch, if I remember right. Normally, all the fathers were getting home at 5:00ish. Curiosity got me. I walked down the street to see what I could see.

Every house was dark, except for the bald man’s. I glanced in his window, and saw about the entire population of the small community sitting in his living room. Children, parents, the elderly. Everyone. Standing in the middle of everything was the bald man. It seemed as though it was just a casual meeting. People were talking and laughing.

Whatever. I didn’t know why the hell I cared anyway. I walked home and got grounded for being late and not calling from the school.

That night my mom got a call from another local neighbor, saying that she was hearing unsettling grinding noises from the small community. My mom said that someone was probably getting work done. When she asked me if I had seen anything on my way home, I didn’t answer, as I was still bitter that she had grounded me in the first place.

The next day, every kid from that small neighborhood was marked absent in school.

And the day after that.

The police went to investigate that night. The first thing they found was an ear on the front lawn of the bald man’s house. A severed, human ear. A child’s arm was found a trash can, dumped with a few empty pizza boxes, and a man’s split open torso was located in the woods behind the property, with human bite marks penetrating the flesh.


The rest of the community was inside the house. All the entrances, both doors and windows, were boarded shut. When they broke down the door, they found the corpses of everyone, the entire development’s population. Children, parents, the elderly. Everyone. Some were mutilated beyond initial recognition, and most were missing organs like livers and kidneys. Forensics showed that the victims were alive when the organs were taken out.

A child’s body was also found in the oven of the house, burnt to the point where the skin melted. Forensics showed that the child was alive when his skin started to melt.
Children, parents, the elderly. Everyone. Everyone. Everyone except for the bald man. A background search on him proved that he was involved in a local sect of the occult, which are known to practice in the Pine Barrens. He fled. He hasn’t been found.

Needless to say, what happened literally tore our community apart in multiple ways. Instead of the Boogie Man, my friends and I had nightmares about something real, about a bald man. Horror movies didn’t scare me because I knew they were fake. What happened was real, and that terrifies me to this day.

The massacre ocurred in 1984, twenty eight years ago. I’m forty one now. I went back to the site last month. The houses are still standing. All of them are abandoned. The single road that once connected the community to the outside world is long overgrown.

I can’t find any police files. Nor can I find any news broadcasts about the murders. The houses are still there, but everything that had to do with that place seems to be gone.
I could spend hours telling all the urban legends I’ve heard about it. Weird NJ posted a story in their book, I think.

Nothing’s conclusive. No newspapers. No files. I searched the records of some of the children from my school. They were never legally documented.


But I know. And every other person that witnessed it and lived in West Milford county in 1984, knows. I cannot, in any way, express to you how much the events that I’ve described have literally ruined by life. If you doubt the reality of it, the only thing I can say is that you’re wrong. This happened. This isn’t meant to be a Creepypasta, and this isn’t an urban legend. The only reason I’ve posted it here is because I know that this is a community that will actually read what I’m writing. I’m not sure what I can say to make you believe. But a total of 37 people were murdered in the most brutal ways I can imagine.

The place has a lot of names. It used to be called New City Village. Now it’s called Demon’s Alley.

Look it up for yourself if you don’t believe me. People need to know about this. For all its worth, please share this.

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70 thoughts on “New City Village”

  1. No West Milford Count in NJ. There is a WM Township in Passaic County, which is where New City is if people want to go and visit :)

  2. Sorry im super late in commenting. People are saying that the people in the house might’ve been in the cult too and sacrificed themselves. I think that the bald man lured people in with a pizza party, hence the pizza boxes in the trash.

  3. Nice legend based pasta. I did some digging. Turns out the neighborhood was evacuated due to radon in the hillside nearby. There were plans to expand farther, but the project was halted. Furniture was left d/t the radiation.

  4. No parent in their right minds would let a kid walk home from ANY school in West Milford. The town is too damn big. I grew up there… My mother was born & raised there & my aunt still lives there. It was a radon leak that forced everyone out.

    1. Which is why he got in so much trouble for doing it. He missed the bus he usually took, didn’t call, and did what kids do: what they want.
      You are reading, but not seeing.

  5. Well, I live in West Milford. I’ve only heard of the Clinton Road stories, Jungle Habitat stories, and the old haunted high school stories.
    Never this. I may have to do more research on it to see what other creepy shiz has happened in my town.

  6. Zoidbergman726

    OMG i live around there! I pass that everyday when I go to work! Also pretty decent pasta though.

    1. Actually, dry ice does melt, just not at room temperature. At these temperatures solid CO2(dry ice) is below its triple point temperature on its phase diagram. This means the compound will go from a solid state to a gaseous state without passing through its liquid state. This process is known as sublimation.

      -The more you know!

  7. I find this hard to believe. Everyone in the neighborhood was able to make it to this meeting? I doubt everyone got off work at the same time. and I doubt they would all bring their kids…

  8. @tinkletime, you are absolutely right as is the article you posted. I loved this story and thought it was one of the best I’ve read so far but unfortunately living in NJ I can attest to the fact that “Demon’s Alley” is nothing more than a health hazard. Another indicator that the story was fictional is that the author said “West Milford County”. West Milford is a town, not a county, and when the author said they cut down a couple miles of the Barrens for it I was unsure if they were talking about the Pine Barrens. The Pine Barrens are located in the southernmost part of Jersey, nowhere near the Northwestern location of West Milford. I didn’t want to spoil the story but looks like the cat’s already out of the bag.

  9. Totally fake. The Wikipedia article on New City Village is written as a horror story rather than a news article with the same writing style as the author had here, and was edited at the same time that this story was uploaded. I believe that it’s an urban legend, but it was not the site of slaughter. Especially because the death count is different from one article to another.

  10. For those wondering, it is not real. It is an urban legend that stemmed from the mandatory evacuation of the homes due to radon leakages. Furniture had to be left behind due to potential absorption. Here’s a debunking of the myth if you’re interested:

    I do like the story, kind of. It wasn’t too scary – I just wish it was more realistic. This story says the bald man managed to kill all these people by himself, whereas other versions say that the cult members were waiting upstairs and attacked. Anyway, if it was more believable, I would def give more stars! 6/10

  11. They were murdered in the most brutal way I can imagine.
    No but that wordings a little awkward but a good pasta nonetheless.

  12. Forensics wouldn’t be able to determine that the young boy was alive when the melting started. Other than that, it’s ok.

  13. I’ve heard about this place and the strange event’s that have gone on there. Though it does seem impossible that that could happen, in an odd way I believe you because I’ve experienced things that you can’t even imagine, trust me. I do know about secret cults and such, I actually study them because most use ancient rituals and practice with the old way’s and I’m actually looking to be a historic, mythology professor. My only true question is…why exactly was everyone in the house? I mean, I’m friendly with my neighbor’s but the whole street doesn’t gather in their living room…….

  14. 10/10. I thought it was well thought out, well written and creative. Then i googled “Demons alley” and “New city village” and it’s a really interesting story. Very unique but yet similar to the actual story.

  15. To be honest as I first started reading, it seemed kinda weak, but you tied it together really well, good pasta.

  16. This is really good. At first it seemed to me like a regular pasta, but when I saw it more on Google…
    Creepy man.

  17. Skin definitely melts. I have a third degree burn on my right hand and I remember my skin actually bubbling off.

  18. Balding is normal for men who are in their 30s…?
    I was eating pizza rolls when I was reading this and I almost threw up.

  19. Beautiful pasta, loved it. I really liked how you made it out of a real story that made the whole element of it real, very creepy. 9.5/10- could’ve put a bit more about what happened after because when I looked at it on wiki it said more about it. You could’ve put in something like: In 2001 it was converted to a firing range but still the lost souls remain, I don’t know. But really like it, good job! :D

  20. Sorry but this neighborhood was actually condemned & vacated due to a nearby radon leak. There’s a CDC notice warning not to mess with the stuff. Moreover, the homes were used to house workers — it wasn’t some little neighborhood with nice little families. Nice try though, although not too creative — this is a common Jersey myth perpetuated for the sake of scare stories.


    i really like this 1 ps is this really real?if so,can someone tell me were i could find out more?because my grandma said she knew someone who lived there and she was murdered (i think her name was alice or something)anyways if anyone knows were i could find out more id really appriciate it :)

  22. yes i have heard of this.
    and skin does melt i seen an add were some girl got cought up in
    a fire works accident and her fingers are melted together, anyway,
    yes i have heard of this, im not kidding, theres a website (its some sort of blogging site) my friend told me to look up because she wrote a poem about everyone in her class and after reading it i foud ones from ages ago and one said something like this, ‘i cant live anymore! not after what happened. she went with her friend in the end…. knew i shouldnt of let her go! i’ll never forgive myself. i must die’
    i found the email address of this lady and emailed her.
    someone related to her replied that she commited suicide after an
    accedent that occured to her daughter.
    i replied back and asked what happened.
    and lets just say i found out that she was a wittness.
    i dont know if your the original writer of this story because i have seen this written on a few other sites.
    but the story that was told there wasnt exactly the same words as this

  23. @laila
    As previously stated, skin does melt, it just takes a while and needs a high temperature. And actually, it is said that it wasn’t just the one man, And that cult members were hiding in the upstairs of the house. When everyone was gathered together they attacked the towns people and massacred them.

  24. @laila
    Actually, skin does melt. I went to a school where a boy had been set on fire by his crazy grandpa (well, I don’t know for sure but that’s what I heard happened to him). His fingers were grafted together, and his skin hung off of his bones like he was being pulled to the ground. The unevenness of the skin on his thighs where it tightened or fell off caused him to have a awkward gait and his face had melted and pulled down so he couldn’t close his eyes all the way. It’s sort of scary if you didn’t see him before, but he’s a nice kid with friends. Also, search “burn victims” or most biological weapons. Mustered gas is a good one.

  25. Apparently this guy says the murder was a cult leader, the house got burnt down after as well apparently.

  26. not plausible…one dude killing all da menz and womenz and childrenz….and they just layed there and said MURDER ME…lol…also skin doesn’t melt.

      1. I would take /your/ comment more seriously if you weren’t yet another internet elitist who automatically invalidates anyone who chooses not to care about their typing, no matter how plausible their actual argument is.

      1. Skin does not melt. Neither does fat. As most organic compounds with ample concentration of water molecules, the first stage is progressive (descending in layers) tissue dehydration, followed by protein coagulation and then burning (which, in its moderate form, is known as cooking).

        Fat tissue will primarily give the impression of melting but it will never go fully from solid to liquid state.

        If you don’t wanna take some random guy’s word for it, I suggest you throw a pork leg in the oven. You might wanna cover it in honey, throw some thyme and wrap it in tinfoil. Accompany with dark beer and you got yourself a fine blend of experimental research, answers and a fine meal.

        1. *sigh* not everything goes from a solid to a liquid. -.-‘ Ex: Hey genius, does wood melt?

        2. Maddieee:
          *sigh* not everything goes from a solid to a liquid. -.-โ€™ Ex: Hey genius, does wood melt?

          Some of it does. If you burn wood in the absence of oxygen, you get charcoal and tar. :P

    1. He could have drugged them so they couldn’t fight back, there are drugs that paralyze a person while still leaving them alive and conscious.

      The story also seemed to suggest that the people went there willingly, so it’s equally likely that they were a part of the same cult as the man and voluntarily allowed him to kill them as part of a ritual sacrifice. Stranger things have happened.

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