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Never Again

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I was seventeen when she came. I’d been living with my abusive mother for seventeen long, painful years. It was around midnight, and my mother was already asleep, so when the three soft raps at the front door came it was me who answered. An odd looking little girl stood there, with cheeks pale and colorless, blonde hair in braided pigtails, pink dress torn a little at the hem, feet bare and turning slightly blue from the cold of winter, and black eyes. Fathomless, deep black eyes. I quickly let her in, thinking of how horridly underdressed she was. It wasn’t until later I’d wonder why she’d not been shivering, or even question as to why she was here in the first place. I got her into the living room, wrapping her little form in a thick afgan my grandmother knitted. She held it, though it didn’t seem to affect her, and I smiled.

“What’s your name, sweety?”

A long silence passed, in which she stared at me. I was beginning to be discomforted by her black gaze when she parted her lips and spoke in a soft voice.

“Lacy Morgan.”

I nodded, smiling again.

“You can stay here tonight, Lacy.” I said, motioning to the couch. She curled up in a little ball, black eyes still on me, and I exited the room. That night I slept soundly, not worrying about my mother beating me or the strange little girl on my couch.

When morning came and I trudged into the kitchen, I was greeted with a coffee mug to the shoulder. I gave a feeble shout of pain, staring at my mother.

“What the hell did you do? Why is there dirt on the couch?!” she shouted, confusing me greatly. Upon investigating, I found that Lacy had vanished, the only proof she’d been there being some dirt that must have fallen off her dress or feet. I took responsibility, earning myself a strong hit to my cheek, then left for school. While there I heard something that sent chills through my spine.


“Lacy Morgan was found dead last night.”


I passed the day waiting for anymore news on the subject, but found none. Upon arriving home, the news was broadcasting a live report on her though.

“Lacy Morgan, six years of age, was reported dead at seven last night. Her body was located in the backyard, buried there in her pink dress. So far there has been no sign of her mother, Marrisa Morgan, who is suspected to be the killer. Marrisa has reportedly abused Lacy multiple times, and may be responsible for her death.”

Suddenly, a picture of Lacy appeared on the screen. She appeared very close to how she had when I met her, blonde hair in braids, pink dress, pale face. Only, her cheeks had color… and her eyes were baby blue. To most this would seem unimportant, but to me it was. She’d died before arriving at my house, if what the news castor said was true. Died hours before. I tried to play it off, going about my buisness. I went to bed early so as not to have to see my mother. It was around midnight when I awoke to cool fingers stroking the bruise on my cheek. I sighed, leaning into the small hand.


“Never again.” Lacy whispered, before her hand vanished. Not ten minutes later I heard my mother screaming. I rushed into her bedroom, nearly fainting at what I saw.

My mom was thrashing wildly on her bed, a small creature having buried its face into her chest. I could hear the soung of flesh tearing, and my mother’s screaming increased in volume. I wished I hadn’t gotten up. Later on, I’d tell myself I hadn’t. But I had. So, when Lacy pull back from the gaping hole in my mother’s chest cavity, I had a plain view of her razor sharp teeth, glinting in the light. Glinting with my mother’s blood. She smiled innocently at me for a moment, before swiftly tearing out my mother’s jugular. That time I did faint. When I came to, I was in my bed. I walked to my mom’s room, morbid curiousity getting the best of me. Upon opening the door, I found the room empty. The bed made neatly, as if my mom had left for work early. The only oddities were the dirty childs footprints, and the open window, showing that Lacy had in fact visited. I never saw my mother again, and I never missed her either. I eventually got married, and we had a child together. I named her Lacy. Recently, I noticed the neighbors daughter has all sorts of scrapes and bruises on her arms. I’ve started watching their home. And the other day I saw something odd: a little girl running barefoot through their back yard up to their backdoor. It was around midnight, so I couldn’t be for sure, but I thought she met my eyes with her black ones. And I could swear she mouthed two words at me.

Never again.

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282 thoughts on “Never Again”

  1. An Unwitting Accomplice

    One of my favorite Creepypasta’s. Just because it’s so sweet in a way. It’s one of the few where only bad people get hurt. Good people live on in peace, and the bad die painfully, just the way the world should be.

  2. Good plot and good idea. I mostly didn’t like the beginning. The main character (I’m assuming she’s a girl but it never actually says one way or another) asks the girl what her name is and then just lets her sleep on the couch. No “Where do you live?” “Where are your parents?” “Do you want a drink?”. Wouldn’t the logical thing be to call the police when a lost child shows up at your door? The author does say: “It wasn’t until later I’d wonder why she’d not been shivering, or even question as to why she was here in the first place.” But it’s just a little unrealistic. Not that the story is real anyway, but illogical things like this ruin stories for me.

  3. Good plot and good idea. I mostly didn’t like the beginning. The main character (I’m assuming she’s a girl but it never actually says one way or another) asks the girl what her name is and then just lets her sleep on the couch. No “Where do you live?” “Where are your parents?” “Do you want a drink?”. Wouldn’t the logical thing be to call the police when a lost child shows up at your door? The author does say: “It wasn’t until later I’d wonder why she’d not been shivering, or even question as to why she was here in the first place.” But it’s just a little unrealistic. Not that the story is real anyway, but illogical things like this ruin stories for me.

  4. Just some awkward dork

    Wow ok I really loved this holy moly. I love the pastas that they’re not so much evil??? Just violent, especially when it’s done this way. I can almost imagine those ghostly fingers grazing against the bruise, I can visualize her, in my mind’s eye she’s almost whispy??? Kind of ethereal??? But not so much like an average ghost. More like her clothing and hair seems to float. I’m just, I love this. A six year old ghost girl who kills abusive parents. This is pretty much my favourite kind of story, and I’m just at a loss for words to describe how much i love it.

  5. This was great, I thought it was going in a different direction, once the black eyes were mentioned, but I was not disappointed!

  6. Not scary, but it is amazing and strong. And the people giving hate, its not all CREEPYpastas, theres more.

  7. 1beautifulcreature

    Really good I like it. Beautiful, a little cheesy, but I like it still. This Lacy chick sounds awesome.

  8. I have written a sequel to this story and will try to publish it during the summer (I wont be able to get online until then, so.)

  9. Loved this pasta!
    I was abused as a kid so it kinda makes me wish I had my own Lacy lol
    Very well written and a totally awesome read!

  10. Personally, I find the plot a bit predictable. I was about to guess what would happen from the beginning. However, I did enjoy it and feel that it is well delivered.

  11. Great story! But I feel their is an over use of “being found dead last night”. Otherwise the sub-plot was good and you’ve gotta love a good story!

  12. Love this story wish it was true those real momsters deserve it (And yes i meant to spell it that way lol)

  13. Did I read the same creepy pasta as everyone else?
    This was not good….or clever.
    It was bad.
    All the characters are bland and had no personality at all. The story had major holes in it.
    Poorly written.
    It’s hilarious to see the writer in the comment section having her ego stroked by people who clearly don’t know anything about literature. What’s even more cringe worthy is the fact that she’s promising sequels…..
    I assume it just achieved high ratings due the nature of the reasons behind the killings (who is being killed more precisely)

    1. Excuse me. While I don’t mind criticism on my work, you could be less rude about it. So you don’t like it? Don’t read it. I wrote this in 2012, so maybe there are a few holes in the story. I’m working on improving my writing, and if I managed to not only get this story posted, but also got it rated 9.2/10 out of 1381 ratings (and counting), then maybe it’s not my writing there’s a problem with. You do not have to enjoy my writing. You can tell me where I need improvement. But do not be a jerk about it.

    2. Nicola Marie Jackson

      I’m not a big fan of this but I don’t think it’s bad. It had an ending that a lot of people would like to come true and I think that’s why it’s so popular. You are as entitled to your opinion as much as the rest of us, but you don’t have to be a dick about it, and just because they have a different opinion doesn’t mean that they are idiots who know nothing about literature.

  14. Wow! OoO I like this girl. She’s at least a nice little killer. ;D

    I loved this story! Woot! Go the little girl! Even if it ends up as my fate, I still like the plate of justice she serves…

    I am favouriting and rate this 8/10!

    Grim Gamer:

    Blood is red, corpses are blue, I like this kid and so should you…

  15. Jade: Righting a sequel in the neighbor girl’s point of view, I think. Itll take a while because Im not gonna rush it or anything but… I wanna write it.

    That would be awesome!

  16. Righting a sequel in the neighbor girl’s point of view, I think. Itll take a while because Im not gonna rush it or anything but… I wanna write it.

  17. So, the little dead girl shows up, the protagonist lets a stranger into the house and just leaves them alone. No worry of theft or being murdered.

  18. Amazing. This is a pasta that I somewhat wish would come true. Though there are teenagers who deserve a good slap to the face from time to time, there are parents who take out their frustrations on those unable to defend themselves, or too obedient to fight back.

  19. I’m not going to lie, this doesn’t deserve the 9.3/10 in my opinion. I understand the story perfectly, as it’s pretty obvious and not at all complicated.

    As soon as the little girl showed up, I knew the rest of the story. It was rushed and not very scary/creepy.

    To be honest, I feel like the only reason this is rated so high is because the monster kills child abusers. I’m willing to bet that if this story was tweaked just enough to make the little girl kill non-abusive people, it would have a 7/10 rating.

    There was just nothing to it. It was rather bland pasta; I would eat it, but never order it again.

  20. Abaddon_Almighty

    I like this story but it seems a little rushed. Seems like there was a good amount to work with but it was written in a hurry. I’d definitely like to see an extended version.

  21. That was a great pasta, I had chills of fear, and good feelings the entire time, you took the story in a completely unexpected manner, and that’s what I feel made this pasta great. The subtle hints you left as to her mother being the first person to be punished, and other thing were really good too, keep up the good work, I look forward to seconds and possibly even thirds!

  22. I think Lacy killed the boy’s mother because she was abusive too, and to prevent from worse things happening in the future.

  23. I loved it! I was creepy! but it warmed my to the heart, it was so cute…! <3 I love it, I read it to my sister… she had nightmares but really liked it

  24. i thought this was very good, and is one of my favourites – however the only thing is, your character reacted to the events that happened as though they were a little too normal. For example, finding out that lacy had died before she showed up at their door and they just ‘shrug it off.’ And the fact that they weren’t alarmed at the fact a little dead girl was stroking their cheek. But excellent job!

  25. Pretty good story. Not a whole lot of over-explaining the abuse thing wasn’t long, drawn out, or over the top. The violence was a bit much, but that’s just my opinion.

  26. Well now, that was definitely different and deserves a much higher rating if I do say so myself.

    It was both heart-touching and rather… eerie nonetheless, kind of reminds me of a lot from my past; when my neighbor’s kid continously got smacked around by his parents.

    It’s amazing really, now that I think about it… I’m glad I helped that kid before things got worse, and reading this story only brings back more memories.

    -10/10 for how beautiful and heart-touching it is.

  27. I enjoyed it, but there were a few parts that were rushed and made no sense. Such as her showing her towards the couch and leaving her there to sleep, within moments of letting her in, a strange girl in the middle of the night.
    Not to mention the lack of suspense, the tension never really built up to anything, and it was awfully short.

  28. I just really don’t understand why this is so highly rated. There are a lot of holes in the plot. For instance, why did this girl just show up at the main character’s house? Did she have insight into the abuse? Did she know that the main character was being abused? Or was this meeting purely coincidental? Also, the story’s “creepiness” hinges on this girl just coming and going, murdering abusers. I get it, she was abused and wants revenge blah blah blah, but it’s so ambiguous. It’s not clear whether it’s helping someone who’s being abused or just getting revenge on abusers. The story certainly has potential, but as it stands, it’s a very sub par story that doesn’t really do much to expand upon core details.

    1. Um, I think most people understood it perfectly. She kill abusers not only as revenge, but to help those being abused. She shows up where abuse is taking place. I accept all criticism, so I thank you for your comment. A little mystery adds to the story, in my opinion.

    1. I’ve tried writing a sequel/prequel but… I don’t have it in me at the moment. I figure I’ll get another idea eventually though.

  29. That girl, while creepy, is an amazing little wonder. It’s amazing that she says “Never again” and the abuse then stops. I, sir/madam, applaud you on this! This is such a touching story too.

  30. I will be honest, I did not find this story creepy, but heartwarming. I loved it, because I feel for what the little girl was doing. I truly appreciate her desires to make sure no child would ever be abused.

  31. This story was so sad.. It was beautiful, if you ignore the vivid descriptions of his mother getting murdered. But I like the revenge side of it.

  32. I actually think that Lacy’s kind of sweet. I mean, if only the 17 year old didn’t have to watch her mother get killed then it would’ve perfect. She said so herself she didn’t miss her so -shrugs- GO LACY!

  33. Dusk 'Nightmare' Moonlight

    Wonderful pasta! I love how it played out. ‘never again’, I’ll have to share this with my friends! 10/10!

  34. I just wanna say I am so proud that this story got published and popular, and cannot thank those who took the time to read and review it enough. I might be writing another pasta soon, but I have yet to decide… So… Keep an eye out?

  35. Brilliant pasta; but i’m struggling to see why the protagonist would have invited a pale girl with massive, black, souless and ever staring eyes into the house. Or maybe that’s just me…

    1. Well, it was late at night, she was tired. Years of abuse screwed with her sense of trust and safety, so she wasn’t sure what was bad, and what was good. Im assuming she needed therepy after all that, but I didn’t write that in.

  36. Not bad. It was pretty cool, I liked it. It was relatively short and to the point. It wasn’t really creepy though, just entertaining. I gave it an 8/10 but I kinda wanna change it to a 7.5/10. Again, job well done, but it wasn’t creepy or eerie in the slightest.

  37. Wow I actually almost cried, but then I pictured Lacy slaughtering that mom and was too scared to do anything. Good pasta. 10/10

  38. This is a good story. However I feel sorry for Lacy and how she died. I had also suffered abuse when I was a child myself. But I was one of the lucky ones to survive. Wish more people were aware of children being abused.

  39. a new grudge ghost. great…
    8/10 spectacular creepy pasta, coulda been better. Best i have ever read yet
    P.s. the other creepy pastas i rated from 7 to 1

  40. I’m still a bit confused with what happened after the mother died. Was there an investigation or not? Overall a very good story.

  41. I liked it. It wasn’t unnecessarily long, it was short and sweet. At first I didn’t get the last part about the neighbor’s daughter having bruises- I thought maybe the narrator’s daughter (because he named her after the dead child) was beating up the neighbor’s daughter? But after reading the comments I understood that it was actually the girl’s parents who gave her the bruises, and that’s why Lacy was there, to protect the girl.

    I liked this one- really well written, with just the right amount of detail and just the right length. Well done!

  42. this was a tad silly as the person in the story takes a random child into their house without batting an eyelid and doesn’t call the police or an ambulance or something. 7/10 because it was a good concept but needed more thought.

  43. I love how it just says “Her body was located in the backyard” like there is only one backyard in the entire world hahahaha :)good read though!

  44. what lacy is trying to say is that ” Never Again ”
    what she means is that , kids who are being abused will ” Never Again ” be abused. the girls parents vanished right ? now she was seen running to her neighbors back yard because her neighbor’s daughter was being abused ” Never Again “

  45. Very straightforward for a pasta, but also very enjoyable.
    In some ways, this story makes me think of magical realism as much as it does creepypasta, particularly how the narrator’s mother simply disappeared (well, killed without leaving a body.)
    This is one of those pastas I could see easily making a great short film, because it’s so visual. I think it might benefit from being set in 3rd person, for the same reason. 9/10, I think.

  46. The person telling the story was being abused by her mother just like Lacy was. So Lacy killed her mother and the other little girls mother to stop the abuse. She means "you’ll never be abused again". Her spirit now avenges children against abuse.

  47. really wish i could have met that girl… would haved saved me alot lot of therapy… Child abuse is wrong pplz it ma make the adult feel good but it makes the children suicidal.

  48. I feel like a terrible person but i’m on the child’s side of the story. Being abused by your parents is terrible..

  49. Really good, the imagery was brilliant. This story had conjured some very vivid pictures in my head and I really like the main moral to it, and the choice of words is very well considered. I really like the "Never Again". However, I did spot a couple of inconsistencies. For one, wouldn’t there be more shock from watching her mother die, not just the shock that was purely from the gruesome way it happened but I figure that someone who has lived their entire life right up to the very edge of legal adulthood in an abusive home be at least somewhat institutionalized? Perpetrators of just about any kind of abuse are also usually very manipulative and narcissistic and thus the victims develop a fucked up infatuation with their abuser, in which; in some distorted way they see them as even more than a mother (using the story as an example), but more like something above human, a god. There’s a good chance she would have needed some psychiatric help after the event. Not only to ease the trauma from seeing the gore but also to break the institutionalization from her late mother so that she doesn’t still have the victim complex. If it wasn’t the case there’s a good chance the man she pursued to marry could very well have been an abusive scumbag himself. Which brings me to my other point, what happened between that peak and the happily ever after? Did she just get married and have a baby the very next day? I hope not. Was there a case following the disappearance of her mother? Did she in fact get psychiatric help after the whole thing? How long of a time even was it before all of the ending happened? It’s good, it just lacks structure.

    1. Ah, yes, well… I hope this can clear things up a bit, and I ought to have included it in the story. She was in shock, which is why she was so utterly calm. Her shock was the type that makes one feel… numb. She likely did have to recieve phsyciatric help, and I should have included that, but she hated abuse enough that the man she married was in no way abusive, though he may or may not have been abused. I’d say she was in her late twenies to early thirties by the end of the story, sorry for not explaining the time skip and thankyou for reviewing.

  50. I actually am liking the girl Lacy… it’s horrible to be abused. When she says "Never Again" it means that never again will a child be abused if she can help it… wonderful, great story.

  51. That little girl was a horrorcore super hero! I was definately rooting for the little girl. If you think about it though…. she may be a ghost but she is the one protecting the children so in a way she is the good guy and the abusive parents are the "evil entities".

  52. This was a great pasta, and I love how creepy/mysterious but not absolutely stupid you were able to make it in a relatively short story. 10/10

  53. Amazing. Bravo with a capital B-R-A-V-O. I absolutely LOVED the jugular tearing part.( Gore always catches my fancy). B.t.w, can I I.M this to my friend? We absolutely enjoy the savior of death and the horrendously amazing visualization of gore(Like Like the type u put In your story).
    -Yours truly, the person behind the screen.

  54. Hey, I don’t know if this is asking a little much of you guys… but could someone try and draw Lacy for me? ^~^ I’d love to see you guys’ interpretations of her!!

  55. This is amazing! I almost wonder what happens after that night, like if anyone wonders about her mother….but that’s not the story. The story is that she helped a little girl and in the end that little girl helped her and others suffering the same thing. A very sinister guardian angel.
    Lovely. ^^

  56. I liked the story line, and it was very well written (10+), but you should of done more research with the black-eyed people. They’re known to not say anything, and they emit kind of an ominous eerie feel. They aren’t allowed to enter people’s houses unless they’re invited in, and they rarely speak. They usually make the people that they come in contact with not really seem themselves and make them feel uneasy. If you were referring to the commonly known black-eyed beings, then the person (of whose point of view the story was written) would be a lot more reluctant to let the young girl in. Aside from those details, the story was superb. <3

  57. This story was well structured, well written, and beautiful. Having suffered at the hands of a stepmother, I empathize. Loved it, would definitely eat again.

  58. Otay, lollipopGestapo, I never saw or heard of that story so I would not know. Jaddy, danke owo. And Nikki, if you are the Nikki I think you are… text me, love!!

  59. BRAVO! Loved the story!

    As for those who still don’t get it, stop being lazy and read the comments before you ask. It’s already been explained twice and really it should be self-explanatory!

  60. .isn’t there a story on here about a girl and her abusive grandmother? She prays for something to save her, then that thing eats her grandma, and the next day, she smiles back?

    Kind of the same story line, but different heros.

  61. Wonderful. For once justice in a supernatural sense has been served, but not all weird like Willow Men. Nicely done Jade, written well, bittersweet.

  62. I really don’t see how you guys can NOT understand what she means when she says “never again.” It’s already been explained twice in the comments, and the author stated it again for a third time.

    Anyway, this was a really excellent piece of prose. It wasn’t “scary,” but it WAS superb. I absolutely approve – thanks for sharing with us.

  63. Okay, those who were wondering. She was abused, and her mom wound up killing her. Therefore, she decides a girl (boys too I am sure, I just didnt write that in) won’t be abused again if she has anything to say about it. She kills those who do it. I thought I made that obvious, sorry. Lacy hates child abuse. She doesnt want anyone to go through it. Never again. ^~^

  64. Wow I want to see what happens next, I hope this author writes another one, mabye telling why Lucy said, “Never again”

    1. IFoundThisStoryVERYAmazing

      Lacy* said “Never Again” as in the abuse will stop. The abused children will “Never again” be abused. I would like to see a sequal, though, maybe telling of the life the author had in between his/her abusive mother’s death. Did he/she go live with his/her grandmother, the one that knitted the afgan? I was compelled by this question….

  65. Very very good! It was a lot more original than a lot of the pasta’s I’ve read, but at the same time it’s still got that old-school Pasta kind of feeling to it (if you know what I mean e.e). Great concept and you put it together well ^_^.

    1. It’s a lose-lose situation. If you sympathize with Lucy, you are supporting a killer, even if her first victim, her mother, had it coming to her (Yes, Lucy killed her mother, read through and it will make sense if you didn’t catch that). On the other hand, if you sympathize with the abusive mothers, well, enough said. To be blunt, you reap what you sow.

  66. gage elf she was saying she’d never let someone be abused, by their mother or otherwise. Author was getting beaten but helped her so she repaid her. Then she goes after people that hurt their children

    1. IFoundThisStoryVERYAmazing

      Thiswas most likely ment for sort of n “Old Era” where you help people out,no matter what. The author was most likely emphasizing that fact, also adding a wider variety of what to sy next. It wouldn’t have been a very intruiging story if you just read “We took her to the hospitol, she was given food, but, weirdly, did not eat. The next morn, Lacy was gone. The end.” See, it tells nothing of the supernatural form of Lacy, nor the fac that she was abused aswell.

    2. I think the narrator was greeted with a sense of relief when he saw her. Some supernatural beings can create that, and obviously if Lacy wanted him to let her in she would make him feel at ease.
      Either that, or the narrator related to the child’s neglect and wanted her in the house and warm as soon as possible.

  67. I did like this, very much! Great job! But I still wonder why Lacy says “Never again”. What is she sayig that in response to?

    1. Not really in response to anything. She’s saying "Never Again" like "Never Again will another child be abused. Another child will never be abused again." So on and so forth. Hope I helped! :)

        1. The Amazing SAF

          Also the most murderous of the Avengers. She’d be like a little girl version of the Punisher.

    2. She saying never again because she stops the parent from abusing the child. SHe was killed by her abusive mother so its somewhat of a revenge

      1. No mentions of a phone whatsoever were in this, and I understand the reference, and what you were really asking, and that this is just a joke, but shut up. This is the most over-used, stupid saying on this site. I know I’ll get hate on this, but just shut up. That joke is so lame, I hope candlejack shows up to mur

        1. Wow, you got so many hates on that comment it has a positive rating! oh wait… Anyway, you are right though, but mostly because this was not the right place to use that reference.

        2. Kayla SilentNight Gales

          Oh come on! Give the guy/girl a break…Comments are supposed to be a quick way to show what you thought. Some people just have a silly way of thinking. …..But yeah…who is phone? Dang it! Now I’m doing it!

        3. i agree with jackson that is completely pointless soo just shut up about it! don’t think that you can just team up on him! and don’t act all cute kayla because you sound more like a jerk teasing jackson.

          -female anime

        4. Calcium-rich-structural-framework-for-reinforcement-of-soft-bits

          Phone didn’t pop up here.

          But then with what Lacy does to those parents, gnashing away at their bodies like that?

          After devouring enough flesh, a skeleton (most probably) did pop out :@

          Yeah I went there. Sorry :D

          Amazingly well written story my friend. This kept me feeling a sense of frailty towards the protagonist but as Lacy appears and proves what she is about, I felt something I don’t remember ever feeling for an Antagonist save for one or two great horror movies; Sanctuary.

          Not often do you see the antagonist become drawn in a way that is so dark to imagine (Pitch black eyes on a pale child paired with razor sharp teeth to rip people apart), yet somehow have the story bring them to the foreground and make them the protector of the Protagonist.

          In this way, the horror of what is really going on pushes the unnatural theme of this girl away from her appearance and projects it on the sickening abuse of the children at the hands of their own parents.

          Quite a way to make something with a supernatural theme turn so real with a subject that is disturbing to think of in the least.

          Al dent­e pasta indeed. 9/10 for lack of length.

    3. She says never again not in response to the abuse per say. She says never again in response to the abuse ends that day. Never again will that child be abused.

    4. I’m guessing she means that never again does that person have to be abused. I’m guessing that Lacy is taking revenge on the abusive parents since Lacy was killed by her abusive mother

    5. Lacy said that because she was a abused as a child and so was the main character, lacy was doing the girl a favor. She probably knew that the main character was being abused, that’s why she said never again. She meant never again will she or and child be abused. Its probably a revenge thing.

    6. I like this story too. it wasn’t a scary story, it was a peaceful one. and + the way she killed the parents was epic and she means by “never again” is to “never again” be abused :D <3 this story

    7. “Never again” As in never again will your mother abuse you. That’s why she said that to him before she killed his mother. Its because child abuse is how she was killed.

    8. The reason Lacy said “Never again.” Was because she meant never again will anyone be abused. I guess its a cruel way of stopping abuse to children.

    9. Cajun_Space_Whale-42

      Lacy was killed by an abusive mother and she killed the narrator’s abusive mother. The child next door had appeared injured implying an abusive parent. Lacy kills abusive parents.

    10. Seems like to me she avenges the children of abusive parents. He said he noticed the neighbors daughter had bruises on her arm: From her parents

    11. As in no more torture, no more abuse, because she wants to help people like her escape the pain she had, before it was to late

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