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My 6th Birthday

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It was my 6th birthday, and my party had just ended. We had cake, pizza, and played games, typical American birthday party. I lived with my mom and her boyfriend, his name was Steve. For my birthday they got me one of those plastic Fischer Price playsets, the ones that were like 4 feet tall and had a small slide (small enough to fit in my room). I was extremely excited about this because it was exactly what I wanted and I was sure it was the greatest invention since sliced bread. The playset was set up right by my door in front of my bed.

Now before I go onto the actual part of the story you want to read I need to give a little background about the house I lived in, from what I know at least. To begin with the house was an old, blue, colonial house in upstate NY. The house was like every other house in the neighborhood and since Steve had just got a promotion at work there was constantly work being done on the house, basically a complete remodel while we lived there. The only thing I didn’t like about the house was that you couldn’t get into the attic, and for some reason bats kept getting in there and at six years old you don’t like bats.

My mom tucked me into bed after my birthday at about 9:00 PM, a little later than usual. I remember waking up a few times that night because I was really excited to use the playset in the morning, I didn’t get to play with it much that day because of the assembly. One of the times I woke up I remember looking at the playset when I saw two shadows, a boy and a girl, and they looked like they were talking to each other. As a child I didn’t want to be scared so I rationalized this as the shadows of the trees playing tricks on my mind, that’s what my mom would have said. I managed to go back to sleep that night and didn’t really think much of it the next day.

My birthday is in June so I usually didn’t have class on my birthday, this meant that I could spend the day playing with my friends. I didn’t think about the shadows I saw the night before at all, I basically forgot that it happened, until the next night. My usual bedtime was 8:00 PM and my mom was pretty strict on this matter so I was showered, in my pajamas, and in bed by then. I was lying in bed when I had a strong feeling something was watching me. I looked to the wall between my door and the play set and the shadows were there again. This time I payed more attention to it while I was frozen in fear in my bed. The shadow children seemed to be talking but I still couldn’t hear them, it also seemed as if they were looking at each other but it’s hard to sense 3D direction from a 2D shadow. I screamed for my mom and she ran into my room and turned my light on, at this point the shadows disappeared. My mom then let me sleep in her bed that night, which she never let me do. She assumed I had a nightmare.

Every night from then on when I would look at the wall at night those shadows would be there. When this would happen I would call for my mom and the cycle repeated. During this time Steve and my mom would argue a lot, I wasn’t sure why but I know I didn’t notice it at first. The house had also gone into a full remodeling where almost half the house would always have something being done to it. I wished for school, this was back when school was fun and all your friends would be there. I hated spending any time in the house and I would try to go to my grandma’s whenever possible.

This cycle repeated for a while and I’m not really sure what my mom thought about me telling her that ghost shadow people were in my room every night. I begged her to leave the hallway light on every night, hoping that the light would scare away the shadows. She obliged but the light never did anything and I would yell for her every night. This continued for a while but then one night something changed.

Lying in bed something felt different, I wasn’t sure if I had built up a sort of tolerance to the shadow people that were in my room at night, in the same place, doing nothing but silently “talking” to each other, or if I was just dumb. That night I decided that I didn’t want to wake my mom up for some reason; I decided I would be brave enough to walk right past the shadows to my mom’s room. I think it might be important to remember that whenever my mom would come by these shadows would disappear, I still don’t know why. I walked past the shadows and nothing happened, I was then in the hallway with the light right above me, and my mom’s room to my left. I remember looking up at the light, and then back to my mom’s room, then back to the light. I did this a few times and then I remember just staring into the light, I am not sure why but I was drawn to the light.

This is where the story starts to get a little confusing but I will try my best to explain to you what I can. This next part of the story will be what I can remember as of today, then I will try to fill in some blanks with what my family remembers and could tell me.


After looking at the light for some reason I decided that I didn’t want to wake my mom up, which was weird because I never cared before. I went back to bed and the next thing I remember is sitting in the living room watching T.V.. There was construction all around me, and plastic covers on the couches so that none of the drywall or new paint got on them. I remember I was sitting on the floor and I was just watching static on the T.V., to me this memory seems like an out of body experience, I feel like I was there but I didn’t feel in control.

These memories are like a flash to me, I have them but nothing in between. I only have one more memory being in that house. I was in my room looking out of my window down to the driveway. It was night time and my mom had asked her friend’s mother to come over. Her name was Danielle but everyone called her Dee. I remember watching her pull up into the driveway and giving my mom a hug. I could hear them for some reason, and this also seemed like an out of body experience. I heard Dee say that there was a boy and a girl spirit in the house but they weren’t the problem. The problem was that there was a dark and evil entity in the house and that it wanted me. Dee and my mom then proceeded to burn sage in the house. I assumed I went to bed but when I woke up I was at my grandma’s house and it was two months after the light incident. I felt fine when I woke up and I don’t think I even noticed anything different, I often spent the night at my grandmas house.

I had my own assumptions about what had happened but I never really talked to my mom about it until I was 16. When I woke up at my grandmas my mom had told me that we were moving out of Steve’s house, that they were breaking up and that I wouldn’t be going back. My mom would get my stuff.

As I stated earlier I talked to my mom about this, in detail, when I was 16. The memories had bothered me for so long and I wanted answers. I told my mom the exact story that is written above. My mom gave me a confused look when I told her about the part with Dee. She told me I wasn’t in the house. My mom proceeded to tell me how I became more and more distant as we lived in that house. Then one day we were eating dinner and I just passed out, head in plate, like out of a movie. My mom said I had a high fever and looked ill. My mom is the kind of person who believes in the supernatural and I think when I passed out she decided to accept that the “ghost” stories I was telling her weren’t in my head. This is when she decided to call Dee, who was known around town as being psychic. Dee told my mom to immediately get me out of the house and that she would come over. My mom drove me to my grandmother’s and went back to the house when Dee showed up. I wasn’t in the house but I was able to recall what Dee had done and said, without my mother telling me. My mother also told me that she didn’t tell Dee anything about what I had said just that I said something was here.


Since I was sick my grandma kept a close watch on me that night, my grandma doesn’t really believe in ghosts but when I talked to her about it she said it was a weird night. She said I was making weird noises, having trouble sleeping and had a high fever but then it just stopped. Like one moment all of my symptoms went away, I went to bed and that’s when I remember waking up.

As I sit here and right this story I am a 21 year old senior in college, every so often I think back to these events and I am just confused. I have no answers. I try to come up with my own conclusions but I can never think of a rational one. I have a hypothesis for what happened but I wont share that with you now, I want you to come to your own conclusion. Maybe someone else has gone through the same type of situation. That was the point of writing this story, I am hoping that someday someone will read this and be able to help me. It would be easy to say I was possessed or something but that seems to unreal. If the memories I have weren’t so vivid it would be hard for me to believe this story, hell it’s hard to believe with the memories but I assure you that this happened.

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35 thoughts on “My 6th Birthday”

  1. I have had many moments like this, it is a caused by the subconscious psyche, if that makes any sense. I saw that you were looking for a logical answer and honestly the best that I can give is that the subconscious and the soul are one. I have discovered this through countless tests and research. It is entirely possible, especially when sick, for the soul or subconscious to reach out in a sense. It is similar to an out of body experience but not the same. Like an out of body experience you do not have control over movements, but unlike it, you travel far distances, sometimes even away from your body. I have experienced this before when I was young and on what I thought would be my deathbed. If you have any questions on this please contact me @[email protected]

  2. I personally believe it sounds like a poorly written version of an “Insidious” movie, regardless of any truth behind it. And for some reason I’m stuck on the wrong version of write/right being used in the last paragraph…

  3. I believe the shadow kids were most likely.. 6. When you turned 6 they felt able to connect with you more and felt a safety away from the evil within your room with you, which made them in turn try to keep you safe. and obviously due to some past experience they are terrified of adults(hints why disappeared when mother walked in). once you left into the hallway the children never disappeared from your room in order to keep selves protected from evil AND mother and steve, the light was joined with the evil entity.. Once you have your full attention to it away from the kids, you became the evils possesion.

  4. Sounds more like astro lrojection to me. Out of body experience is often associated with the feeling of watching ones self or…seeing something somewhere else and yet not being there. Thats what I think.

  5. Nat “N00B 887” Whitehouse

    Okay so here is what I think happend… there is a special kind of spirit that will litterally feed off the life source of anything under a certain threashold (ie a 6 year old or a dog for example) I think that this spirit somehow got attached to you which is why even when you were taken out of the environment you kept experincing these “black outs” as you put it…

  6. Danica O'Neill

    There are a few things this could be. If you believe in the supernatural you were more than likely possessed or in the process of being possessed. If you don’t believe in the supernatural then something traumatic probably happened to you. There are a lot of kids who block out or change certain memories in order to protect their psyche. This happens with abuse of all kinds. I’d keep asking questions and maybe get hypnotized.

  7. Ok i might have some answers. Theres this ghost (this is real) he is sort of a shadow but he’s never on a wall. He’s as tall as a man and we call him the Shadow man Ghost. I think the kids might be his kids if thats so we haven’t found the wife/girlfriend. I have seen him in my grandparents house for a split second, next it was around January this year there was a tiny teepee thing that was on fire and no one was there. I heard some creaking and there he was for a split second again! So thats my thoughts on this.

  8. Something similar happened to me, I went the skeptic route and went to the doctor. They weren’t able to give me a definite answer but that I may have suffered “absent seizures” combined with something called “vasovagal syndrome” at this point I went to curandero’s and psychics. A few turned me away saying they didn’t want to get involved. I don’t wanna get into it too much but like you I have my theories.

  9. Tabby DanDeleon

    I see. I’ve never had actual true out of body experiences, only lucid dreams, so I wouldn’t know how to tell the difference. I was only suggesting lucid dreams as a possibility

  10. In my opinion when you saw and heard dee in the house the thing achieved it’s goal temporarily. I have had similar obe’s that I remember from a young age. But it seems dee helped you before it was too late and you survived. From what I know from other similar stories the only entities capable of what you described are demonic. Also I live upstate NY andam curious where this happened.

  11. Well I’m pretty sure I’m being stupid but when I read this well the part when she said she was looking out of the window and saw Dee pull into the driveway I’m thinking that she was one of the kids that was talking, but I’m pretty sure I’m just being stupid

  12. Reading this story, i was suddenly terrified. I just wanted to let you know that you arent alone. i wont go into the whole story but something almost completely identical to your situation happened to me when i was 9 at my aunts house. I was laying in bed alone in the middle of the night, when a man appeared and started talking to me, except i could only hear him in my mind. his actual mouth was producing no words but i knew what he was saying. I got up, drank some water, went back to bed, yet it still continued. Many things happened after that that i wont get into, but i was surprised someone had such a similar experience

    1. I’ve Been thinking about this a lot since I posted it. I try to keep an open mind and I do like evidence and a scientific answer for things. The only thing I could think that would fit in here would be hallucinations prior to sleep. I have been paying more attention to my sleeping habits and have noticed that if I’m able to remain conscious when my body thinks it’s asleep I start to hallucinate. However this doesn’t solve every problem but it’s a start. I would like to take this route and disregard all ghosts bc they don’t seem logical, however I’ve had other things happen in my life that just don’t fit with this

  13. dear writer: if this is truly your own story, then I can explain. I had this too, and my aunt is a clairvoyant too.

    you fell sick and didn’t remember things in detail because you rejected your talent subconsciously, maybe because you’re scared.
    my suggestion: embrace your talent, embrace the fact that you are born with it, the talent to see what others can’t see. I’m just like you. I decide to reject seeing them when I was a kid, but growing up, I accepted who I really am and things got better even though the shadows still gathered around my bed. make a barrier between you and them. you’ll be fine. the point is what’s inside your head.

    if you need any help in controlling your abilities, contact me.

    1. Would love to talk to you about this, what’s the best way to contact you? I’m kind of new to this site.

  14. It’s okay. Kind of choppy with lots of typos, and not very creative. You didn’t really express a lot of emotion. But the idea of looking back on scary events is pretty cool.

  15. Stress from the arguments in the household caused you to disassociate. But disassociation is not very well understood. I have been there.

  16. So um I have theory… Probably wrong but eh. I think the soul was removed and taken to the house because the kids were trying to warn you of the entity.

  17. I think they meant that it was a memory blank. That they don’t remember the time between the light and waking up at their grandmother’s house. I think they said they where told that he was becoming distant (and he had no recollection of this so memory blank there), and one night he just passed out at dinner. The grandmother said something about the fevers and trouble sleeping. However, in the beginning, it does say the author does not remember much about the events and had to ask for some fill ins, so it suggests that they meant they had no memory of the time span between the light and waking up at the grandmother’s house.

  18. Tabby DanDeleon (Blue Skylark)

    Sprits often get angry or upset when people do construction on or change their house or dwelling in any way. They don’t like it when you change the environment they dwell in. The dark entity that went after you was probably angered by all the construction and, since young children are more sensitive to spirits than most adults, decided to go after you to let everyone know it was angry. The shadow children were most likely trying to protect you from the dark entity. As for the thing with the out of body experiences, those could’ve been one of two things that I can think of: they could’ve been true out of body experiences, or they could’ve been very vivid lucid dreams. As someone who frequently has lucid dreams, I can tell you that they are often very life-like and realistic. Lucid dreams also give the very real sense of being out-of-body, and it is very difficult to distinguish a lucid dream from a real memory sometimes. I’m not saying that what you experienced were 100% lucid dreams, but it is possible. As for the part about you knowing about what was happening at the house even though you weren’t even there, I have no explanation for that. I hope this helped at least a little.

  19. Wait so what was the construction stuff about. And did your mom’s boyfriend have anything to do with the story at all?

  20. I think what happened was you had a precognitive related dream while sleepwalking on a related term of being in the state of unconscious. In other words people around you see that your just walking around as usual and if you were to be in a conversation you speak common vocab so your spiritual and conscience combined activity won’t be to stressed out and you would have “woken up” sooner if they were to be, to stressed. While your physical appearance was in this state your conscience appeared at an event that was a part of something important in your nearing future. When you passed those shadows it might of activated this occurrence and when your physical appearance was getting symptoms might of been signs of your spiritual appearance waking soon. This is all I could think of I might of forgot something and if I did I would tell you

  21. Elijah_Revolution

    I feel like I’ve seen this exact story on here before. Young child, haunted house, ghosts that want kid but afraid of parents, skeptical parents, etc…just the same tropes and clichés.

    Not sure weather to be more disappointed in the writer or Derpface for posting such an unoriginal, tasteless story on here.

    Anyway, I’m not trying to be harsh, Joey. I can just tell that you’re a talented writer and I feel like it’s a waste of talent to use it to craft such an unoriginal story that’s so similar to other stories before it.

    Good luck to you though, I hope to see some better material from you in the future.

  22. After the paragraph where he explains what he remembers…it clearly says that he woke up at his grandmother’s and it was two months after the light incident. Meaning that he had to be possessed for about two months. I also say possession because he mother says he grew distant from her.

  23. The memories came in flashes. They had a memory of one event and the next memory was another event that happened two months later.

  24. I assumed he (forgive the pronoun if incorrect…I don’t think gender was mentioned?) meant there was some sort of block in his memory, not that he was in a coma or anything like that, but that he was very ill and had no memory of the two months in which he was ill. Memories from that early on can be choppy anyway, but a high fever will certainly interrupt things as well. I had a very high fever for about a week as a child and my memories during that time came in flashes that never quite fit together.

    Just assuming here… I could be wrong.

  25. It wasn’t noticeable to everyone else apparently, I would say it was the equivalent to autopilot. Like when you are driving and arrive somewhere but don’t neccesarily remember the steps you took to get there. The 2 months was a guess on the time because I have no definitive way to gauge it. To me the missing time just has no memories besides what I wrote about above.

  26. I liked this one a lot. First, it visited the ghost/possession storyline, which hasn’t been done much recently. It really felt like someone was telling this, them trying to process and understand the experience. It was shorter than some, but it made up for it by being captivating the whole way through.

  27. I think this is a good pasta.Even though it is not scary, it draws me in and makes me want to read it. Very few short pastas manage to do this.

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