Movie Night

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📅 Published on June 24, 2012

"Movie Night"

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You were excited for this day. You should be after all, you’ve been working hard. You deserve to have some fun. For tonight, you planned a movie night with a couple of old friends. Horror movies, as was customary since your younger days. You all watched with wide eyes and shaking hands, while cracking jokes and denying feeling any fear. Nobody wants to be the wimp, right?

It was around 4 AM when the last movie stopped, and everyone headed home, leaving you all alone. You jumped at the creaks and moans which seemed much more noticeable after the night of ghosts and gore. Eventually, you decided to go to bed, but not before one last trip to the bathroom.

The walk seemed long and daunting, as it always does after a night of scares. You kept looking back, checking for something lurking in the shadows. You knew you were acting ridiculous, but the feelings seemed to linger. Not even sleep would calm your mind. You tossed, turned, and mumbled all throughout the night. No sense in denying it, I know you did.

I saw you.


Credit To: Derek

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