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Meet Thorvaldr

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Subject: Okay… Sent: Thu Jan 08, 6:36 pm
From: Seraphine-Savior To: Centurion616

This is kind of random, but I notice your posts constantly mention this ‘Thorvaldr’ character. You always say it’s watching something or waiting for something, but no one else has any idea who or what it is. I’m just curious… Who is Thorvaldr? :O

Subject: Re: Okay… Sent: Fri Jan 09, 2:17 am
From: Centurion616 To: Seraphine-Savior

Thorvaldr? I’m almost glad you asked. He’s just kind of there. A sort of presence, if you will. I can’t really explain it properly without it sounding completely odd. By the way… he sees you.

Subject: Re: Okay… Sent: Fri Jan 09, 12:01 pm
From: Seraphine-Savior To: Centurion616

Uh… could you explain that a bit better? Sorry, I don’t understand. I mean, is he a person, a ghost, a pet, or what? D:

Subject:Re: Okay… Sent: Fri Jan 09, 5:20 pm
From: Centurion616 To: Seraphine-Savior

Thorvaldr is a warrior king. He is waiting for the moon to rise as of now…

Subject: Re: Okay… Sent: Sat Jan 10, 4:14 pm
From: Seraphine-Savior To: Centurion616

9_9 I’m sorry, that just raises more questions than it answers. Don’t bother wasting my time by replying if you aren’t going to say anything useful. I know I’m probably coming off a little bit harsh, but it doesn’t seem like you’re taking this seriously at all. I’d try to help you on the forum, seeing as everyone thinks you’re a complete weirdo and I want to see if there’s anything that could be explained to them so maybe you’ll have an easier time.

Subject: Re: Okay… Sent: Sun Jan 11, 8:43 pm
From: Centurion616 To: Seraphine-Savior

I almost considered just deleting that reply there and carrying on the way I have been, but I’ve a feeling you’re not going to give up either way. If it’s that important to you, I’ll explain everything. To the best of my knowledge, Thorvaldr is something of an entity, and like I said before, he’s just there. He doesn’t even have a body, but somehow I’m able to know his every move and that he wants me to tell others about it. It’s an impulse. If I don’t tell everyone about Thorvaldr, he gets angry… He starts clouding my vision and everything gets dark and blurry, then I can’t sleep at all because I’m just lying there shaking. I can almost hear his voice kind of, but he’s not saying anything in particular, only these syllables and non-words that come out of nowhere right when I think everything’s quiet. He’s there, and he’s always there. I can’t get rid of him. I don’t want to go to a shrink, because last time I did they just gave me these pills that only made everything worse. I started seeing Thorvaldr in my own reflection. Even though it was very vague and hard to make out, I could tell it was definitely him.

I can’t fight it. Can’t fight a warrior king, especially when he’s taken over my mind like this. I’m trying to remember what happened, but somehow my memory’s been shot. Maybe Thorvaldr did it. I vaguely recall something about getting lost somewhere when I was in Norway, but that’s it. I’d tell you more, but I fear he’s trying to choke me as I type this…

Subject: Re: Okay… Sent: Tues Jan 13, 11:00 am
From: Seraphine-Savior To: Centurion616

Wow… that’s really weird… Anyway, the reason why it kind of took me an extra day to reply is because when I read that message, I had pretty much no idea what to say. That is really really weird. Maybe he’s just mad cause he doesn’t have a body? lol


Subject: Re: Okay… Sent: Tues Jan 13, 1:10 pm
From: Centurion616 To: Seraphine-Savior

Thorvaldr thinks that’s a great idea. Thank you.

Subject: Re: Okay… Sent: Tues Jan 13, 7:19 pm
From: Seraphine-Savior To: Centurion616


Necronymous Forum Topic – Meet Thorvaldr By: Centurion616
Posted: Tues Jan 13, 7:20 pm

At least he’s not waiting anymore. (Pardon the blood)
[Video embedded]


Subject: Re: Meet Thorvaldr By: Demona
Posted: Tues Jan 13, 7:26 pm

That was really disturbing. Put up a warning next time.

Subject: Re: Meet Thorvaldr By: milkofthedead
Posted: Tues Jan 13, 7:27 pm

^ I think “Pardon the blood” could count as a warning. Though he didn’t say anything about the ‘corpse.’ At least I hope it’s not a real corpse… :O

Subject: Re: Meet Thorvaldr By: Neocracy
Posted: Tues Jan 13, 7:29 pm

Could someone tell me what it is? I’m too afraid to watch the whole thing, I stopped as soon as he left the room.

Subject: Re: Meet Thorvaldr By: Demona
Posted: Tues Jan 13, 7:36 pm

Okay, here’s a summary of what happened, at least the way I saw it. If anyone has any corrections, I’ll edit this.
0:00-1:12 – Some guy (I think it’s Centurion, but I’m not sure) is standing over a partially dismembered corpse on his bed. He’s replacing the missing limbs and digits with other body parts he’s pulling out of a sack.
1:13-1:40 – He leaves the room, comes back with a rusty sword and helmet and “equips” the corpse with them. Then the video just kind of jump-cuts there.
1:40-3:40 – He’s now sitting in front of the camera, staring. You can kind of see the corpse in the background, only for some reason the limbs are attached to the body like they actually belonged there. Then the damn video jump-cuts AGAIN…
3:40-4:36 – Same thing as last time, only Centurion is gushing blood through his closed eyelids and mouth. You can see some blood on the corpse too, and at the end of it all, Centurion smiles and waves.

Like I said, really disturbing shit. It’s worse than it sounds.

Subject: Re: Meet Thorvaldr By: Neocracy
Posted: Tues Jan 13, 7:38 pm

Oh, that was it? It’s got to be fake. I mean, if he’s bleeding out his eyes like that, how can he see to post? And it’s definitely Centurion in the video. He’s got the swastika tattoo, remember?


Subject: Re: Meet Thorvaldr By: ForTheEmpire
Posted: Tues Jan 13, 7:44 pm

If it’s fake, those are some really cool effects.

Subject: Re: Meet Thorvaldr By: Seraphine-Savior
Posted: Tues Jan 13, 7:49 pm

No, no, it’s not fake. And it’s all my fault. See, we were PMing one another before, and I asked about the Thorvaldr guy. If I hadn’t suggested that Thorvaldr needed a body, then none of this would have happened.

Subject Re: Meet Thorvaldr By: milkofthedead
Posted: Tues Jan 13, 7:55 pm

It’s not your fault, Seraphine. Centurion would’ve done it anyway, he’s just like that. Remember when he wouldn’t stop obsessing over that church arson guy?

Subject: Re: Meet Thorvaldr By: Winterwing
Posted: Tues Jan 13, 8:00 pm

4:21- It blinked. I swear to god, it blinked.

Credited to Lindsay S. (aka HackerOnHacker)

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143 thoughts on “Meet Thorvaldr”

  1. the hash slinging slasher

    The way it was set up was nice, but the story seemed crowded and unclear to me. The overall idea was okay, but it could use some major tweaking and a little more clarity. I did like the ending. I love it when a story leaves the ending to your imagination, so that the reader’s personal phobias can be incorporated into however they imagine the story ends.

  2. I probably would have liked this more if I didn’t know someone who used to be just like Centurion. Basically some nutbag always talking about how there were evil things all around him no one could see but him and he was in endless torment nobody understood. Run of the mill whiney emo kid, and he ended up in an inpatient mental rehab place (whatever they’re called) so the whole time I pictured “Centurion” as some emo 15 year old trying to get attention.

  3. yeah, I suck XD

    XD the first couple of times I read this, I totally missed the \"continue reading\" button, so I tohught it just ended abruptly with \"what?\" lol and I was totally ok with that!

    XD but this is even better!

  4. yeah, I suck XD

    XD the first couple of times I read this, I totally missed the “continue reading” button, so I tohught it just ended abruptly with “what?” lol and I was totally ok with that!

    XD but this is even better!

  5. Kinda disappointed that I didn’t find a video when I googled this =P, (Make a video and leek it onto google for people like me lol)

  6. This would’ve been pretty good, if it ended sooner. And the whole viking warrior thing was a little tacky. e.e and the description of the video killed it.

  7. Haha see, kids, this is why we don’t try to white knight and make friends with the creepy guy on the board that nobody likes. And why are so many people saying that this is a ripoff of Candle Cove? Yeah, it’s in the same format (which I think gives it a more realistic feel, like it was taken from and actual chat log or forum. Which makes it all the more creepy if you ask me.) but the stories aren’t anything alike. That’s just my opinion. Either way, good story.

  8. That… was creepy.

    9/10, because it wasn’t really scary.

    Except: “It blinked, I swear to god it blinked”.

  9. I agree with the author- does EVERY damn story in forum format have to be voided in order to not make people liken it to “Candle Cove”, or, worse, accuse the author of flat-out copying it? Seriously people, get over it. I like the format, myself, and I loved this creepypasta. 8/10.

    If it were about pirates, maybe there\’d be some strength to your argument.

  10. Bad Candle Cove ripoff, not interesting- especially with the breakdown of the video. Sucks completely. If you’re going do to something like that you need everyone ‘talking’ alluding to scenes in the video, not explaining the whole damn thing. Asshat.

  11. It’s funny, but I think I prefer it if the story stopped right at the “Continue Reading…” part (which is right after the Jan 13, 7:19 pm post).

  12. i really liked this. The posts really give the “forum” feeling, and i like how they complete each other to “show” the video. Also, this is the first time i’ve felt kind of scared by a stor about a guy possessed by a nordic god.

  13. Well, it was interesting. I think think Germanic/Norsk-Mythology is that fear invoking, but I liked the style of this one. Not the best, but entertaining nonetheless.
    Keep up the good work.

  14. A couple of things:

    He said he got lost in Norway. Norway was one of the original Viking homelands.

    One of the Viking gods is named Thor. Thorvaldr might be his full name.

    tl;dr viking god posseses a guy because nobody remembers the vikings anymore so he wants him to tell everyone about teh vikings.

    Still though, 8/10

  15. I really honestly thought that if the author had ended it at Serephine saying “what?” it would have been so much more effective. less gory, yeah, but way creepier.

    Overall, though, pretty tasty pasta.

  16. so… if i told you guys that i SAW a person on WoW named Thorvaldr…would you beleive me?! BECAUSE I DID! (though he was a level 80 preist…)

  17. But the ritual won’t work unless it’s a rusty sword, cuz Thorvaldr won’t fight with a non-rusty blade. He’s just like that.

    He sees you, and he approves of this pasta.

  18. Who blinked? Centurion can’t be blinking; his eyelids are closed.
    *cycles back to description at 4:21*.

    *shits brix.*

  19. I think Meet Thorvaldr is a pretty cool guy. eh dismembers corpses and makes people bleed out of their eyes and doesnt afraid of anything

  20. I really didn’t like that one very much. Like seriously the whole Thoravld part didn’t really make sense and wasn’t very well written. He should have done more than just posess a corpse!! Didn’t make sense how that other guy had blood out of his eyes either. Very Bland

  21. Pretty Bland tasting pasta to me. Wasn’t creepy, no shivers up my spine or anything, and could have had way more potetial. It ends wih I swear it blinked! That would have been a perfect set-up for creepyness but then it ends. So out of ten 3/10

  22. I liked it when it was in PMs, but the actual forum thing wasn’t that great, and while the video part was genuinely creepy, it could have been better written, more descriptive. There were a few things that stood out, like the swastika tattoo, and that thing with the arsonist, the significance of it being a Viking king, and even why and how what’s his name died. I mean, if the Thorvaldr had a body now, why did the Centurion guy start bleeding? Couldn’t he have just used that guy’s body? Still, it creeped me out enough to turn the lights on.

    It’s also just one more thing that gives me ideas for Geist.

  23. It all makes sense now! Thorvaldr was Phone! I’m a Genius!

    So what we have here is a slightly insane guy, controlled by a demon, that get’s killed? I really didn’t understand the video till I read Mookergeh’s comment.It’s still… I don’t know, just strange. Less creepy, more strange.

  24. Hmmmm…I think I enjoyed it until the video post.
    And even then, I enjoyed it a little bit after that, but the description of the video content could have been clearer, along with the posts surrounding it.

    I think I was a little disappointed to find that Seraphine-Savior was still alive.

    I think I’ll read the ending again. :/

  25. It was good,up until the “he would have done it anyway”. I think people would be more likely to be saying either “What the fuck?” or “fake!”.
    All in all, not believable enough.

  26. Hmm, the story is presented sort of like that Ichor Falls story ‘Candle Cove’ (my apology to Lindsay for another comparison), but it wasn’t really as good. There was no sense of foreboding, the characters were kind of silly, and the ending was anti-climatic.

    Not to mention the subject matter, ‘warrior king’ Thorvaldr, courted more laughter than fear.

  27. Light of the moon

    It grabbed my attention.

    I hate to admit that I’m a sucker for cliffhangers. But this was more like a dark pit.

    Nevertheless. I enjoyed it.

  28. Oh, I get it now! To people who don’t get the blinking thing, remember that Thorvaldr liked the idea of having a body? Well, a body was killed and the corpse blinked. (Hopefully you guys can put it together now.)

  29. @S8:: agreed.

    In fact I was reading it on the front page of updates and thought that was where the story ended in the first place.

    *shrug* It was decent.

    Candle Cove > Meet Thorvaldr.

  30. That thing about the church arson guy… was that from another pasta where some guy had been possessed or something and they brought him to a mental hospital and some crazy shit went down? The pasta was titled after the guy who burned down the church, might have been Eric?

  31. Hm, I kinda liked this better before I clicked “continue reading”.

    “Maybe he’s just mad cause he doesn’t have a body?”
    “Thorvaldr thinks that’s a great idea. Thank you.”

    Then I dunno Seraphine-Savior gets killed or something, you just fill in from there.

  32. I like the story, especially the part where he hunts down the people who killed his parents, and it turns out James Earl Jones is a snake.

  33. I though this was actualy good :D it kinda creeped me out(or mabey cuz im reading this in the dark :P ) The ending was like ‘Whoa’ to me it creeped me out o.o

  34. Hmm, I guess some of you are right. It would have been better if Seraphine was the victim.

    And I knew it would still inevitably be compared to Candle Cove, but come on. The forum format serves an entirely different purpose in this story – to set up the fact that this crazy guy is among them. I wouldn’t compare all rituals to The Holders, would I?

    @kuribo – I suppose you’re right as well, but think of it this way: Crazy stuff happens on the internet all the time. Someone’s bound to get really jaded to it. Maybe he saw it as just another shock video.

    @ben dover – I wish I could, but I’d rather not tamper with the open-endedness of it. Unless I could somehow segue this into the Agent Kaspar-Gottfried stories, but that’s not likely.

  35. Maybe I am retarded, but what is the ending exactly? The viking guy is now in the body that’s on the bed…and what? I feel like I’m missing something since everyone is saying its so awesome.

  36. I didn’t like how nonchalant one of the posters sounded at the end. I think seeing a video where one of your fellow forum posters seems to dismember a corpse warrants more than “he would’ve done it anyway.” That one line completely pulled me out of it.

  37. Bleh. I didn’t like how nonchalant “milkofthedead” seemed about having just found out that a fellow forums-goer may be a sadistic murderer. “He would’ve done it anyway?” That line completely pulled me out of the pasta.

  38. I agree, the creepiness factor could have been raised a lot if instead the last reply had been something like “Has anyone seen Seraphine-Savior today? He doesn’t usually stay away from this forum for long…”

  39. damn, that was good…
    perfect ending too, leaves you hanging wondering: “what the hell’s gonna happen now?”

  40. Yummy yum yum.
    In my opinion, a better ending would’ve been that Centurion used Seraphin’s body since it was his idea after all.

  41. I just thought of soulbonders while reading this, and it ruined everything for me. Even without that thought, the ending was completely meh. What a terrible pasta.

  42. The description of the video was what did it for me; while I didn’t shit brix, I certainly could imagine it.
    And the ending made me go “What blinked? Centurion? I don— oh.” which made me very happy.
    Nice pasta. Thumbs up.

  43. Whoa.

    This was the most frightening, most REALISTIC pasta I’ve read in a LONG, LONG time.

    Lindsay S., I tip my hat to you.

  44. intimidating black man

    I’ve seen this on 7chan’s /x/ or on Ichor Falls. It’s creepy, yes, but still a repost of a repost of a repost of a repost.

    Good story nonetheless!

  45. Thanks for the comments, guys!

    @Dust – That is a really stupid thing to say. I know comments on this site are always riddled with “SIMPSONS DID IT”, but just because it uses the forum post format does not mean it is “imitating” Candle Cove in any way. The stories are completely different in content.

  46. The concept of a warrior king is..kind of tacky. A quick name and ‘history’ concept swap could have made this a great deal easier to get into.

    Everything else was great.

  47. I feel as though it’s just trying to mimic Pirate Cove (is that its name?) but comes off as a bad imitation. Didn’t give me shivers or anything.

  48. First?
    Also, could have been tastier. Started out with an interesting format, but it just didn’t deliver at the end.

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