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πŸ“… Published on August 30, 2015


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I got a message in my inbox a few weeks ago. I run a paranormal side-blog on tumblr but it is a small one. I barely have a following. It is mostly just the friends I have who happen to care about that sort of stuff (it isn’t many).

When I got the message I actually asked if one of them had sent it. It felt like it was probably a prank. I don’t get many (read: any) submissions to my blog. I’m just too small time and I don’t advertise plus I just reblog other people like sixpenceee and fuckyeahnightmares instead of making any original posts. To tell the truth I’ve been contemplating closing it and only haven’t because its been a convenient archive for the creepy posts I like but know most of the people who follow my main blog don’t care about.

Anyway the message read:

“Do you know about that tumblr that posts an odd audio file once a week? It only does it after erasing the previous week’s file, so there is only ever one audio file on it at a time.

Someone posted the link to it on the paranormal forum I frequent and I bookmarked it, I’ve been listening to the new files every week. People on the forum said the language is usually Japanese but despite knowing the language the files don’t always make sense to me.Sometimes they do but more often they are very distorted and odd. I can’t put my finger on exactly why sometimes, other times it is very obvious.

The most recent file is both. The beginning seems to mean something along the lines of a prayer and then fades into babbling but the audio feels wrong somehow, then it gets progressively louder until it is deafening before easing back out into it’s odd quiet statement of nonsense.

I went to the forum to discuss this week’s file only to find the thread had been deleted. Only a few of us were left talking about it, most people had lost interest or left the forum so there just were not that many posters. I thought the thread was deleted for inactivity, but when I tried to start a new thread it was closed immediately.

I don’t know why. I want to think it is because maybe the mods just got fed up with us. No one had any conclusive theories after all and the thread was pretty dry by the point of it being closed so maybe they just anticipated it would be the same in a new thread. That is what the rational part of me is thinking. I did try to contact the mods but I haven’t gotten a response.

I tried to contact some of the other people I had been talking with but they didn’t respond to me either, and I’m starting to realize a lot of them, formerly very active contributors, haven’t been active for weeks now.

The less rational part of me is starting to feel kind of alone and nervous. I’m the only person still active on the forums who got into it this much, it seems like. I can’t talk to anyone about it at all in real life, no one would be interested. It feels like I’ve been left alone in a room with something volatile and curious with no one to tell me what to do with it. I don’t know if I can stop poking at it, and I don’t know what it might do. So I thought I’d tell more people because probably the sinister part of this is all in my mind, and someone else will figure it out, I mean if it is a code like we were theorizing and/or if its just some weird viral marketing thing or something?

its probably benign after all.”

It was submitted as a link which went to the tumblr it is talking about.

After my friends swore up an down they hadn’t submitted me anything I tried googling the post. I thought it was probably a sort of creepypasta spam. I guessed it had probably been sent to a lot of people including the bigger horror tumblrs but in the end I came up empty.

Googling parts of the message in quotations (“like this”) on google brought up nothing. Googling the url included brought up no one talking about it. Googling just the username portion of the tumblr url brought up a lot of results but it seems like the name is pretty common so that was just another dead end. I tried to look for the forum referenced in the message but without any real info on what it was I couldn’t find it.

I should probably mention I had visited the url the message linked to. When I first got the message even thinking it was a friend prank I was curious enough to check it out. I listened to it and closed it pretty annoyed that I’d had headphones on when the sound picked up. The message had warned me about that though so it was my own fault. On a whim I ended up going back and downloading the file to see if maybe the meta data said anything about the author (and maybe prove it was someone I know playing a long game) but there was nothing there. Someone had wiped it clean. Here is the file uploaded to vocaroo if you want to check:

My blog is tiny, even if I published it no one would see it so I didn’t really think of doing that. I left it or awhile and eventually forgot about it.

But then today a new audio post from the blog showed up on my dashboard.

I’m sure most people are familiar with how tumblr works. You don’t see someone’s post on your dash unless someone you follow reblogs it, you are following the poster or tumblr promotes it on your dash (in which case there will be an icon/words on the post saying it is promoted content). This was none of those things.

the post showed up on my dash /as if I was following that blog/. I did not hit follow that time I visited. I even checked the list of people I follow and that blog is not on it. But somehow a post from it ended up on my dash. I hit play.

This one was short. It consisted of one word. The sound quality was weird. It sounded like English but also could be a similar word in French. I had thought all the messages were suppose to be in Japanese and was somehow startled. I’m from Quebec and speak both English and French. Why would it suddenly be in a language I could understand?

I went to the blog and sure enough this was the only post just like the message said. I tried to shake it off but why was it on my dash? In a language I know?

I didn’t bother asking my friends about it. The person I had most suspected before is camping this week and has no internet access. Sure it could be a queued post but how the hell would it get onto my dash? And if it was a queue post why would the previous post have been deleted?

I also don’t know what to do with it. No one reads my blog. I feel like something is really going on here but I don’t think I can figure it out by myself. i tried emailing the person who sent me this message for the millionth time but have gotten no response. So I decided to share it here. I mean it is probably nothing though, I mean if it is a code like we were theorizing and/or if its just some weird viral marketing thing or something?

its probably benign after all.

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